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  1. Awesome !!!!
  2. Turkeys Gobblin up there yet ???
  3. Agreed . I've never seen tempers flare anywhere except the Point . Those guys don't show any mercy . If you F up and cast over a couple or even one guy , your line is being cut before you can even react to the F up . I've seen this happen a dozen times with a couple of pretty heated moments. Watching and getting the rhythm of what they have going is a must .
  4. Fishing is Therapeutic . Catching is a Bonus .
  5. Ocean Pines is great . It'll grow on ya .
  6. LMAO !!!! Ditto , except for the fish for dinner . Had some kick ass smoked Meatloaf wrapped in Bacon .
  7. Ha!!!!!
  8. I agree with this %100 . I post my catches on instagram and on SOL . But not until I'm back on the farm which is usually a day or two after I've caught .
  9. Funny thing about you posting this one of Marcus is that this is exactly the picture that was in my head when I said that this morning . First time I saw that picture I almost sh%# !!!!!!!!!!
  10. I'm living vicariously through your pics right now Allen . Keep em coming . Might be able to sneak down this weekend . But college park has me on lock down during the week till these students wrap up exams early May . good news is the Stripers should be about prime time when I break free ......... Some one please Land a new State record Blackie and post so I can salivate on my keyboard .
  11. yeah now im craving a Crab cake ....
  12. Accomac . Custis Neck road to The gated community. My son just called me and informed me that it’s Seaview not Ocean view . I’ve got Delaware on the Brain .
  13. Accomac . Custis Neck road to The gated community.
  14. They're not going far .I assume the south side of inlet looks the same ?? I'll be down tonight . Interested to also see what OSV looks like after all these storms .