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  1. I had a slate cutter but it was smaller on a board (10x18). You could bring it up on the roof ? That’s a big one
  2. I never road on one ,but for offshore? Pretty boat, Carolina style. It doesn't have a deep vee. ? Tabs? More of a bay boat I think.
  3. I think you should look for something bigger. I had a 33' chris craft with twin 454's years ago and never had close to ten people on it at one time. Not even on the dock.
  4. You can do better then that?
  5. And we worry about I guy taking a picture ??? Its sad.
  6. Sometimes they are picky and other times there easy. The main thing is not to go nuts chasing them. Thats the problem I find. The other problem is that these turkeys get so excited that they go right through the school and break them up. Then they go down and then there harder to get.. So if your chasing them, play the outsides of the school with your fellow boaters and corral them. You will all get more fish.
  7. try the cup? you won't believe your eyes.
  8. Like I said , the blank with the guides on will feel different. Like Billy said Even if you pick the blank, it still may not be what your looking for when the fish is on. The only way is to use your friends rod, if you like his , copy the blank and guide set up. And your feel and what you like may differ from the next guy.
  9. When you add a tooth pick or rubber band you can only tighten it so much and then it strips again.
  10. The best way to find out the clarity of your water is to get a white styrofoam coffee cup and add your water to it. If its dirty you will see it the minute you add it to the cup.
  11. Mike, you put it in a Nut Shell? Simplicity
  12. Nice to see those Smokers up here.
  13. The blank will feel different, when made up.