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  1. Nice first fish! Congrats!
  2. Cool. You can catch at low tide. Go when you can.
  3. Did you get out yet? Any stories or reports? Theres blues and bass around......not that I can catch em.
  4. I think she would have been a risk from a national security prospective. Would have been worse than wars. Look at her use of a private unsecured server exclusively Secretary of State. Cover your tracks 101 for what, to make money? She wouldn't have changed had she been elected and would have put us in grave danger with that unethical behavior. Do you think the unsecured private server use while at State was acceptable considering your military background?
  5. 10- 12 wraps, finish with 2 overhand knots. Remember to wet it and snug it tight. Never tried the FG.
  6. So does love America but not the people who were born here, built the country, immigrated legally and contribute? How do you think he feels about the people mentioned above? I think he respects them and thinks very highly of them. He takes his job seriously and part of that job is to keep the citizens safe. Perhaps love was a poor choice of terms for the citizens.
  7. CNN isn't sharing news like this so.. Many on the left get there news, learn a lot here, in this forum. It's funny but true.
  8. Nikwax spray worked for me. You get several applications from a bottle. I don't think I would wash them but nikwax does say dampen them. Perhaps just wipe with warm water, let partially dry then spray.
  9. Tough for hard working Americans to get behind voting for open borders, sanctuary states/cities, late term abortions, higher taxes, Keith X and Tom Perez. Did I miss anything the left is promoting?
  10. For felt bottom boots look at the Orvis posi grip replacement studs. I like them.
  11. Of course it's understandable if you don't agree with everything Trump does or his policies and agenda and its OK if you don't like his style. Do you believe that Trump loves America and its citizens?
  12. It's likley been said in this thread already but......if it saves one life its justified. Right?
  13. Not every progressive ok. For the most part the left resents American values, traditions and the morals that were instilled in the previous generarions and those that still uphold them. It's unfortunate.
  14. Interesting how the left tends to "protest" against those not at fault instead of the person that did it. These political protests could be redirected against the person that committed the crime. Burn effigies, stomp on his picture, denounce the behavior but no......they dont.
  15. You don't believe anything if it hurts your cause. What is it anyway? Why so bitter?