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  1. And there is a simple solution to stop mass shooters from using AR-type weapons. They must be manufactured in one color. Pink. I truly think there is something in the fetishistic adherence to platform by today's discerning mass shooters.
  2. If you are talking percentage of population, this is false. From Fact Check
  3. Can Tim or other admins see what we buy?
  4. Remember kids - drugs suck. Especially meth.
  5. I hear some people spend twenty minutes staring at frozen orange juice because it says “concentrate”. Perhaps space is someone's frozen orange juice here.
  6. As I often say, "I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you."
  7. I'm going to sue him for copyright violation.
  8. Listen to this voice of experience in this matter.
  9. Put out your hair fires. From
  10. I got a cupcake at work. If you have no expectations, you'll never be disappointed.
  11. Everybody wants to be a music critic.
  12. The Edison will cut it off and steal the idea.
  13. Friday night at SouthHouse. Invites went out for 8, but some people won't arrive until after 10.