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  1. I like it !!!
  2. as soon as they hid the first fish , it should have ended .... what they are doing is letting the violation inflate to ensure a conviction ... but at the same time are causing another 100 fish to be poached ,,, makes no sense to me . @kurazy kracka exactly .......... Last time this subject came up I almost got the boot I think so I'll just leave it at that ..........
  3. My kids grew up on Assateague .More great family memories made on that island than anywhere else on the Planet . No doubt they will spend countless hours with their families there as well long after I am gone .
  4. My son Jack is Fishing one of the Walkover spots . AIMD says its pretty bad but he managed a 23 1/2 " Blackie at 10:30 this morning . He's pretty hardcore so will probably be out there all day.
  5. Trifecta !!!!
  6. Myself and three oldest sons are all in .
  7. Awesome Post ! Were you using those Mantis shrimp for bait ????
  8. Welcome ! See you on the beach .
  9. Amen Brother !!!!!!
  10. LMAO ! ...........Was think the same ting .........
  11. They definitely hang in the shadows . Fishing Marathon Key last year Jack and I only had hits as our lures passed through the shadows under the bridge and pier .
  12. Awesome !!!!
  13. Turkeys Gobblin up there yet ???
  14. Agreed . I've never seen tempers flare anywhere except the Point . Those guys don't show any mercy . If you F up and cast over a couple or even one guy , your line is being cut before you can even react to the F up . I've seen this happen a dozen times with a couple of pretty heated moments. Watching and getting the rhythm of what they have going is a must .