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  1. Thank you guys, all this info is very helpful and will help me get the most out of the trip. I can see entertaining myself will be easy here, now I have to find fun stuff to do with the wife and kids. Are there any marina's or jetty's around that hold a lot of fish that the kids could cast for? They couldn't get enough of macs last year in Cape Cod. Even my oldest daughter (8 y/o) that wouldn't previously touch a fish couldn't resist and jumped into a school of peanut bunker and was throwing them by double handfuls up into the air above her head, quite a sight.
  2. I see a few private charters in the area but is there a party boat around? I wouldn't mind doing a boat trip while I'm out there and maybe bring my middle daughter since the others definitely would rather stay on the beach.
  3. Thanks, great news. Also, thank you for the website info that will be very helpful! Happy to hear I can bring my fly rod and will start tying more clousers!
  4. Hey guys, I am staying in Clinton mid-september this year for a week and have never fished the area before. Just wondering what the shoreline is like and if my 9# fly rod is worth bringing or just my surf gear. I will hopefully be targeting blues and stripers but will have my inshore rod handy in case albies show up and will have a kayak with me as well if I need to get out a little farther. Also curious if other species may likely be in the area that may be fun to go after. The past 2 seasons have been a bust for me in terms of stripers and blues but the albies and macs saved the day on a few occasions. Also wondering if squidding is available anywhere around there? I would be very grateful for any info or tips you may be willing to share and not looking for anyone to spotburn, thanks
  5. They are actually fairly common up here in upstate NY. Not a fish you would target but have had days were I caught a few in one outing. They fight really well for their size and pretty much go berzerk when you hook one. If anyone has tail-hooked a chinook salmon you know what I mean...
  6. 2015 was the last year of decent fishing that I have experienced in terms of stripers and blues in every area that I have fished. Even the schoolies have diminished in spots where I have had 50 fish weekends in the past. Albie's and macs have fortunately saved a couple vacations for me but I do miss the big bass hits on the flies and topwaters.
  7. Jeez guys I have to confess that I thought you were pulling my leg and trying to scare me off like a "Scooby Doo" episode so I tried to foil your plan and looked up these "greenheads" to see if they are for real. You're actually serious and these things sound horrible. Thanks for the heads up, for 10 years we have vacationed in late september/ early October in RI, LI, and Cape Cod and have never run into these bloodsuckers, must be due to the slightly cooler temps. Hopefully they are mostly gone by Sept. 16th is all I have to say or my kids might never let me live this down. Don't get me wrong, I'll still fish every moment I can with my black fly suit from Alaska but could dampen the other activities for the week. Hopefully some good restaurants and indoor activities are around to keep 'em happy. Thanks for the tips and am grateful for any other info you may be willing to share. No spot-burning, just tackle and bait advice is plenty. Thanks again
  8. Hey guys, I'll be vacationing in NJ for the first time this September and will be staying on Reeds Beach. I typically fish for blues, stripers and albie's every fall but always been north of NJ. What is most likely to be running mid- september in this area? Also not opposed to party boat fishing if shore fishing is spotty. I will be equipped with my 8 wt fly rod, 10' Lami surf rod, 7' inshore spinning rod and boat rods. I would really appreciate any info I can get so I at least have a game plan when I come down
  9. I saw 1 boat come in and another one go out, both rigged with tuna gear mid afternoon at Pamet yesterday
  10. I have done this with a couple fly rods and would put a load on the rod simulating a fish and if it holds then have more confidence with it fishing. I have found that if a rod is weak enough to break it will on the first test and not just get worse until it eventually breaks.
  11. I haven't fished the canal just because it sounded to me too much like the salmon river. I live an hour away from the SR and used to fish it 3 days a week during the run, now won't even go close to it with waders on. I fish in my kayak now out in the lake and catch fresher fish that taste better. The canal sounds like great fishing but not worth it when you have neighbors without any etiquette. I'd rather stick to schoolies and blues in hopes of getting a cow one of these years up here.
  12. thanks I took one of my daughters out to the pier last night and wore her out with macs, it was a blast. they also tasted awesome but now ready for something a little bigger
  13. wow beautiful fish, gotta be worn out after bringing those in. Guys what should I be using for lures off the beach in the Ptown, truro area? Just tiny bait here still bayside but don't know what is running behind me
  14. catching macs off the beach like crazy up here with blitzes every 5 minutes but wishing they were albie's or bones
  15. It's like hooking into a chicken with it's head cut off, no predicting which way they will run