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    Viet. Vet - Army, Surface junkie - Atom Jr.s & poppers, CCA , American Lit. Soc. Tagger w/59 returns
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    Surf Casting, Snow Skiing, Fly Fishing and skinny warm water boating
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  1. I spent the earlier part of the day greeting the other half of our company, and feeding every one. Then it was off to the restaurant, in a limo (only about ten miles) where we greeted our thirty-four guests to celebrate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. A good time was had by all and the bill was a little smaller than expected. Peace
  2. Don't all boats need to have a paddle onboard? Peace
  3. Just Snow Birding the Belt made leaving a car in FL and Flying instead a no brainier. Once, coming back from a summer run to DC, it took us an hour to do nine tenths of a mile. Peace
  4. So wouldn't your brother get the place for $240,000, he wouldn't have to pay himself his third? Don't most telephone people own some Tel stock? Or does 31 years and a couple of campers use up all that sort of non retirement money? I believe they had good retirements, they just don't get to leave you three a big lump. Peace
  5. It was written in the Long island Fisherman many years ago. And I have felt it many times over, in my many years of surf casting. Peace
  6. Blues are one of few fish that can see out of water. They will attempt to bite you as you attempt to grab them or worse step on them. Peace
  7. "Emma Maey, just cause you was on Cops, don't make you no TV star" Peace
  8. Boots on the ground, Vietnam + Prostate Cancer = V A $$$ . My wife refers to this as blood money. This is a slam dunk, if you are not in the VA system then you will have to prove every thing, DD214, Dr.s notes diagnosis and treatment. Once cured no more VA disability $$. From my (VA) decision, 1. Service connection for Prostate cancer associated with herbicide exposure is granted with a 100 percent evaluation February 23, 2018. I will answer questions not suitable for a public forum in PMs if needed. Peace
  9. Most likely wrong. When you find out it will just deepen your youre feeling of lost. Peace
  10. Pizza Hut Peace not piece
  11. Congrats you are on the way to experiencing that "it is all about the journey" It is not destination oriented, after a certain point in your life you have to go for the gusto, not the early bird special. How ever the trip works out you are on your way, Enjoy. Peace
  12. Columbia is good stuff but $$$, In Florida I am near World Wide Sportsman (part of Bass Pro Shops) and some of their selections are great only $$. I prefer all cotton Which Columbia covers rather well, but WWS has a cotton and spandex shirt that is rather nice. I find myself using my long sleeved shirts even when I am not on the boat. Peace
  13. This is what I was reduced to using for a while one winter. The main tension screw broke and it took a while to get the replacement. Peace
  14. In that case you may not believe this: Fawns (baby deer, Jay) have tails with usable hair on them, only it is shorter and finer, can be used for lighter smaller buck tails. And flies to look like smaller bait. I think you have a handle on this, I use the construction stapler to pin the split tails to a board till the salt dries them out. Peace
  15. My Florida is just a little too far south to see any Gators near my property. But 10 foot Crocks have been seen in our lagoon. So we asked for some Crock warning signs and we were able to get some from the state. Peace ps We wanted to give the visitors a chance.