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  1. $200 shipped?
  2. Would you do $115 shipped?
  3. Thanks, yes, looking for the star drag model.
  4. Interested in a Penn Fathom 12, possibly 15. Please indicate condition and asking price. Thanks
  5. are you looking for new version or old version of saltist?
  6. When you got it, you got matter what you drive.
  7. Well, I guess I didn't get out to AI last year. I think there were a couple times that we went, but weather sent us home early. Car...funny, year. My friends Erik and Brian both have Ridgelines. Jorge and I joked how "cute" their trucks They've handled pretty well in the sand though.
  8. The violation sucks; however, i'm still wrapping my head around "ridgeline" as in Honda Ridgeline. If so, seems like small 'truck' for you.
  9. is the h2o blade made to be rustproof? does this knife include the sheath w/clip?
  10. i'm still kinda on the fence....but would you be interested in a new shimano twinpower 5000sw?
  11. might want to do a quick search in this forum. i remember someone selling this reel for parts last year. not sure if it got sold.
  12. Nice, seems like great deal. Wish I was closer and needed another truck. Good luck, but like you said, might go fast at this price.
  13. nice, ok. only if i was closer. thanks
  14. is this a one piece rod?