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  1. . Im actualy going back to Mario's in Clifton tonite to grab a pie .
  2. Believe me Steve. It aint nothing to write home about . I took a group of kids there. This is what they wanted
  3. Shucking 50 is easy. Eating 50 is another story . But the clams look yummy
  4. Farm pond fishing is where its at. Brings back alot of childhood memories. Nothing but great 1s
  5. Ive dune that place in East Rutherford. Its okay. They do not honor the all you can eat corporate price. I think it was $7.99 about 10 year back thou.
  6. My understanding of it was it was derived from the middle east with the 1st flat breads cooked over a hot rock. Addition of some option grated cheese on top when it was done. But Italy was accredited with squeezing tomato sauce on top
  7. I always wanted to try that spot. Does law enforcement ticket you for parking there or trespassing ?
  8. everything taste better on a charcoal grill ......
  9. Has anyone been to Chicago for their signature deep dish pizza ?. Im always open to new variation. I mite travel there just to experience it for myself
  10. If your used to eating garbage and not know any better. Then to them its the best tasting. But when you had the best. You know better
  11. cool way for getting your line out . Btw. I didnt know that you fish for sharks & tuna in fresh water ...........
  12. Im still in stitches. How in the world did you even cast out ?
  13. x2