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  1. I think it’s the shark mx04 sheath. Saw them on sale for $12 and mine has lasted 3 years and looks new.
  2. I use the holdzit sheath for my sportsmate, works great.
  3. Great article, thanks. I really hope we can wake up to what is happening down in the Chesapeake and save it before it is destroyed and the fish we love to pursue are not there for my children and grandchildren to catch.
  4. I have the 7’6 mojo inshore and really like it. It has been fished really hard for 4 years and has stood the test of time. Light comfortable and it can turn a decent fish.
  5. In a pinch clear nail polish, brush some on the cracked guide and let it dry. This works if I don’t have a spare tip. Replace the tip when you can, cheap and easy.
  6. They work for stripers. I have caught them, crunched them (stepped on them) and put a hook through them and caught plenty of Stripers off a dock on the south shore of mass.
  7. I have a dozen in different colors but mainly fish bone, blurple and chicken scratch. They all look good to me, but only so much room in the bag.
  8. Bomber, loaded Redfin, spook. No particular order.
  9. Fished same rod all last summer and fall, great rod.
  10. I also keep mine in a Tupperware with kosher salt in the freezer. Those lure tubes work well me, I just clip them on my belt and keep the plugs with skins on them out of my bag. As to an eel skin plugs effectiveness, yes, they require some work and maintainence but they can be deadly when it seems like nothing else works.
  11. Always bought a few of his spooks when I was at the RISSA show. Hard to meet a friendlier, nicer and more knowledgeable guy. His plugs caught me a ton of fish last fall in Duxbury.
  12. Should say guppy not hippy.
  13. I am already there, having a Bloody Mary and waiting for it to open up. I enjoy this show, buy some stuff I need and a bunch I don’t. Hippy show special pencil (golden bunker) is a definite. I like the Rhode Island guys and usually walk out with a lot of free swag.
  14. Sure whatever, so do you conservatives have to pay for sex and cheat on your wives too or is that optional? What’s trumps liar nickname?