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  1. The timestamp is an hour prior to when the call took place.
  2. I was here for the Flyers in 74 and 75, the Phillies in 1980 and 2008 and both Pope visits. I think it would be like all those combined. I'm only three blocks off Broad Street. It would be amazing.
  3. No, this would be a haiku: O Taliban Frank You display great hubris here Please learn that word now
  4. Stanford Binet, SAT (in 1976/77, when it still qualified), and the Miller Analogies Test are ones that I can recall at the moment. Some of the placement tests I took in grade school and high school also had me in the top 1 percent.
  5. I would really like to see the Eagles play the Chiefs again this season.
  6. She wears contacts on camera, which seem to bother her. She wears glasses off camera.
  7. I highly encourage you to re-read my initial posts in this thread - starting at post #89 - and pay close attention to what I actually said. Red and I were having an actual discussion of the topic, when you barged in at post #113.
  8. The Thicket? The Bottoms? Is his next one titled The Rest Stop? Sounds right up RR's alley. So to speak.
  9. I'm sure whatever you decide will be re-decided again in two weeks.
  10. "I am a conservative. I intend to give the American people a clear choice. I welcome a fight between our philosophy and the liberal left-wing dogma which now threatens to engulf every man, woman, and child in the United States. I am in this race because I believe the American people have been pushed around long enough and that they, like you and I, are fed up with the continuing trend toward a socialist state which now subjects the individual to the dictates of an all-powerful central government." George Wallace, July 4, 1964
  11. Are very own member of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.
  12. Nobody likes the person he is now.
  13. Go away, troll.
  14. I was post-Reagan. And not FAA, but Air Force.