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  1. I'm in beachwood. Not too far away. Id like to check the rod out. I'll send you a pm so we can figure a time to meet etc
  2. 832. Love the stuff
  3. Eelpunt
  4. Where are you located?
  5. What blank is it? And I'm in NJ.
  6. Sorry forgot to put I want a 10-11' rod. Nice rod though!
  7. Yeah I'll do it for $30. Shoot me a pm
  8. Picked up a Airwave elite 3-6 on sale and I'm having second thoughts about it. Anyone have anything laying around for under $200? Something 10-11'
  9. I'll take a look on Monday and see what it costs
  10. Offer retracted.
  11. I live in Ocean County, NJ but I'm all over NJ for work.
  12. Bump $25
  13. Used a few times. Don't really like the style and don't use it. Bought in the summer time and has sat around. Has Ram ball mount with it. $30 picked up or I can ship at extra cost, but pick/ meet up preferred.
  14. $30 and $15 and $5 to ship. $50 total
  15. Thanks for all the insight guys! Once this cold weather breaks I'll put it out back and see what the sun can do