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  1. Here is a good one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lindy-Little-Joe-Thill-Balsa-Big-Fish-Slider-Fishing-Slip-Float-Bobber-8-NEW/323060078553?epid=1300468456&hash=item4b37e197d9%3Ag%3AbysAAOSwWUZae22A&_sacat=0&_nkw=thill+salmon+float&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313
  2. Ned, Tell us more of the Belford Bandits! I do Know that the smuggling didn't end in the Prohibition era. Many boat loads of wacky weed made their way into Compton creek into Port Monmouth and Belford during the 70's before any one was the wiser. Some of those lobsterman can tell some stories.
  3. Dan, Thank You!
  4. Nice Fish MC!
  5. Ned, They were there 100 yards off officers row into the mid 80s.. At that time I would rent a boat from a place called Jack's in the Highlands and put my new then '84 15 hp evinrude on the back. Drifted often and caught many nice fluke right off the end of the pound net poles.
  6. Good time!
  7. While armed with a pole spear, mask and snorkel I have spotted them as far north as Spring Lake, a few feet of a jetty. They would be schooled up laying in a depression on the bottom. That was before they "fixed" the beaches the first time though.
  8. Yes, but my spot and stalk technique was not working well with my back to the water!!
  9. They are in the surf, if you are standing on the sand and can see the casinos in AC!
  10. There were several pound nets off union beach but I haven't seen them since Sandy.
  11. Moco: Outfront late morning.The tide was on the drain and the wind was from the West. There was knee high swell and clear as gin water. The cow nosed rays were everywhere in packs and gangs and I had to avoid hooking one on my eight weight fly rod. Also running the trough were numerous rat sized striped ones looking for mole crabs. I made several attempts to cast a home made mole crab fly in front of them. After over an hour I realized I had to get my profile lower so as not to spook them before the cast. Finally hooked and landed one on the fly. I took a victory lap and headed back to pavement, as the wind shifted to the South and the swell and tide began to build. That South wind tends to make a fly wiz past my ear on a forward cast! Here is what good trough loaded with rays looks like at low tide.
  12. Many canoes hulls were made with ROYALEX, but I'm told the manufacturers that used the material do not any more. It had a great reputation from what I have read and been told. Canoes used in a river rock environment faired very well, though the material was heavier then expensive kevlar. I wonder why this issue has not been solved with Hobie. It must come down to bean counting and profit margins.
  13. Tippet on the fly rod and I tie it on the end of the running line on the casting gear and then tie the doubled end to the swivel.
  14. Thanks for the reply! When you advise to put a "hump" on the spool I'm not sure how that is done.. BTW I have Penn SSs in 420, 430, 4300 440 450 550 and recently bought a V3500. I have caught more fish on the old 450ss than any other reel I have! So easy to fix and keep operational.
  15. NE wind does that often in my experience.