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  1. We will agree to disagree. Tight lines...
  2. I see people fish GRS lures all the time. They go for $80-120.00 & they have fancy paint jobs.
  3. For bluefish, no more than $10.00. For striped bass, no more than $30.00. Fancy paint jobs and scales catch fishermen more than fish.
  4. Marty would you adopt me, Im paper trained. And could use a VS..
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth. And to add to that, go with mono and not braid yet. 8lb test would be my choice.
  6. They are both 5 year warranty. But mojo has much better components. Except reel seat, most all twist over time. 3/4-4 has glass in the tip, 1-4 doesnt..
  7. I'm in..
  8. Chicken scratch is yellow pearl.
  9. Are you still looking to move the 2 ss darter repaints. If so I would take them for $50.00 shipped. If that works for you..

  10. Offer $32.00 for lot 6, without rusty hardware. Immediate paypal...
  11. Gocha..
  12. Surprised you use 2 split rings. Most including myself cut the treble and attach directly to barrel swivel..
  13. The sp minnow was orginally made and used for freshwater. Which is why the hardware needs to be replaced. It must have taken a LONG time to land that fish. And I am willing to bet it couldnt be revived. The 5 and 6 3/4 inch sp's have good hardware. As Daiwa made the adjustment.