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  1. Stradic 5000
  2. Are cc's 6 or 7 inch? Are what do they weigh?
  3. The regular 6 inch is great for bluefish, crush barbs and a single on the back. It can be popped or penciled. The 6 inch xd is great for bass, just get rid of the single on the back. Its a weak ****** hook.
  4. Mojo, 3/4 - 4. Has glass in the tip, works a pencil like champ..
  5. Daiwa BG
  6. Offer $20.00 shipped paypal for ss needle and darter..
  7. Penn Battlion 9ft., 3/4 - 3 and a Daiwa BG 4000.
  8. Christmas Family Auction #63 Superstrike Lot $40.00, paid...
  9. Going to fish daybreak tomorrow. Then probably pack it in and start fishing white perch..
  10. I do the same...
  11. Good point, that does look a little shady. Plus would have loved to see a kid just getting into the game win it. Just my 2 cents Happy Holidays