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  1. I don't have the covers. What I do after using my brush is. I wash them good with hot water and soap. Then I lay it out on a piece Newspaper and fold it tight like they were in the cover. the Newspaper gets wet when you press it down to form it. When the Newspaper drys it get stiff and it forms the brush for the next time. Thats How I form my brushes for years, when I was painting. In fact it works better.
  2. Nice pictures. From your post it looks like you had a nice trip. All good things come to an end ? But you will be back before you know it. Ccb
  3. Nice day, did you get a new phone? The pictures look different?
  4. THIS REALY IS A GREAT THREAD. It should be on the main forum. I think it would get more activity. What do you think Tim?
  5. Two brushes new. $ 30.00 / with shipping. brush on right it good, just the picture. was laying on something.( memory )
  6. Two brushes new. $ 30.00 / with shipping.
  7. When I look at this I don't see a rocky bottom? On my DF on a rocky bottom. I see rocks. black humps sticking out of the bottom. The bottom to me looks like the wave action above? Short copy waves look like that way on the bottom looking at the last picture it looks like a hard bottom. I see fish in the middle circle and to the side of the circle. Look like seabass or maybe scup? No?
  8. I said that. I did lots of rewraps years ago when I worked for a famous rod builder in my area. In the old days they used varnish and Polyurethane on most custom rods. The Varnish and Poly cracked from stress over time and water got in there and then the guide would start to move. Now a days with Epoxy, that doesn't happen as often because the Epoxy is gummy and there is give in it. You can stick your fingernail into it and watch it come back. Try an remove a guide today. Its not easy. The rod will flex and the guide will flex also under stress. , but the wrap doesn't. The Epoxy seals really good if done right. The guides are build better today and the welds don't brake easy unless you step on them. The rings will come out and split if abused also. more on cheaper guides. They didn't worry about weight in the old days. The under wraps made the rod look pretty and more of a custom build look. They put underwraps on surf rods and boat rods all the time On Tuna rods they even put double over wraps on them with an underwrap. Fresh water rods didn't need them but till got them sometimes. Fly rods, they alway wanted them to look light as a feather. I don't think Billy is braking your ____ . He is a real good Custom rod builder is trying to get his point across. Mike O is also a good flyrod builder trying to get his point across also. Ease up a little , these guys will help you. They have helped a lot of guys over the years. You only have 35 post? look at theirs. ? I think what you described in your post was worded a little different then the way it came across.
  9. close this thread thanks ccb
  10. Maybe a shrimp pattern or live grass shrimp? Sometimes those Reds like sand fleas also.
  11. No I was looking for 3 1/4 Blue and silver belly ones. Thanks anyway
  12. If anyone knows about fish turning away from Blue Airflo line it would be BFD ?
  13. Was fogy all weekend. Not to much action. I thought it slowed down.
  14. Down the cape I find them in between the rocks. lot the size of a quahog.
  15. Patchy what size is your boat. what year? is it a true 23'. I ask because the bow does not look sharp , your looks more rounded.