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  1. Exposed!

    This is good. The dems, had Clinton won, would have emboldened them, worked to pump in more money.
  2. Went out front in MoCo bottom of the tide. Had 8 short fluke pretty quick. Made the cardinal error and left fish to find fish. When I realized and went back there were two guys in my pocket catching snappers. I'm gonna try that and fry a bunch up. Hear they're good that way.
  3. When I first started reading this i thought it was satire. IF OP believes this maybe he should take a bike hike through ISIS territory? Yeah, it'll be great!
  4. I wouldn't put anything past that leftist MFer Bezos.. Whoops off topic! Ask the PENN guy in the PENN forum. Report back because I'm thinking of getting one. Thanks,
  5. I'm doing pretty good with fluke out front. White gulp. Bag the bucktail and use a 1 or 1 1/2oz bank sinker on the bottom. Casts way farther and you can search more area. Fan cast. Fish all 180 degrees in front of you. I'm fishing around low tide and getting most on the edge of the bars. End of the bar is best. Near a cut. Gotta walk. Cheers!
  6. Sure, take it. Why not?
  7. Agreed. No thanks.
  8. Good choice, originalist not an activist. Do it.
  9. Seems like those on the left are completely hysterical over this.. Attack on freedom of speech? And there are suckers who fall for it, not understanding that you don't need security clearance to attack the President.
  10. Welcome, Sounds like you have a fun spot there!
  11. Fish till 10.
  12. In use barbless Almost 100%. Typical reasons, catch and release, less damage and safer for me and those around me. An exception may be bucktails for some reason. I still have mini bolt cutters in my truck in case a googan with barbs hooks me.
  13. You owe us a joke newbie. Welcome!
  14. I don't know much about the president. Other than returning the land, destroying the agriculture, is he a leftist type? Wonder if the farmers will put up a fight? I was following a south Africa crime page on FB. It's very dangerous for whites now. Actually for blacks too.