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  1. Payment sent,thanks.
  2. I'll take them.
  3. its a "rhode island lures" plug.
  4. Thanks,payment just sent..
  5. i can offer $40.00
  6. Wham-O Frisbee
  7. ill offer $70.00/both lots
  8. Thanks a lot SV,i love his needlefish,just wish i knew a way to distinguish the floaters from sinkers.
  9. Salty,question about the smaller/third down from top AH needlefish.You said its a "slow sinker" model.I though the sinking models had red eyes,or was there floating/slow sink/fast sink models available? How can you tell the difference?Thanks.
  10. someone did a paint brush touch-up on the red bottom of the canal style popper,thats not the original spray paint.
  11. Bottom plug is a Gags,nice pattern!
  12. Payment just sent..
  13. thanks gellatly6,doing 14 hr days/storm cleanup,went to bed shortly after i posted last night,will send out paypal today if you want,or a check,let me know.
  14. gellatly6, if still available,i'll take the (2) Olive bullets and the (1) Olive darter in this thread,and the (1) yellow/white bullet in your other thread for $80.00.
  15. possible trade for 1/2 bottle of hai karate and a pet rock?