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  1. Nice warm dry cellar?
  2. Theres a thread about Eye placement somewhere . On which is best for Canal and boats . Bob G spoke about it on how they react. lots of info.
  3. I liked to see some pictures before and after if you could.
  4. Over time there may be some good ones?
  5. I liked to see some old pictures of the canal and some old famous spots of yesterdays Some of the old Trolls maybe with the prize catch? I THINK IT COULD BE INTERESTING?
  6. Hook What part of Florida?
  7. Handy tool, the wire brush set at HF is good too.
  8. What next?
  9. nice info on this thread. should be a keeper.
  10. It would be nice if they put a Bearing Buddy on your reel. grease fitting with a spring? No water would get in for sure.
  11. I think you have a sure bet. Merry Christmas RJ and to the rest of you guys. happy holidays to all.
  12. Steve you should take a look at the tile squares and some are 12 x 24 some look like tile and some like stone? all kinds.
  13. Turn to dust? did someone say dust?
  14. North Reading the ground it white. started sticking around 11am