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  1. Iputmyhoursin is trolling you guys. Don’t feed him.
  2. Had to use that title to get some looks I've got a 2001 Johnson 115. Model# is J115VLSIF I'm just going to spell out the symptoms and then go from there. What I find to be the most confusing part of this is that the symptoms are intermittent. My brother had the boat out 12 hours before me to other day and it ran like a dream. I took it out and couldn't get it up on a plane. - The engine sputters/bucks when giving it gas. This started as an issue only when trying to really hit the throttle. However, it has got worse and at this point, I can feel the same issue when just above an idle. - Originally, I would have said that there was a misfire happening in one of the cylinders. Ran fine at low RPM, but trying to give it gas and it seemed like there was no giddy-up and it just skipped/sputtered/bucked. - Now that I'm feeling the issue when just bouncing around the harbor, I feel like it is more than just a misfire. - When giving it gas, I feel like it wants to get going, but just can't do it because its being held back by something. So far, here are the things that I've done: - Ran it dry, hoping that the issue was just water in the fuel - Compression test - A-ok - The numbers were good - Replaced the spark plugs - Replaced the fuel lines, bulb and filter I'm really thinking that the issue is the fuel pump. That said, I'm just guessing at this point. Really looking for any help I can get. Thanks! Jeff -
  3. Seriously, I've explored this market extensively. You want 9" Jockey Spandex or 9" Reebok Spandex. Both are equally legit, although for some reason, I choose the Reebok until they run out.
  4. I’m not sure what to do here. Might have to call in the boss man.
  5. Have to be honest, I think $60 is pretty fair.
  6. Mine is up today. Can’t wait to see what they’ll fail me for this time. Last year (3/31/17) it was a dim license plate light. I took the rejection because Ford wanted $30 to fix it... fixed it for $2.60 at the auto parts store across the street. Fast forward 4 months to July- I was still driving around with the big R on my windshield, so I took it to get reinspected and had to pay again - no big deal, that’s on me for letting it go. BUT, they back dated my sticker to May! I asked the guy at the dealership why and he said they have no discretion - whatever sticker prints, they apply. If I backdated something at work, I’d probably lose my job, especially if I back dated some sort of control like an inspection. But good old MA needs to collect, so I guess it’s ok for them to do. Back dating an inspection defies the logic of an inspection. They should just stop calling it an inspection and start calling it what it is - a revenue generating formality.
  7. Clearing out the surplus of hooks that I probably won’t use. All prices include shipping. (3) Trokar 8/0 Lancet Circle Hooks TK4TP - 50 per pack - $32 each (4) Owner 3/0 Ringed Mutu 5363R-131 - 28 per pack - $22 each (3) Owner Size 4 Gorilla 5305-71 - 40 per pack - $22 each
  8. 2 available, brand new in the box. $35 each, includes shipping.
  9. And what do you carry with you? I’ve always had the big bulky battery packs, but I’m curious about the lithium ion versions that are out there now. Who has actually used theirs too. Thanks!