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  1. Very happy with my 9ft penn, works a nice pencil. I use it for bluefish only.
  2. The weaks seem to be making a nice comeback. Heard of a few over 5lbs so far this year.
  3. I think the issue needs to be addressed with the people who set the laws. Not the man who legally kept a fish. What you or me would do doesnt matter. I personally would never kept a fish that big. But I have never caught one that big from the surf on lures. Until I or any of us do its hard have an opinion. And for those who have caught fish over 50lbs and released them. Be proud of yourself and tight lines..
  4. Saragosa 6000.
  5. You would need a purchase receipt from LL Bean.
  6. For what, pencils?
  7. Tsunami airwave elite 8'8ft., 1/2-2 oz.
  8. Offer $18.00 shipped, immediate paypal...
  9. Last bump...
  10. There was an article in todays newsday..
  11. I noticed the same thing on some 1/8 oz kastmasters I use for trout that I picked up from fishusa. The hooks were also bigger and had very small duo snaps in the package. The bigger hooks affected the action also. Changed them and added split rings.
  12. Usually they turn on by me first week of May..
  13. Weight on lot #6
  14. Bump..
  15. Bump..