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  1. Carl, is your thinking that it was perhaps a sand shark rather than a great white?
  2. I can't be more proud of our roots, Bob. Who would have thunk it, hey? Kelly Square., Water Street, Green Street, Table Talk pies, Widoffs, Vernon Hotel, Messiers Diner, etc., etc.....Gawd the list goes on and on...too many to many memories. Polar Park. Do you think Polar Park was named after the Polar beverage plant down the street? One thing I did not know was that Babe Ruth stayed at the Vernon Hotel in Kelly Square and often came back for drinks as the place was a well known speakeasy in the day. Being the womanizer that he was, I wouldn't be surprised if he scored with some of those Polish and Lithuanian gals lived down the street from us. I'll try to pick up the tickets. There are guys in area that still owe me from the old days....big time.
  3. There is only one guy that fits this MO. I'm surprised he's lasted this long without being nabbed. Will be interesting to see how his brethren react. Hope your feeling better, Carl. Easy on those muscles heavy lifting....leave it to your kids.
  4. Some marine scientists are concerned that if certain information leaked out, it may jeopardize the continuation of the shark tagging program. Apparently their preliminary study of tagged sharks, show the sharks exhibit a marked increase in aggressive type behavior after being tagged.
  5. According the Boston Globe, that "specialist" was Jim Sulikowski, a shark researcher at the University of New England. Interestingly, and probably not uncommon for an academic type, the guy goes on to say …..…"describing the incident as an "attack" was not accurate. It's not like the shark was waiting to come out of the darkness and bite this person. It's more of a mistaken-identity interaction, more than anything else. It's nothing to get alarmed about."
  6. Some in the marine life sciences are suggesting that the presence of helicopters flying over head looking for sharks, are actually an attractant for sharks. They theorize the helicopter creates water disturbances along with pressure and noise differences that sharks will then come in to investigate.
  7. I'm not doubting you Bernie, but I'm really surprised this is still an issue. I say this because Rich C.--- I'm sure you know who he is and what he does for BSP--- is much closer to the rail than you are. He is, at most, no more than 150 yards away, and in direct line of sight of the rail. Someone can cough at the rail and he can hear it. One of his bedroom windows looks out at the rail. Knowing Rich C, the guy does not suffer fools. If this noise bothered Rich that much, there is no doubt in my mind he would do something to stop it. But from what you say, the inconsiderate behavior still goes on. Something does not equate.
  8. One candidate could be that BSP resident who was an advocate on behalf of the fisherman, but who now is unable to sleep soundly because his neurotic dog barks whenever a truck door is slammed shut at the rail. After all, it is a campground. Perhaps he'd find Jaspers l l more to his liking.
  9. Let's give some credit to grandma's kapusta soup and golumpki's that helped nourished and build our young bodies into the powerhouses that we are today.
  10. Darn close to an admission of guilt if ya ask me.
  11. Dave Pickett is passed now, but he ALWAYS left rods, reels, plugs in the open bed of his truck whenever he went down to the rocks to fish, or when going for a walk on the service road. Could be at any of the parking spots along the canal....his stuff was always left unattended and not locked. All his friends knew that. Kicker was that he would also leave his keys in the ignition. In all the years that I knew him, no one stole anything from his vehicle. Dave said...."if someone stole anything it's because they need it more than me". Trusting soul he was....and also lucky. He passed I'm guessing maybe 3 years ago. Had he lived to experience the sorry state of affairs we have now, there is no doubt in my mind his rods, reels, and truck would be stolen in a New York minute.
  12. Sadly, things have indeed changed since I left, Bernie. Been hearing the same thing from Rich C. who is across from the rail. Crowds were starting to thicken when I departed and there was a lot of slack given to those fisherman who could come and go without charge. Vandalism was a minor issue back then.....primarily bikes, beer coolers. Glad I left when I did. Best of luck to you and others who are trying to resolve the problem. Hope JM implements your recommendations.
  13. What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9
  14. Never apologize, it's a sign of weakness. J. Wayne