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  1. Keep on trying....
  2. I have this gem..
  3. Been fishing Jamaica Bay for over fifty years and never seen any fish with sea lice...
  4. Just came back home from tossing some two ounce spoons. All my spoons use a single hook with the barb crushed down... Caught two keepers in the rain.. Great morning...I always catch and release Stripers....
  5. Bunker don't eat worms, they may of been around and was hitting your line while swimming by..
  6. Just came back from fishing in Jamaica Bay... Snagged a couple of Bunkers. One I cut up for dead sticking and the other I live lined. The one that I live lined I ended off releasing it after about an hour... Had a great morning of fishing but didn't catch anything.... Good luck fishing, Sy..
  7. Snag you own Bunker and being in Manhattan purchase the clams in the supermarket frozen... I always net my fish because you are not hurting them and it becomes a humane release....Most of the time I fish the Brooklyn side of the East River and use a 4 ounce pyramid sinker to hold bottom...
  8. NYC, all the five borrows have great access to the water for an excellent fishing experience....
  9. Just came back from fishing in Jamaica Bay. Caught no snagged six Bunkers.. Live line one and didn't get any hits. Going to try again tomorrow for the Blues...But it was very exciting catching the Bunker... Everyone have a safe fishing season...
  10. This morning went out and tried to catch some Flounder and caught nothing but seaweed....Saw Spearing and very small Grass Shrimp in the water but not one bite... I'm in the mood for Flounder for supper...
  11. You made a good point!!!!
  12. Yesterday I was dead sticking and throwing a lure in Jamaica Bay... No action at all, but the throwing of the lure was great exercise...
  13. I have been using 100 pound test on all my surf rigs because it gives me a chance to catch Blue fish when they are around without chopping through the line.
  14. Well Sunday is April Fools Day the start of Flounder season.... Going to find the muddiest area to catch these fish....