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  1. Twinpower and Spheros sold...Thanks guys and SOL. Thunnus $185 shipped paypal.
  2. Ok, sale pending to Afrayedknot. pm sent
  3. Let's make this work for both of us, meet me in the middle, $369 shipped paypal.
  4. I'll keep that in mind, thanks for the offer.
  5. Last price reduction. Twinpower $379 shipped paypal Thunnus $190 shipped paypal Spheros $95 shipped paypal
  6. i'm located in MD near DC. The reel hasn't been used, NIB.
  7. Thunnus $200 shipped paypal. Spheros $100 shipped paypal.
  8. Not sure if older or newer, but it is the US model. It was bought from Cabela's.
  9. Car issues came up, so trying to sell couple reels to offset cost. All are NIB. Shimano Twinpower 5K. $425 shipped paypal. Shimano Thunnus 16000F older version but NIB. $210 shipped paypal. Shimano Spheros FB 10K. $110 shipped paypal.
  10. is this spinning? $349 would that include shipping?
  11. I see a 9 on neoprene. So just making sure if this is a 10 or 9. What would you say the measurement is for the waist and chest?
  12. would you be interested in Penn 560 liveliner with an extra spool. good/very good condition. can send pics if interested.
  13. Interested in TFO. I'll see what I can offer as I have some reels in that size.