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  1. thank you for the direction mike. i guess i know what the christmas bonus is going towards now
  2. thanks for the help fellas im not really near a shop that i can test line at. theirs an orvis but im pretty sure they would try and push thier line on me before suggesting something else. Im on the clearance section of an out of state shop that has the sink line in both weights. so im likely to just order it through thier website at a $30 discounted price. the rod loads well with the 9wt intermediate line i currently have on it. so its not too still of a rod.
  3. airflo's web site states that for the 9wt is a 375grain for the head while the 10wt is a 425gr the description of the line is as fallows. im green at this so im not all that familiar with what all thats in their line description means. "To help people catch more fish Airflo has developed a new aggressive short head Striper line. The Sniper line is based on a shorter version of our 40+ line with its easy casting condensed head and thick tip diameter. The Sniper has a Dual Head Design which allows the line to perform as well for lesser casters as it does for advanced casters. Lesser casters can cast the line with only the front 15 feet of line out the rod tip while the expert will aerialize the entire head to achieve maximum distance. They come in floating, intermediate sink, type 3, and type 7 sink. Included in the Sniper family is a new “Custom Cut” line, made with a level 35 foot head of 14 grain per foot sink tip material blending into an intermediate running line. Floating and intermediate lines are looped both front and back, the Sink 3, 7 and CC are looped in the back only. Taper: Short head, Long Front Taper Design Core: Power Core Range: WF8 – WF10 Floating/Int./Sink 3/Sink 7/Custom Tip Coating: Polyfuse XT Dual-Layer System Polyleader: Salmon " ------------------------------------------------------info from airflo website
  4. Hi guys I apologies if this is a rookie question to ask. but im in the market for a sinking line. and was thinking of getting an airflo sniper sink 7 line and am not sure if i should get it in a 9wt or the 10wt. I've read before that some anglers use a heavier line to load thier rod easier and get distance on their cast against the wind. im trying to use this line at inlets and rougher surf for stripers. the rod i currently use is the reddington path 9ft 9wt. would like to get your informed opinions. Lue
  5. Thanks for all the feed back fellas!!!!! I was able to get into a school of blitzing blues this weekend and finally had a great experience with the MOD action rod. granted blitzing blues getting hung up on treble is easier than catching on a single fixed hook. it was still an enjoyable experience. the rod deffinately had more give to kind of a different feel to the fight in deffinetly felt less tired bringing in 9 gators on when compared to my fast action rod i let my buddy use lol he even called me the next day complaining about sore arms. but was lots of fun putting the MOD ROD to work. Lue
  6. thanks guys. currently the majority of plugs i use are set up with VMC 4x 0/2, 0/3 treble hooks my buck tails are self tied and off brand so im not aware of the hooks that are used in them. I use strictly braid. Ill definitely try the side pull with the slack taken up. its funny cause Im back to thinking that snagging bottom is a strike with this rod hahaha
  7. Heya guys ive recently got my hands on my first moderate action rod, before this i was used to using fast action rods or stiff bait sticks. when catching fish ive always noticed the fish kind of dose the work for me and sets the hook as soon as it chomps down on my presentation (lures / bait) but i notice when ever i snag a fish with my new moderate rod there tends to be alot more give in the bend of the rod and the fish comes unbuttoned almost as soon as it strikes my lure. so how do i go about setting the hook with out sling shoting my lure to my face. sorry if this is a basic question to ask but after fishing for the last 7 years its my first time venturing into using these types of rods. Lue
  8. im a newb around the canal. typically how long dose the season last in that stretch of water? dose it die down near the beginning of oct?
  9. Cow harbor bait and tackle (in northport) they even have the NEX-1 series already built up shop, and Captree state park.(near the robert mosses causway)
  10. Get cheap rashgaurd top and bottom on Amazon some no man brands sell for only 11 buck per article of clothing. You can order through eBay cheapo neoprene booties from China I spent 5 buck for a pair that is 3mm. The wetsuit will not block the wind so if you already have a surf to put it on. You can always get neoprene vest top or vest to go over it. Again eBay is your best resource. That or aliexpress if you don't mind waiting 30 days to receive it from China. All super cheap too. If you want to preserve your wet suit you may want to buy a neapreane fishing belt. The belts made of nylon webbing tend to chafe the material of the suit I've learned.
  11. just use a teaser set up, dropper loop on top connect a fly and bank sinker / diamond jig / sinking needlefish on bottom cast and reel in fast.
  12. Im going to be boring and say 3oz White Bucktails with hackle feathers tied in, especially any that ive tied my self with a long red trailer. used to use uncle josh but am loving otter tails though they leave your hand smelling like a condom. just cast let it hit bottom then reel jig twitch whatever also cause it makes release simple.
  13. wow you guys. yall are a deep weep well of information. ill give all your suggestions a try possibly even sign up for a lesson in the near future. im only 35 so I assume its most likely my technique, I have heard about the rubber band trick ill have to give it a go
  14. yeah it was a ODM Nex-1 10 ft. I didn't request to get anything overly ornate on it just wanted to get single color guide wraps and a sticker of my kid on it. the guide layout and handle work came out very nice im very happy with it. performs really well cant wait to land some fish on her.
  15. just wanted to let it be known. MARK MCGOWAN is the Effffing Man!!!!! He built me my custom and it handles like a freaken dream. super nice guy, and lent me his time and advice. I would definitely recommend to anyone out here looking for custom work.