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  1. You could put somebody's eye out !
  2. I'm mainly concerned with scenarios like power grids being destroyed by cyber attacks. Planning home defense by relying on instances of what has happened, doesn't prepare you for what might happen. My AR is like an insurance policy, something you buy and hope you don't need, but it does give comfort knowing it's there, if needed. For regular home defense, I have a 45 auto with a laser and a 12 ga. tac shotgun. I'm not a preper, but some people think I am.
  3. Correct, but passing laws to ban ARs, only effects the home owner, who follows the laws. The criminals will not turn in their ARs. As far as fighting armies, I'm too old for that. If it's the US military I give up my registered guns, the others get buried in sealed PVC tubes. If it's a foreign army, they already defeated ours, so I walk outside yelling comrade in the appropriate foreign language. After I buried all my guns.
  4. To argue the they only had muskets in the 1700s, limits the argument to what a person possesses, and ignores what the enemy possesses. I would not want to be limited in my fire power, if thugs attempted a home invasion with semi-automatic weapons.
  5. Is a gun without a cartridge, really a gun, or just an expensive club ?
  6. For Moore, returning “the knowledge of God” to Washington means very specific things — particularly when it comes to sexuality. “Homosexual conduct should be illegal,” Moore told a journalist in 2005. There is one from Roy Moore.
  7. If a Russian posted on this site, anyone who quoted that post, is guilty of unwitting collusion. Or am I wrong ?
  8. 1. All I really need, is air, water, food, and shelter. Everything else I have is stuff I just want. 2. A car doesn't need to go 75 mph to be transportation, you just WANT to go faster. If you don't think an AR is fun, you never shot one. 3 The purpose of an AR is to kill people, you just have to be killing the right people.
  9. The problem many religious people in government have, is they don't understand the teachings of Jesus. He taught, spread the word of God, not, enforce the word of God.
  10. Ability to reload quickly, and the number of rounds you can carry.
  11. +1 , beat me to it.
  12. If something fits the narrative, it has to be true !
  13. I agree it is not a burning national issue, I think it can put some red state Dems in a tight spot. When the bill comes up for a vote the NRA will make sure its members know who voted against it. Only need to flip 9 or 10, depending how the Reps vote.
  14. I think FOX was more balanced 10 to 12 years ago, as the left leaning sites went more radically left, FOX went further right, to act as a counter balance.