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  1. I'll go ahead and take this rod. Thanks!
  2. If still available, then I'd like to offer $250 shipped paypal.
  3. good deal, like a free rod and tackle.
  4. is this still available? would you ship? if yes, price to ship (i'm in MD)?
  5. if i was local, i'd pickup that slimwave. my friend has that rod...nice.
  6. ok, sale pending to GraniteStRockfish. thanks
  7. since you just want the one now, how about $180?
  8. actually, i deduced from your description and pics "This is the 2014 JDM version of this model." thanks
  9. So the so the JDM exsence is the US Sustain?
  10. i'll take it if jkorgood changes his mind. thanks
  11. seconds if you find it and jkorgood ends up passing
  12. $185 each shipped paypal preferred.
  13. so you already converted it. you have the bail parts to convert it back?