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  1. If it bleeds, it leads It is what people want to watch
  2. Fleury ...Fleury .....Fleury Lets go Vegas
  3. Months after the season ended, and you are still obsessed with the Steelers. LOL, Better check in your own head to see who is living there.
  4. +1
  5. Would be nice if the left used the same criteria to judge Trump.
  6. They are still waiting for the illustrations to be completed, lots of pictures in his book. Remember it is being written for the Dems.
  7. San Fran, healthiest junkies in the US
  8. Watched the first and third periods. Rinne, LOL
  9. Well down to 4 teams, Pecker Rinne chokes again. Glad to see Fleury having a good Cup run. Anyone but the Caps, dirtiest team in the NHL.
  10. Looks like my initial post was fairly accurate. The Caps just wanted it more, smoothing defense, which led to many offensive opportunities. Lot of good games still to be played.
  11. Good game, 6 down 10 to go Need to get some scoring out of the 2 and 3 lines 3lieve
  12. Murray looking very mediocre Caps have a good forecheck, taking time and space away , causing a lot of bad passes by the Pens WAY TOO MANY odd man breaks for the CAPS Pens win tomorrow and it's a best of 3 3lieve
  13. Thanks, I always enjoy reading Russian news.
  14. Your C&P had no source or date, was it from Russia? I'll believe what I heard him say on live TV, thank you.