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  1. yeah ive got to 2 near by me and searched around but only for the standard schedule 40 pvc pipes too dense for what i need but didnt know i should have been looking for vaccum pipe
  2. yeah its for my bike not a beach spike.
  3. hot damn!! Thanks guys i wasn't even aware that vaccum tubes where a thing. appreciate it !!!!!
  4. Heya guys ive searched around the site and cant really find an answer to my question. it might just be a regional thing. im based out of queens / long island. Im trying to find a hardware store that carries thin wall PVC pipe to cut down and make my own DIY rod holders for transportation via bike. the usual spots like home depot only carry thick walled PVC which ends up adding a good deal of extra weight to the bike. do any other long island fisherman know where i can get ahold of the thinner stuff 2 inch diameter 10ft to 5ft in length? Lue
  5. Ill take a drive to Montauk and check the sides of the road lol. God know every visit to the point the roads are littered with them
  6. Do you guys know where I can find large deer tails to tie these jigs with. At at good price
  7. it looks nice but that hook eye is sitting pretty far back on the lead to be effecting from the beach
  8. get out !!!!!!! would that actually work? both tips fit the same base handle? if so that would be awesome. you my friend have made my day. done and done
  9. heya guys Im considering doing an even trade of a mojo surf 10'6 3/4 to 4 (Spinning rod) for a mojo surf 10'6 2 to 6 (Spinning rod) . ideally with someone in Long island, queens, brooklyn or someone in or near Lynn, MA. Its in good condition. its been babied while ive owned it. just want a rod that can handle larger plugs for my visits to the canal. Lue
  10. hey fellas so its that time of year again where tinkering is all most of us can really do till spring opens up. so as per my ritual i wanted to tie up some bucktail jigs. Im very used to only tying on smilling bill jigs but was considering using different jig heads this year and wanted to get your opinions on what works best for sandy beaches, inlets and canals (not verticle jigging) . Im leaning toward the bullet heads or something else that will find bottom faster. i know the amount of hair on the jig is a bigger factor to this than the head but figure any change would help. also not going to paint them this year takes up way to much time. Lue
  11. I read that the 10k spool would fit the 8k body. if line capacity was the concern wouldnt it make more sense to get the 8k reel and an 10k spool and still have the faster gear ration of the 8k?
  12. would it be safe to say that maybe my vs is better suited for top water and the gosa is better for jigging? the okuma i 10 ft i have isnt the fanciest thing in the world it has a heavy action but definitely has a fair amount of give in its upper top half for jigging purposes. I feel like any new rod purchase id make would be geared toward plugging 5oz lures like the magic swimmer / stick shad. your one of many thats mention the TFO which makes me want to look into it.
  13. This is great! ill look into the TFO as well. this is the detailed info i was looking for thanks man