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  1. It is said that politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex. With this administration, it's more like professional wrestling. I wonder how close the fan bases are?
  2. I hear Moore's just been signed by Hush Puppies to endorse a line of mall-walker shoes.
  3. Or maybe a few crosses?
  4. Politics is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex.
  5. All this deflection because the OP was wrong. Hilarious.
  6. This times being at Broad and Walnut in Philly. Some people just aren't as smart as the doors.
  7. The OP thinking that we were merely responding to him and him alone is also erroneous. This was just the first Moore thread I saw.
  8. "I was wrong, so that means I control the forum."
  9. How quickly the narrative changes.
  10. Just get some regular flour. And lick it.
  11. I think we owe to the OP, the Me-bertarian, to keep this thread alive as long as possible.
  12. New user name: Hugh Bris.