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  1. God do i love that place.It brings back so many untold memories of just unbelievable nights. The fluke fishing was also just unreal out there. Truly was one of the greatest striped bass spots of all time.
  2. Just glad everyone's ok.
  3. This seems like such a small story how does a station like fox 25 get this? Agenda free Wednesday ...
  4. If we shut down every area someone was being an a hole from there wouldn't be any fishing allowed from shore or boat.
  5. Stop flipping through catalogs and magazine's I'm talking about how rods perform. Get out and fish paperback writer.
  6. No for me the 1083 sweet spot was 1.5 and 1084 was more like 2oz. Still neither throws a bomber well in my humble opinion.
  7. Sounds like the same blank as a lami 1083 a lot of guys like that style rod. If you sell take a look at the odm genesis 9' 1/2-3 more what you were looking for.
  8. Yeah since when?
  9. I think its mostly on the sw series. Drove me crazy, ended up selling my twin power.
  10. If you explained to them what you wanted to do with the rod and it doesn't perform thats on them. Bring it back tell them they screwed you for $400 beans!!!
  11. Took your advice and went with the standard matte black frame. Thanks
  12. Been using both for the last week or so the green mirror without question gives you a sharper image and makes it easy to pick up a fishes shadow in shallow water. But also really like the blue lens gives you zero eye fatigue and great for sitting on the beach or out in the boat.
  13. Good advice here.
  14. Solid choice will give you the versatility of working the inside rips as well as going for distance.
  15. I had a problem with the breaking strength on j braid when i had to horse big fish up at the canal. Worse part was the break offs happened closer to reel and cost me a bunch of line. More so then pp,spectra,reaction,832, spiderwire stealth which is almost unbreakable but doesn't cast as well. So id go with any other but if i was just beach fishing it would be fine.