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  2. Don't know the conditions you'll be fishing in, but you can't go wrong with a Beulah in any weight. They are excellent rods.
  3. Don't strip more off the reel than you want to shoot. Berkley Big Game 40# solar collector works well and you get miles of it for short money. If you don't want to go the mono route, the SGS Elf running line is the best I've used (Meiser fly rod site)
  4. Midges (pupa/chironomids), midges, and more midges (#26-16). Any pattern. Mix them up. Fish two or three at a time, let sink and give a twitch or two. Short sink tip or floating line with poly/versileader. A floater with just a long leader works too. You want the flies to move upwards as if trying to get to the surface. Griffiths Gnat on top if midges are hatching. https://planettrout.wordpress.com/tag/midge-patterns/
  5. Early morning is best, and it is a beautiful place! I fish both western Ma and the harbor. When you have enough posts send me a PM and I'll fill you in on the harbor.
  6. Walk out and around the sugar bowl (from the parking lot) and fish the first inlet/outlet. Tough with a flyrod but you can wade the sugar bowl too. Gets crowded with all sorts of people. There are other and easier places to fish on the harbor.
  7. Danielsson Control 11infinity is worth a serious look.
  8. Mike, They are rated for OH casting. The specs are on his website. Squish
  9. Bob Meiser builds 11 foot two handers that can handle up to 725 grains, and a short 9'9" that can handle up to 850 grains.
  10. The rod I use can handle up to 800 but it handles best at 7-750. I tried going lighter but it performed poorly. The short rod is nice but I do love the feel of the longer rod far better. It has more 'soul'. I am still fishing the Cape (outer Cape) and will be in the spring. I fish in Maine all summer into the fall and wish I had known you were there. Great group of guys up there with a different approach.
  11. Mike, a very good question. When the wind is head-on and very strong, I find that a shorter two-hander is better. Tail and side winds are not a problem with the longer rod though I alter my casting stroke significantly. Head-on requires a tighter stroke too, but the shorter rod proves to be the better choice. That being said, I have only needed the shorter rod once this season when we got the tropical storm remnants along the national seashore a few weeks ago. 11 foot 560 grains.
  12. I overhead cast 750 grains (600 head +150 tip) with a 13 foot spey rod on the beach.
  13. Are you using the head without a tip?