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  1. Reduced $39.00 shipped.
  2. Fished OC in the back all eel grass, no fish. Headed to the beach found some blues!
  3. Reduced $41.00 shipped.
  4. Reduced $17.00 shipped
  5. Reduced $32.00 shipped.
  6. Some new, some used, over 50 items $20.00 shipped pp, check or mo.
  7. 7 inch, and about 3 oz.
  8. New — just been sitting in storage, $43.00 shipped check or money order.
  9. No splits for now, if it changes I will pm you. Thanks
  10. Stillwater smack-it larger size, pencil popper 1.5-2 oz (unknown) sealed & Shorty 3/4 oz. $35.00 shipped pp or mo.
  11. Fished OC in the back from 6:00 to 8:30, bluefish on topwater, quick start and a quick ending. Headed to the beach nice water but no fish.
  12. Ok, if it does not sell, I will pm you.
  13. Hi Don, this reel is clean and smooth. I will bring it with me, meet me at $60.00.
  14. Reduced $70.00 shipped pp or mo.
  15. Got one! Used today catching blues- passed my test.