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  1. Sounds like the Dems want Party over convictions. The Reps had/have the same problem with Ross Perot and then the Tea-Party.
  2. How do you shift the tax burden off labor ?
  3. Common sense and decency. Never mind, you will not get it.
  4. Sorry, I didn't know I was obligated to continue your derail.
  5. I saw the video on FOX ! Change channels !
  6. People wandering aimlessly in the world, without a country, don't fare well.
  7. That would insure nothing ever gets done, except in theory.
  8. Did she/he draw eyebrows with a magic marker ?
  9. I think it is the vehicle's fault.
  10. Everyone knows that but John, he is a true believer, no proof necessary.
  11. NO You claim they exist, put them up.
  12. What was JJ protesting ? Maybe just an error ?
  13. Show me the tapes.
  14. Saying the country should not exist, does make them the enemy of the people. Capisce ?