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  1. I also keep mine in a Tupperware with kosher salt in the freezer. Those lure tubes work well me, I just clip them on my belt and keep the plugs with skins on them out of my bag. As to an eel skin plugs effectiveness, yes, they require some work and maintainence but they can be deadly when it seems like nothing else works.
  2. Always bought a few of his spooks when I was at the RISSA show. Hard to meet a friendlier, nicer and more knowledgeable guy. His plugs caught me a ton of fish last fall in Duxbury.
  3. Should say guppy not hippy.
  4. I am already there, having a Bloody Mary and waiting for it to open up. I enjoy this show, buy some stuff I need and a bunch I don’t. Hippy show special pencil (golden bunker) is a definite. I like the Rhode Island guys and usually walk out with a lot of free swag.
  5. Sure whatever, so do you conservatives have to pay for sex and cheat on your wives too or is that optional? What’s trumps liar nickname?
  6. You know what real but hurt feels like huh? Been stretched out a few times by the sounds of you. Hanging out with rep legislators?
  7. She’s a fraud, trumps a fraud, Cruz is a fraud and you are a troll. That’s the deal.
  8. You guys on the right are the ones with the shrill voices, as is evidenced by the Ohio legislator who got caught. Is it kinda like putting up with klan members and nazis is for republicans? And the same way you used the bathhouse? Shocking a a hypocritical republican...
  9. How can I trust a Marxist newspaper? Why would I listen to them? For the sake of argument, let’s say I am so obsessed with the opposition that I read things just to troll others, and I happened to read this, then sure, take the test and deal with it.
  10. No, just hypocritical. Last one caught was in his office at the time.
  11. Nope, but I’m not the one using survey monkey polls either.
  12. Trumps favorability in Mich, Penn and Wisc is lower than 50%. His favorability higher than 50% in 7 states. Didn’t miss any of that, and the post right by this one is junk too.