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  1. Looking to buy a Boga Grip holder for the 60 pound model,Flatlander preferred,but may be open to any others out there,thanks
  2. I can do that flyfishr,send me a PM with your info and will make payment ASAP,thanks.
  3. Can offer $45.00 shipped/Paypal for a set of Korkers.
  4. ill take it for $115.00 shipped,thank you and Wednesday is not a problem.Send me a PM and ill send out payment immediately.
  5. ill buy the Tekota reel if still available.
  6. No problem,payment just sent.thank you.
  7. I'll take the BM Jr. and the BM Danny Sr. for asking price $58.00
  8. Payment/Paypal just sent,thanks
  9. I'll offer $20.00
  10. I'll take all (3) Mak Angler pork rind holders shipped/Paypal.
  11. Can offer $100.00 for the tekota.
  12. Payment sent,thanks.
  13. ill take them
  14. Offer $60.00 for (3) needlefish and large mac bottle