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  1. There were some around last year. Pod of them off the outer cape if I recall correctly.
  2. Sold, shoot me a pm with payment info.
  3. If it is $28 for lots 4 and 5, I’ll take them. But only if the hooks are 7/0 or bigger.
  4. Brand new still wrapped spool. $125 to your door.
  5. It’s a gray blank with deep blue wraps.
  6. I’ll be home in an hour an check it out. There’s definitely a sticker that says “3m powerlux resin” I believe.
  7. How can I tell? Is there a model number or something that I can tie it to?
  8. I’d do 2 for $45. Pm sent
  9. Brand new, only taken out of the factory rod tube for pictures. $155 shipped.
  10. I have 6 of these available, brand new in the package. I just won't use it. $25 each, which includes shipping. I'll discount for multiples.
  11. I've said this time and time again, but I'm sure most comm guys would disagree - I've noticed no difference between mackerel and dogfish for bait. When the dog days of summer kick in, I catch a few dogfish, cut them up and bait the traps with them. I've always done well with them. That said, my preferred bait is a striper or bluefish head. And this is purely due to the fact that they last longer.