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  1. I stuff everything into my waders and wading jacket. It forces you not to take too much stuff. Water bottles can hang off a wading belt.
  2. Not me but a good buddy was fishing flats on CC after a big night out at Squires and got violent stomach cramps whilst he was a mile out in thigh deep water. He just managed to rush back to the only exposed sandbar in the area and squatted down to empty his bowels only to realise half way though most of it had ended up in his waders and was running down into his legs. So there he was covered in diarrhea miles away from the nearest foliage or anything to wipe himself down. The only option was to strip off naked and wash himself, hos clothes and his waders out then trudge all the way back soaking wet, cold and stinking of putrid s**t. My mate fishing with him texted me the story whilst I was commuting into work on the train - I laughed so hard for so long I nearly crapped myself to! He never did get the stain out of those waders.
  3. I've not used the new one but previous versions coiled a lot so I gave up and stuck to the old Airflo Coldsaltwater 40+ Inter and RIO OBS Inter. Both are far better behaved in colder water IMO.
  4. I'm in Copenhagen at the end of June. Are there still some Seatrout about at that time?
  5. Do your Converses stink up after getting wet? I had this problem when I tried a cheap pair of walking boots.
  6. Are you guys wearing neoprene boots over stocking-foot waders? If so don't your feet get too warm? I'm really struggling to find some water shoes to wear over waders that are wide enough without being way to long in the foot. All the fancy kayak boots I've tried are way too narrow.
  7. We use Fat Swing Impacts over here quite a bit. They cast miles unweighted and fish properly unweighted to. I have caught on them but they didn't set my fishing on fire.
  8. Thanks Hilltop. Very interesting. Its a pity that deep channel by Stage harbour has gone and that stoney/oyster ground looks like it has been buried.
  9. Spent an interesting hour or so in the park casting my Orvis Recon 9' 10wt against the Orvis Recon 7' 11" 10wt. First thing that strikes you is the weight difference. The 9' Recon is a very light rod but 7'11" is silly light. The thickness of the butts on the rods looked the same to me. It looks like Orvis designed a shorter version rather than trying to beef it up. I first cast the Airflo Tropical Punch WF10 which felt good on the long rod but you can definitely feel the swing weight of the 10 weight line and rod. Switching to the short rod was a revelation with regards to the swing weight, it felt like a 6 weight. Accuracy was great and it was a pleasure to cast. I was casting easily to 70ft and I could lift off the head and blast it out with one false cast. With the 9' Recon I could cast further but it required more effort. I'm not sure why, bigger lever? Switching lines to a Airflo 40+ CSW - Type7 which is what I usually fish on the 9' Recon and it still felt lighter but not as noticeable. Distance was quite a bit shorter in my hands. I was managing 70ft on most casts but on the 9' Recon 85ft+ with some effort. Kneeling down to simulate casting from a kayak the short Recon was effortless compared to the 9' Recon casting the floating line. On the Type7 it was marginal and the distance slightly less again. Roll casting with 7'11" rod was a waste of time unsurprisingly, certainly in my hands. With my daughter standing on the line the short Recon felt sturdier and a more effective lever for fighting fish which is understandable. So in conclusion I really like the shorter Recon which surprised me. If you are blind casting heavier lines or for quick shots from a boat or kayak the 7'11" Recon would be great. But fishing from shore or casting heavier fast sink heads I will stick to my 9' Recon because of the distance. But the 7'11" Recon in a 8wt could make a fantastic sight fishing rod wading the flats or blind casting an Intermediate line all day if you aren't fussed about sacrificing a bit of distance.
  10. I'm surprised someone hasn't done an alternative Hobie kayak hull that takes a Mirage drive.
  11. June 15th is often the switch over to summer season in most of the areas I fish - Barnstable, Chatham etc. Day one of the summer season and they hit the parking lots with a vengeance. I know this from bitter experience. But I would definitely check the local area.
  12. Nice stash and some rare colours!
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Martin_(farmer) Lots mitigating circumstances - illegal shotgun and no gun license, not self-defence etc. In possession of an illegal firearm is min. 5 years in the UK which was one of the main reasons he was jailed. I'm not defending burglars here just stating that you can defend yourself and your property in the UK - within reason.
  14. Sorry to spoil your rant but you are allowed to use reasonable force to defend your home in the UK - has always been the case. The pensioner in question above was released without charge.
  15. Overfishing from sharing waters with numerous other countries and their state-sponsored fleets sure doesn't help. And for some reason our bass grow far slower than yours? We don't get bluefish or weakfish either? It's probably why we appreciate your fishing probably more than most american anglers do