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  1. Sessions can withdrawal the recusal.
  2. I use a 9 foot 3/4 to 2 1/2oz for most of my plugging in NJ. I had visions of catching these huge fish so I got a 10ft first. Hardly use it unless there are very large fish around or im plugging with 3oz or more. Most of the time its smallish lures, BTs , poppers and I choose the 9. It can still handle big blues. SC Triumph.
  3. This is often overlooked, by almost everyone. Of course there's replacements.
  4. I suppose the bubbles around the plug could hide the trebles and rings. Coming from the trout world, seems salt water fish are pretty....well...dumb. They are in my opinion "hard wired" to eat and the eyes could help trigger that response.
  5. I believe the article is more refering to having trained administrators and teachers armed. It would be like an air marshal, nobody would know who is a Marshal.
  6. Makes complete sense to me. The left will want you to believe the people can't protect themselves. That more federal government and more laws is the answer. Texas has it right. Thoughts?
  7. Yes I thought so too thanks. 1 1/4 oz with rattles. MaddMantis dot com. 10$ at the show.
  8. I plan to give this kettle kreek paddles a good try. A few going in the bag.
  9. Picked up this little pencil at a show yesterday. Main reason was, I plan to use more light tackle when Blues arnt around. Not sure if the eyes caught me in this case but I liked them. Even with the action of a pencil, I would think these giant eyes would be a plus.
  10. Or the woman golfer who walked into the pro shop and reported she got stung by a bee. The pro asked where she got stung and she says between the first and second hole. He says...your stance is too wide.
  11. Is this a giveaway? Im in.
  12. Get the sinking SS popper. 2 3/8 oz. Good luck!
  13. Very nice. What boxes do you guys use when youre fishing from shore? *im a newbie to the salt.
  14. Fishing stuff grampa used? Very cool you have them.