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  1. Vaporizer, forgot to mention that the avitar made me laugh.
  2. Been away for acouple weeks. Seems like you guys didn't take off. Lonellr get the volume award and so many different styles! Love the yellow popper the most. Vaporizer, those squids are cool. How do they work for you? Awesome creativity.
  3. Been catching kingfish for the past 2-3 weeks. From the beach and from 5:30 am-8:00 am (regardless of the tide but high tide seems better. Always on squid strips. Good eating.
  4. Here's how I started mine. Unfortunately I hit dead low tide and struggled to get one kingfish.
  5. I spent the morning soaking some bait on the beach. Nice way to kick off Independance Day. Hope that you all enjoy the holiday.
  6. Sorry big guy!
  7. Joel did better than me. One small kingfish and a smaller crab from the beach. I have never seen the crabs so bad. Usually they pick the bunker to the bone. Today they were eating all but my weight! Still a good morning and a nice sunrise.
  8. Sounds like a couple fun days Pilotman. Nice report, thanks for sharing.
  9. Thanks for sharing. Good luck down in the OB.
  10. Great stuff lonellr! You post reminds me of Roddy with the keyboard.
  11. I saw two kingfish caught. One by sixcups and one by a falcon!!!
  12. All that I caught Sunday morning was an awesome sunrise
  13. JJ, that looks like taxidermy. Great work by you. ADTR14, tough post to follow. Nice work too. Floater or sinkers? What kind of action do you get with that pointy nose?
  14. I knew that I was not alone on an island
  15. Yeah, just for show. Hell the whole opener is for show. Mixes three of my favorite things: fishing, woodworking and beer drinking!