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  1. Danielsson Control 11infinity is worth a serious look.
  2. Mike, They are rated for OH casting. The specs are on his website. Squish
  3. Bob Meiser builds 11 foot two handers that can handle up to 725 grains, and a short 9'9" that can handle up to 850 grains.
  4. The rod I use can handle up to 800 but it handles best at 7-750. I tried going lighter but it performed poorly. The short rod is nice but I do love the feel of the longer rod far better. It has more 'soul'. I am still fishing the Cape (outer Cape) and will be in the spring. I fish in Maine all summer into the fall and wish I had known you were there. Great group of guys up there with a different approach.
  5. Mike, a very good question. When the wind is head-on and very strong, I find that a shorter two-hander is better. Tail and side winds are not a problem with the longer rod though I alter my casting stroke significantly. Head-on requires a tighter stroke too, but the shorter rod proves to be the better choice. That being said, I have only needed the shorter rod once this season when we got the tropical storm remnants along the national seashore a few weeks ago. 11 foot 560 grains.
  6. I overhead cast 750 grains (600 head +150 tip) with a 13 foot spey rod on the beach.
  7. Are you using the head without a tip?
  8. This might seem basic but there are few that really know how to read and fish a beach successfully, and more that don't even bother. There are other challenges to fishing a beach, but for me is the most rewarding environment to fish.
  9. A split shot or two with the floating line will get the fly down too. Simple and effective.
  10. The sink tip will work fine off rocks/jetties, it will get the fly down quickly. Don't need to cast far, let the fly get washed in toward the rocks and back out with the surge. The fish will be right there. Keep your eye on the line for strikes....just like nymph fishing. if you don't catch a fish with this technique I'll eat my hat.
  11. Have you considered a short skagit head and tip? OPST Commando heads (for example) are short, and with a 10 foot tip the total length would be under 30 feet. You can use a shorter tip too.
  12. If you have a lot of line in and not enough to roll cast; Keep the line in the water and sweep the rod left or right and let some line out at the same time (the friction from the water will keep the line somewhat in place). When you have enough line out, roll cast to get the line onto the surface then quickly make your backcast. Or you could simply not bring so much line in! Leave enough line so you can roll cast onto the surface.
  13. All white Gartside Soft Hackle streamers are my go-to peanut bunker flies. White blood quill marabou (tied in at the tip) palmered down the shank (maybe one or two turns of olive at the hook eye). Similar to Sngl2th's Beastmaster above but without the hackle. All white Bonito Bunnies are darn good too!
  14. Personally I've never seen the need to have hooks in the rear of a fly. The only exception being tandem trolling flies (more out of tradition than necessity). If a big fish wants it, it will take the whole thing, not just nip at it. Bluefish might be a different story, though I don't see spending the time tying up such a fly only to have a Blue destroy it in short order.