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  1. Thanks a lot SV,i love his needlefish,just wish i knew a way to distinguish the floaters from sinkers.
  2. Salty,question about the smaller/third down from top AH needlefish.You said its a "slow sinker" model.I though the sinking models had red eyes,or was there floating/slow sink/fast sink models available? How can you tell the difference?Thanks.
  3. someone did a paint brush touch-up on the red bottom of the canal style popper,thats not the original spray paint.
  4. Bottom plug is a Gags,nice pattern!
  5. Payment just sent..
  6. thanks gellatly6,doing 14 hr days/storm cleanup,went to bed shortly after i posted last night,will send out paypal today if you want,or a check,let me know.
  7. gellatly6, if still available,i'll take the (2) Olive bullets and the (1) Olive darter in this thread,and the (1) yellow/white bullet in your other thread for $80.00.
  8. possible trade for 1/2 bottle of hai karate and a pet rock?
  9. i would not spend $1.00 on a reel that is open and exposed to sand,salt or fresh water? did a small child invent this magical reel with pixie dust gears? unicorn handle?
  10. i offered $375 shipped,he said he would do that,and he sent me a PM after that. He accepted my offer.
  11. i offered that earlier today cape,send me your info when you get the chance.Thanks.
  12. i can offer $375 shipped/paypal.
  13. capefish,

    interested in the VS300 reel you have posted,can you send me a pic of the main shaft and a pic of the sideplate reel crank?

  14. thats not the rebel windcheater model Al used,even though its sold under the same name.
  15. Sorry ,please check for payment now..did not go through for some reason? Thanks..