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  1. Hello, Intermediate fly fisherman here, asking for info on flyfishing for Fluke in the surf. I have a 8 weight that I occasionally use for steelhead and a six weight I've used for trout streams. Both have floating lines. I've never fly fished in salt water. Any tips for Fluke in the surf? Should I change lines or just get a sinking tip? Floating OK? What should I use for leader? Also any flies you'd recommend or tactics? Should I have a stripping basket? If yes, will the type in the pic be OK? Your feedback will be appreciated- thanks!
  2. Why are Dems aligned with these people? Lefties, please explain!
  3. Yeah you just don't (never) seereach behind your back. Common sense. Still, very bad shoot.
  4. How would you guys cook this? I was thinking an olive oil and sea salt paste, quick sear in the cast iron pan then into the oven at 325 til medium rare.
  5. Me too. Edit, after consideration, it was obvious the dead guy made many mistakes(airgun, reaching for the back of his pants etc). The cop made many mistakes IMO and his judgment was flawed, maybe he was poorly trained but still. If it was my son my initial comment stands.
  6. Don't forget last weeks scandal with the alleged denture wearing. Did CNN get that right I forget..
  7. Sooooo........I guess the MSM and democrats (and one or two oddballs here) can't call Trump a nazi anymore. Obama would never support Israel as President Trump has.
  8. Number one- Obamas' relationship with the brotherhood is the most damning evidence that he is dangerous. Number two- The democrats relationship with the brotherhood is the most damning evidence they are dangerous. *FISA warrants for both.
  9. Sounds like you bought this Roy Moore hit job hook, line and sinker!! Either that or you're going along with it to sway votes in an Alabama election here on SOL! Get a grip man!
  10. Your a dikk for not sharing the pics.
  11. The people that work there (except Don Lemon) have a somewhat intelligent look to them. My point is if they had dumber looking people they would have a bit of an out for their fakness when caught.
  12. It wasn't a failure it was intentional. When Americans were suffering he was grinning
  13. Amazing that some hear hang on every word that comes from CNN as truth. *and morning Joe lol....
  14. I DON'T like bright red lights around be when I'm fishing in tbe dark. I do like a nice buttery crumb cake though. I'd pause to hear about it if the bite was slow.