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  1. Back in 2006 Whole Foods did one stopped selling live lobsters. Why? As the WF spokesperson said at the time......."we are not yet sufficiently satisfied that the process of selling live lobsters is in line with our commitment to humane treatment and quality of life for animals."
  2. Few are aware that releasing and draining all that winter water in the bogs surrounding the canal creates that unstable and turbulent problem. Unfortunately, fisherman's concerns fall of deaf ears when this is brought to the attention of town officials. Sad.
  3. I go by natures signs.......when the forsythia blooms and new oak leafs are as large as a mouse ear.
  4. In slack water, that may all be true, but in moving canal water I must agree with Shark need some rear weight to that floating pencil. The rear weight is similar in concept to a ships makes the plug highly maneuverable. That foam Polaris popper of yours, if it is a floater, is the one better suited for in and around slack.
  5. And don't discount the Mystic River and its watershed.
  6. Seems to me it you want to generally duplicate the action of a woody whose rear end sits under water, you must weigh the rear end of that floating foam pencil popper. Rather than use stick-on weights, if there is a cavity inside that foam plug it can be filled with shot. Or, the bottom rear can be drilled and a 1/2 " piece of lead inserted.
  7. If that is the case, who would anyone pay to go aboard a full 6 pack boat fishing for tog, when there is the possibility they will be the one going home without a tog?
  8. Off the top of my head.....for residents... I believe in MA it is more than $8,000 in gross income, as gross income is defined for MA purposes. Fed varies by category, by gross income. Also, by factors other than gross income.
  9. Yep, I see the problem. Basturds don't make it easy for us. I would use the software for calculation purposes but not E File it. Then, manually copy tax info from the tax software program onto the appropriate hard copy IRS and MA tax forms. For the will be a 100% copy job. For MA....I guess you'll have to manually insert that 1099 K info onto the paper forms as previously discussed. If it's possible to only E File your federal return and not your MA return, you'll only have to copy your MA return. I don't know if the software gives you that capability.
  10. Carl.......and therein is the problem. Remember the pencil sliders? Remember the 7" burple colored one you gave me.....and I gave back to you? Frankly, it didn't produce.....I told you that. Minimal action, hence the name....slider. Simply slid over the surface. Did not even mimic a floating needle fish. Must weigh that rear end down, preferably thru internal weights. Look at the original Hog Hunters...sat almost vertical in the water....2" of the nose showing above the water line...that pencil came alive when it was worked correctly. Lying flat on the surface pencils don't do it for me.
  11. We are getting deep into the weeds on this Jason. Books have been written by mathematicians and PHD's on this stuff. There is plenty on-line describing just sample size alone. There is even an on line calculator one can use to calculate sample size. But briefly......there is one formula used to calculate sample size which includes about three variables........population, confidence level, margin of error. We have no idea what the fisheries people used for these variables. Unless, you have some idea what they used, one is really making an arbitrary comment based on a sample that seems to them to not be ample. We need to see this detail to be better informed. Just for chuckles I dug up this formula to calculate sample size where population size=n, margin of error= e, and confidence level = z. [ z squared X p (1-p) / e squared ] / 1+ [ z squared X p (1-p) / e squared n ]
  12. I'm comfortable with the concept of statistical sampling. I'd like to know more about the sampling process used in the situation you described. No doubt it is public information. Do you have access to their sampling methodology that resulted in reducing the bag limit?
  13. Not so quick.......let's walk this thru for ya. Go to the Main Forum....3rd page.....thread started by JTR, titled "PSA PayPal sending out 1099 K forms.......". Go to his first post......second paragraph, especially his last sentence. The above should help you decide whether you should file with the IRS.
  14. Form M-1099-K is state specific to MA. But forget that, you got the federal 1099 K. Now....did Pay Pal send you that 1099 K?
  15. ^^^^^^^ My question would be how confident, in percentage terms, are they that the sample is representative of the total population. Did anyone ask that question? There is a whole lot that goes into statistical sampling. Taking a seemingly small sample relative to the total population is not that unusual.