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  1. Don't forget, Hot Fish Girl She hasn't posted much lately, but she is a good fisherman.
  2. You won't disturb them. They do there own thing. They have been in our area for years. Same spots. Sometimes they fight with the Oyster Catchers. and the Geese. If they get to close to there nest.
  3. I had my boat checked out on Sat. Got my USCG Vessel Safety Check Sticker. I was told that there is a recall on the fire extinguishers with the plastic red pins and plastic heads. There is info on internet on the replacement. How to tell if you have one. Just a heads up. You may have one. This is just one part of it . Plastic Handle Fire Extinguishers The recall involves 134 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured between January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017, including some models that were previously recalled in March 2009 and in February 2015. The extinguishers were sold in red, white and silver, and are either ABC- or BC-rated. The model number is printed on the fire extinguisher label. For units produced in 2007 and beyond, the date of manufacture is a 10-digit date code printed on the side of the cylinder, near the bottom. Digits five through nine represent the day and year of manufacture in DDDYY format. Date codes for recalled models manufactured from January 2, 2012 through August 15, 2017 are 00212 through 22717. For units produced before 2007, a date code is not printed on the fire extinguisher. Plastic handle models produced between January 1, 1973 and October 25, 2015 2A40BC 6 RAP 6 TAP Ademco 720 1A10BC Ademco 722 2A40BC ADT 3A40BC All Purpose 2A40BC Bicentennial RPS-2 10BC Bicentennial TPS-2 1A-10BC Costco 340 FA 340HD FA240HD FC 340Z FC Super FC210R-C8S Fire Away 10BC Spanish Fire Away 1A10BC Spanish Fire Away 2A40BC Spanish Fireaway 10 (F-10) Fireaway 10BC Fireaway 110 (F-110) Fireaway 1A10BC Fireaway 240 (F-240) Fireaway 2A40BC Force 9 2A40BC FS 340Z Fuller 420 1A10BC Fuller Brush 420 1A10BC FX210 FX210R FX210W FX340GW FX340GW-2 FX340H FX340SC FX340SC-2 Gillette 1A10BC Gillette TPS-1 1A10BC Sams SM 340 Home 10BC Sanford 1A10BC Home 1A10BC Sanford 2A40BC Home 2A40BC Sanford TPS-1 1A10BC Home H-10 10BC Sanford TPS-1 2A40BC Home H-110 1A10BC Sears 2RPS 5BC Home H-240 2A-40BC Sears 58033 10BC Honeywell 1A10BC Sears 58043 1A10BC Honeywell TPS-1 1A10BC Sears 5805 2A40BC J.L. 2A40BC Sears 958034 J.L. TPS-1 2A40BC Sears 958044 Kadet 2RPS-1 5BC Sears 958054 Kidde 10BC Sears 958075 Kidde 1A10BC Sears RPS-1 10BC Kidde 2A40BC Sears TPS-1 1A10BC Kidde 40BC Sears TPS-1 2A40BC Kidde RPS-1 10BC Traveler 10BC Kidde RPS-1 40BC Traveler 1A10BC Kidde TPS-1 1A10BC Traveler 2A40BC Kidde TPS-1 2A40BC Traveler T-10 10BC KX 2-1/2 TCZ Traveler T-110 1A10BC Mariner 10BC Traveler T-240 2A40BC Mariner 1A10BC Volunteer 1A10BC Mariner 2A40BC Volunteer TPS-V 1A10BC Mariner M-10 10BC XL 2.5 TCZ Mariner M-110 1A10BC XL 2.5 TCZ-3 Mariner M-240 2A40BC XL 2.5 TCZ-4 Master Protection 2A40BC XL 2.75 RZ Montgomery Ward 10BC XL 2.75 RZ-3 Montgomery Ward 1A-10BC XL 2-3/4 RZ Montgomery Ward 8627 1A10BC XL 340HD Montgomery Ward 8637 10BC XL 4 TXZ Quell 10BC XL 5 PK Quell 1A10BC XL 5 TCZ Quell RPS-1 10BC XL 5 TCZ-1 Quell TPS-1 1A10BC XL5 MR Quell ZRPS 5BC XL 6 RZ Plastic handle models with date codes between January 2, 2012 and August 15, 2017 AUTO FX5 II-1 FA5-1 AUTO FX5 II-1 FX10K FA10G FA5G FA10G FX5 II FA10T FC10 FA10T H110G FA110G FC110 FA110G H5G FA5-1 AUTO FX5 II-1 FA5-1 M10G FA5G FA10G FA5G M10GM FC10 FA10T FC10 M110G FC110 FA110G FC110 M110GM AUTO FX5 II-1 FA5-1 FC5 M5G FA10G FA5G FS10 M5GM FA10T FC10 FS110 RESSP FA110G FC110
  4. Years ago I had a boat that didn't track well in a following sea. The boat was all over the place. You had to to careful, a couple of times the boat almost pitchpoled. Then I bought a 18' Lyman lap streak Was a nice little boat and tracked well in a following sea. But as time went on I got into the Deep Vee's and never looked back. My Favorite boat was always my 23' Formulas. fisherman. I had two over the years. They alway were so good in a following sea and in any sea. Now I own a Mako Deep Vee. In Boston I think you need one. Down in Buzzards Bay on a carm day you can get away with Maritime skiff , small whaler or Stiegercraft with a shallow hull but in the afternoon when the winds start blowing S.W. thats a different story. Once you get use to your new boat ,like Patchy fog said you will never look back. Good bye, slapping?
  5. No matter how many fish you get , it always feels so good when you show someone a little trick and they start getting fish . And then they are so thankful. Make me feel so good.
  6. Mike I’m no expert, but maybe false casting gives the line a little time to unravel being out of the water and in the air. Like fishing off a bridge, as you pull the line up out of the water you can see it unraving Or like in a boat letting line out with no weight to get the twists out . Less Restriction
  7. Well she looks seaworthy for sure. Good luck with her.
  8. Nice lots of luck with her. I’ll see you in the harbor for sure. Most likely where we hang out ? I like the the way she looks , nice high gunnels Looks meaty Is she s deep bee ?
  9. Let’s hear them ?
  10. I always wanted to talk to them , I would say , if your there talk to me . Just think, you could ask them about the other side. You could ask them about friends that passed? Maybe talk to them also? They may want to send a love one a message? You could be the in between guy?
  11. Write to them and complain squeaky wheel gets the grease?
  12. Did you have a kite on the other end?