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  1. So you would like him to stop being himself, and be a phony ?
  2. Trump is an insane man with the nuke buttons OR Trump doesn't make meaningful decisions You guys need to pick one and stick with it, bouncing all over the place, makes you appear .........unhinged !
  3. That was my thought, I wonder what their handles are on this board ?
  4. Dueling Special Counsels, a shrewd plan, With a second Special Counsel investing corruption, including Mueller and company, the results of his investigation can't be accepted as credible, until the second investigation is completed. It could take up to 7 years.
  5. Belichicks record prior to Brady's arrival, does not support that theory. It appears Belichick didn't become a genius until Brady arrived.
  6. Tillerson said today, I will continue to use diplomacy, until the first bombs drop.
  7. About the same chance as Jones voting with the Republicans, to save his seat in 2020 !
  8. The Amherst students should be able to put what they want on their walls. The reality of real world problems will be the test to evaluate if they are adequately prepared for the job market , or not. I compared them to the troops, because some 19 year olds are adults, some are not. Just because some get to stay in their parents basements, and get covered by their parents health insurance until they are 26, doesn't mean they get to stay children that long.
  9. I didn't accuse you of anything and I never said I was infuriated by anything, but continue to make stuff up to perpetuate your narrative. I'll bet the 19 yo troops in the ME don't have Care Bears on the wall. Feel free to correct my punctuation, if it helps you feel better about yourself.
  10. "Those who engage in public corrections of this sort often are looking to feel good about themselves, and, according to Benoît Monin, a psychology professor at Stanford University, displays of language all-knowing-ness provide a ready-made, two-pronged opportunity to do so. “The way we evaluate our competence is relative to other people,” he says. “If I need to feel good about my language skills, one way that I could do that would be to give myself evidence that my language skills are awesome. Another is to give myself evidence that other people’s language skills suck. So by putting down other people, I can feel better about myself.” Sorry about your low self esteem.
  11. Yes, I watched the entire game. I've watched every one, and I watched or listened on the radio to the Championship games before there was an AFL.
  12. Same thing you said about the Russian collusion , a year ago !
  13. Which of Trump's lies have the people voted on ?
  14. In a couple years, Brady will be a by gone era. Get some pressure on him an he starts to poop his pants, quite evident last night, and in last years SB. He couldn't do anything until the Falcon's D line got tired.
  15. That, or go back to natural surfaces, that turn into hog wallows in the fall and winter Ban indoor stadiums, the game was meant to be played in the elements.