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  1. I think you can return them within 7 or more days if not satisfied ? More then some will do ?
  2. Give him your dive belt. Then he will be safe.
  3. Show some of your favorite flies for muddy water And tell me why?
  4. Your one of the bad guys? I alway treated them like my own.
  5. Coupe of Jacks and a couple of Jim’s and Mike won’t ever care what color it is?
  6. With Sheephead I find that when I use Hole shrimp that they pull it off the hook. I only give them a piece. On a medium shrimp I break it into 1/2 . On large I break it into 1/3 ?? I don’t even like the large shrimp, I find that they die faster and are harder to keep alive .
  7. Most of the meat grinders that I have seen have the clamp built in. They look like regular C clamps to me. The dot is just so it wont travel when you tighten it . my two cents
  8. I use a #4 hook and they still steal the bait sometimes. I get them on live shrimp. But no luck with a fly so far. The water in the canal is dirty. Maybe use a dark fly
  9. There’s so much info out there if you look. U tube has a lot of great video’s. You can have a video taken by a friend and watch yourself. They said that is a great way to analyze yourself. A lot of great info on this site. We have some great guys willing to share. You should practice also. Even without a rod. Lawn casting helps also. I took a lesson from Bill Hassan and his wife and that helped also. But nothing like the real thing. I couldn’t do twenty feet in the beginning but , but a caught some fish , now I can do 50 to 60. The old saying If there are no fish around your not going to catch them . When I didn’t get them I would start casting my plugging rod, just to see if it changed my luck? The main thing is to get there and enjoy yourself.
  10. That’s one good thing about owning a Medalist. Everyone knows what’s inside. And can afford one if they want one
  11. Agree /. I have had it for years I need it. But a couple of years ago they rezoned the water front .After all those big storms , they ( Ins Co ) took it on the chin. The new maps where all screwed up and they made some owners take flood ins that were outside the 100 year zone. That ment that if you were in the flood zone , you had to take it if your house had a mortgage A lot of buyers don’t want to pay that extra 2000 a year . I don’t think it adds to your value ? I agree with Fly by Nite
  12. I fish a Medalist in the salt with RC and your right , the screws get galvanic corrosion on them and you can’t get the screws out. But I don’t care , because I ‘m not going to take the frame apart. When it don’t work any longer it’s goint in the trash ? For cheap money I like them ? In Fresh Water the screws fall out? Also I don’t fish for size, so it’s good enough for me.
  13. Snook 30lb florocarbon. 20 lb is a little light when they around with any size ?? i have lost some nice ones with 20lb and have some chewed up 30lb Lines ? You can go with 20 lb but may get a disappointment ?