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  1. Not just the fence. Not that it matters now. Didn’t attend any of the meetings, my comments are based on my own observations and discussions with my 5 friends who live between Mt. Grey and the point and the Police officers I knew who work in Old Field.
  2. Not 4WD. Used to call the mpg on the dash a lieometer.
  3. Sorry Orca, I don’t agree. I fished Old Field since 1986 the year my oldest was born. My access was a private staircase from a friend. I lived on Old Field Road for 27 years. When the rebuttment opened the point, the fence was bent over by fishermen not anyone else.
  4. Thanks!!! I was looking for some clarity and you gave it to me.
  5. Only one way to find out. Goose ran out of golden eggs, who would have thought.
  6. I remember buying gasolina out of 55 gallon drums, where the woman measured in one liter water bottles into the tank. Chickens, pigs all over the yard and an invite to dinner. Not all Mexicans are rip offs. Have you been to a bank lately?
  7. I’ve been looking for a few months now for a replacement for our 2000 Pathy. Just dumped another 800 in it, it will need a cat, and the tranny needs a service. But I can’t really find a replacement. Wife wants a softer ride then the Taco, or Wrangler. The GrandcCherokees just seem too much like a car, plus I’m not a Mopar fan. The FJ had too many blind spots and felt like a coffin. I’m in the same place, I’ll let you know when and if I pick one. Good luck!
  8. What ever you cook make 5x more then needed. It helps if it tastes good, but not necessary.
  9. Saw a large Mola Mola in Shinnecock Inlet today, dorsal was about 3’ tall. They are jelly fish eaters, so I’m sure he’s heading in the bay for food.
  10. Tom sounds like you know the area and I’m not denying the land grab took place. Like an insurance company that settles a dispute to forgo court costs. I’m only pointing out the part in all this that we need to control to prevent more closures; that being fisherman’s behavior. The list of lost access across the entire north shore is substantial. Around the same time as the Old Field mess, we also lost access to the Town landing on Conscience Bay (Old Fild Road), Trustee Road, at West Meadow, the ramp at the Gamecock Cottage. Earlier then that when Queen Henrietta ruled the town we lost all the cordwood landings from Miller Place to Wading River. Let’s not forget night access at Shoreham Beach thanks to Jane Bonner. Not addressing you here, I’m sure you knew all that.In just about all these losses the powers that be uses negative user behavior to cede rights to private communities. I know it’s not right and in some cases illegal, But we also have to look at ourselves as a group. You’re probably too young to remember the comic strip Pogo. One infamous line is “I have seen the enemy and it is us”. Thanks for your involvement in this issue; I just don’t have the general public’s interest at heart anymore. You know the adage “it only takes one rotten apple”. Well there seems to more than one. Again thanks for your involvement.
  11. Yes Tom , I was talking about street parking. The breaking and bending of the fence and the trampling of the bluff making foot paths. Two very influential, prominent residents ( I won’t mention their names) live on either side of the right of way. Lewd and improper behavior ensued and That’s what caused the posting of the right of way. I can’t blame them. Still no change in access to the beach since the closing of access of the right of way.
  12. You know everyone is clamoring for access, I do too. There was no problem with access until, the fisherman started to behave badly. But then you had Porgy fisherman camped out on the jetties, all day, dirty diapers, trash, vans full of people on the beach urinating in front of residents that pay some astronomical taxes. For the record you could never park in Old Field. I mean ever like 40 years. Nor could you traverse its roads in the middle of the night ( thank you officer Cummings). As I see it, we have to be the responsible party's. Tell the shoreline land owners that we respect the shore as much.
  13. I ran into an access problem while shell fishing from my boat on the water in a North Shore harbor. The house owner came out and announced he was calling the police because his deed had water rights. He was screaming and carrying on, I ignored him because it was the only lee I could find with the wind blowing like snot. Cop shows up and calls me in to shore. The guy is showing the deed? to the cop, and cursing me out. Cop takes the homeowners side, I ask him where are the surveyed boundaries and the posted signs. You can’t accuse me of trespassing on land abutting public land unless you survey and post it. Cop told me to go back to work.
  14. Not really I saw a late sixties Camaro mounted on a lifted K5 chassis. That was weird!