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  1. Happy Birthday Red!
  2. For $30 you take the rim for the spare, no?
  3. Leave the gun, take the eclairs.
  4. Canned salmon
  5. eff lox. make gravlax! way better!
  6. "Tommy Two Eclairs"
  7. Cleese would be proud
  8. Cashmere socks do not stay up. I know.
  9. Glad you're ok! I was looking at Taco, Canyon, Tundra, Sierra, 150. Wound up with a Sequoia. Now everything in the back stays dry.
  10. Guys -- Socks, for feet, not pecker checkers. Focus!
  11. How many steps across the parking lot to the tree?
  12. We never had a thread about socks. Yes, there was chatter, but I'll never find it when I want to get more socks. Let's hear what worked and didn't work this past tog season. I saw this. Apparently these are MP approved.
  13. Heathen. You need to cook down the tomato paste a bit.