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  1. I used a Dremmel tool nice and slow as I didn't have a jigsaw.
  2. Dryfly fishing for 30lb fish! Outstanding.
  3. Avoid their Riverwalkers boots. They are perfectly designed for sucking in cape cod sand making it impossible to walk 100 yards without having to take them off to empty out the sand. Oh and they had virtually no grip on rock either as well as starting to split after a few outings. On the flip side I think the Patagonia SST jacket is the best wading jacket on the market by miles. I now use the Palm Gradient kayak boots for the cape and most of my fishing. Vibram soles, super light more and zero sand ingress , even in the surf at half the cost. I went 3 sizes up as I wear them over stocking foot waders. They've been a revelation for everything other than weed covered rocks and wear you need stiff ankle support. I just need to see how many seasons they last.
  4. Well I will never buy another pair of patagonia wading boots again. Maybe their UK warranty service differs from the US one? These boots were the worst wading boots I have ever owned in 30 years of fishing. $450 - good luck with that.
  5. Mike I have a brand new WF10 Wulff Bermuda Tropic Tip (Inter tip) line if you want it. I can send it to you to try and then if you want it just give me £25. I bought it for Australia but never went.
  6. I make my own double walled braided loops with either 35lb or 50lb Gudebrod ala Dan Blanton - which have never let me down. Even on Tarpon up to 100lb. Also worth noting that fluoro cuts through weldedled fly line loops easily.
  7. Thanks everyone - looks like I've got everything I need for the trip other than a few flies. I know the guide will have flies but I prefer catching on my own if that's an option. I will be doing casting practice though to improve my short game.
  8. I caught some good fish on shrimp patterns this june on the cape, mainly sighted.
  9. A buddy and I have just booked a weeks trip to Louisiana in October with a guide to chase bull redfish. I've never done this before so need some advice on suitable rods/lines/flies and any other things I need to bring/tie/practice before the trip. Thanks in advance.
  10. Just tried the Airflo Depthfinder with floating running line. Seems ok to cast. There is no welded joint between the head so its straight through with floating running line that is a bit thicker than I would like but thinner than the Orvis HD Depth Charge. The Rio and SA lines are all special order in the UK and $$$.
  11. To get deep in flow from shore cast out slightly upcurrent and then walk along the bank with the flow in parallel to the line. From boat you can fish 100ft deep by casting as far as you can up tide and then feed out more line as the tide takes the line past you. You won't get much 'bottom time' but we've pulled big pollock off wrecks in 100ft+ water doing this. As for running lines, the Airflo CSW 40+ intermediate lines doesn't tangle much in my experience. Pity the join to the head splits but I just rejoin it with a branded loop.
  12. Exactly the same experience for me to. I'm reluctant to buy Rio sinking lines now. I like their OBS though. Cortland don't seem to do those lines over here - I guess the demand isnt here? So it looks like I'll trying the Airflo Depthfinder, its the cheaper option to over here. I prefer 300gr on my 9wts and then add a fast sink polyleader if I feel it needs more weight - 330gr seems to be the sweet point on the 9wt Recon and CPS.
  13. I've used the Airflo Coldsaltwater 40+ Type 7 line as my dredging line for years but now they have been discontinued the search is on for a replacement. I don't really mind if it has intermediate or floating running line but the lines available with 30ft heads seem to be: Inter running line: INTOUCH STRIPER 30FT SINK TIP SA SONAR Sink 30 Airflo Sniper Floating running line: Hydros HD Depth Charge Airflo Depthfinder Fast Sinking Fly Line Airflo Depthfinder BIG GAME Fast Sinking Fly Line Am I missing any? I tried the Orvis Depth Charge and it was ok but the running line is thick and I struggled to get more than 60ft with it. Any views on the others - I need to be able to cast a good 80ft and not waste fishing time untangling running line. Thoughts?
  14. Also green crab and small silverside patterns.
  15. I have 3 of them and have been using them since they came out. They are great value. i agree with the drag knob being a tad small but that’s about it for negatives.