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  1. I saw 1 boat come in and another one go out, both rigged with tuna gear mid afternoon at Pamet yesterday
  2. I have done this with a couple fly rods and would put a load on the rod simulating a fish and if it holds then have more confidence with it fishing. I have found that if a rod is weak enough to break it will on the first test and not just get worse until it eventually breaks.
  3. I haven't fished the canal just because it sounded to me too much like the salmon river. I live an hour away from the SR and used to fish it 3 days a week during the run, now won't even go close to it with waders on. I fish in my kayak now out in the lake and catch fresher fish that taste better. The canal sounds like great fishing but not worth it when you have neighbors without any etiquette. I'd rather stick to schoolies and blues in hopes of getting a cow one of these years up here.
  4. thanks I took one of my daughters out to the pier last night and wore her out with macs, it was a blast. they also tasted awesome but now ready for something a little bigger
  5. wow beautiful fish, gotta be worn out after bringing those in. Guys what should I be using for lures off the beach in the Ptown, truro area? Just tiny bait here still bayside but don't know what is running behind me
  6. catching macs off the beach like crazy up here with blitzes every 5 minutes but wishing they were albie's or bones
  7. It's like hooking into a chicken with it's head cut off, no predicting which way they will run
  8. I was fishing macs at the harbor tonight and a guy that just got off a charter boat said the boat next to them landed a nice tuna. No other details other than the catch
  9. awesome! I just finished a game changer myself tonight. I kept a few macs, immediately bled them and threw them on ice then brought them home. Sauted some onions and fresh garlic in olive oil, added some diced tomatoes with salt pepper and oregeno then dropped in the mac fillets. It was absolutely delicious and even my picky daughters ate it and liked it. What happened from the 22 oz stout I had with the meal was completely unrelated but made the meal even that more memorable....object of the story, keep a few macs next time, prepare your catch and you won't regret it.
  10. Has anyone been out on the Cee Jay recently? Wondering if it worth a trip this week
  11. Left Syracuse at 10 PM and made it in to Truro this AM at 5:30 and of course had to cast out over the solid mass of peanut bunker as the tide was receading and got a couple macs. Took a 2 hour nap and the kids are too excited so I am ready to go out and explore the area today with them. Pretty jealous, the neighbor 2 cottages down has a nice little fishing boat and headed towards Ptown a couple hours ago. Will report back if anything is happening
  12. Haha yeah I noticed that too
  13. Well looks like there Was 1 and it was a nice one! Looks like I have to try a different state now.
  14. Will do. Hoping to get some shore action but also hoping to get on the Cee Jay for an afternoon.
  15. Not night feeders? Heading up to Truro for the week but will probably take some casts as I pass by then again on Saturday on the way back home in the afternoon