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  1. Ok, thanks.
  2. Everyone in the water and in the sky is getting hungry, maybe after this storm the weather will start to warm up. And hopefully it will begin!
  3. Nice work! What kind of epoxy are you using?
  4. Are you looking for used or new, and special colors?
  5. Thank you Tim S and SOL & FT.
  6. I have some ava’s and other metals $25.00 shipped.
  7. Ok, just noticed it’s 20 lbs. Thanks
  8. How heavy is that piece of steal.
  9. O C today cold and windy, maybe next week. Hopefully in the low or mid 50’s.
  10. How much were you looking for?
  11. I can offer $45.00 shipped for two.
  12. Price on blue & white, and the red & white?
  13. Looking for used— I fish them- not collecting them.
  14. Cyclone available?