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  1. Weekend Report. Planned a weekend in PPB with all 4 of my kids. Chartered BarbGail for Sunday and booked a 5 bed suite at the Pelican. Dick was going to fill in the 6th spot. As we were driving down Chris calls and let's me know one of his motors is going to have to be rebuilt. Got to feel bad for him. He put in a lot of effort to get where he is and now he's going to miss a lot of charters and get a hefty rebuilt invoice to deal with. Sucks. Got on the phone looking for another ride. Jerry said maybe, just maybe. His morning charter wanted stripers, but they're not in the mix right now, so they might cancel. They didn't cancel and bailed mixed bottom all morning. Dick would go sharking in the tourney and we would go to the beach. So we hung in PPB, enjoyed the beach and had a nightmare meal at Europa. What the hell happened to that place? It was good but I haven't been there in >5 years... Sunday morning I was up before the kids so went for a stroll on the docks. Saw the Blue Runner cutting all those tuna. Nice big eyes about 130-150 lbs each. I chatted with Mark while he cut fish, met the guys on the charter and they gave me some of that yellowfin. Thanks Guys! I'm making sushi, sashimi and grilling it tonight. Anyway Sunday was even nicer on the beach than Sunday. Hung at Martells as all my kids are legal. Sunday bloodys, oysters, clams on the half and oyster shooters were the fare du jour. Sent my 2nd son to go get my truck from the hotel to load up our gear at the boardwalk. As we go to leave the ignition cylinder locks up. Won't budge! Stuck in the yellow zone at the boardwalk is just asking for trouble. I find a locksmith who says he knows what's wrong and can fix it now for $395. Yeah, I say, get over here. I proactively tell the cops what's going on. Officer tells me to put the key in and hit it with something. Prybar will do. Bingo! Truck fires up with the bump key. Got the cylinder repaired today in NNJ for the same $395 I was quoted on Sunday. Got home around 7. Crew was too tired and the boys had bad sunburn so we just ordered in. It was a great weekend with the kids, with adventures and catastrohies to bond over.
  2. Right before you hit debris and get thrown out of the boat.... We'd most likely miss you.
  3. You use a tippet to tip your leader. Tip it. Get it?
  4. I'm behind the times and want to make a mention of a tip the mate from the pool incident. I'm on an AH boat on a packed Saturday. Had to be 80 fares. I won the $5 pool. $65. Really? I put in $20 for me and three boys. So I'm supposed to believe that only 9 of the other 70+ fares were in the pool??? Or did the mates make damn sure they got their cut first....
  5. Small is a word rarely used to describe anything about me....
  6. TomT da best! (I'm a 2%er!)
  7. You suck at math. Give the mate his hunk of the pool first, then split what's left with the MP.
  8. So we should start listening to Mick now?
  9. When I order chorizo I want pieces of chorizo in that empa. Not chorizo flavored goo inside.
  10. Hit up one of his trucks for a couple empas yesterday. Not as good as they used to be. Filling now has a baby food consistency. Gross....
  11. She's baaaaaaaaack! Time to go fishing for her.
  12. Time to check in on Tammy....
  13. Sounds like a no license situation. 35 people, 10 biscuits each, about 560lbs. Treat him as a non licensed commercial fisherman and every fish is over what he's allowed to have onboard.
  14. Mr. Looney is so casual!
  15. Wine in pill form.