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  1. The OP must be off his head with rage. Since he posted it. right? Scary. Crazy. A real mental meltdown. He should seek help.
  2. So deep in the closet he has a lifetime pass to Narnia.
  3. Stratocaster - Buddy Holly Les Paul - Steve Jones Les Paul Jr - Mick Jones Telecaster - Joe Strummer SG - Sister Rosetta Tharpe ES-335 - Chuck Berry Flying V- Dave Davies Gretsch 6120 - Brian Setzer Jazzmaster - Elvis Costello Jaguar - Johnny Marr Bass VI - Robert Smith Casino - John Lennon
  4. Nobody puts Pippi Longstocking in a hairnet.
  5. People BUY potato salad?
  6. I was talking to a guy from South Carolina at the NCO Club at RAF Alconbury when he said something that elicited the response from me, "That's an oxymoron!" He got all flustered and asked, "Are you calling me a moron?!" "Well, I wasn't previously."
  7. "Who are three people who have never been in my kitchen?"
  8. The difficulty here is that the denizens on the right mistake differences of opinion and argumentation from those at the center and left as being deranged. Bruni is absolutely correct. But the usual suspects here will still degrade any opinion or fact that runs counter to their narrative as risible.
  9. What about the little Raider that should die? Please?
  10. Clark Air Base, Philippines. It had ****ing pineapple on it!
  11. I'm betting he uses AstroGlide and relaxes until the other guy is done.