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  1. Fish at night. You'll be singing a different tune.
  2. Pretty sure the 2018 run is over.
  3. Payment received. Thanks to the buyer and SOL!
  4. I have a BNIP Gosa 6k with an extra spool. Let me know if he is interested in the 6k
  5. Got my first from shore this AM. About 15" and 3 weeks later than normal.
  6. You got it. PM coming
  7. $25
  8. Did it jump all over the place like a mini tarpon? If so, shad.
  9. Payments received. Thanks all buyers and SOL!
  10. Just over 7" and 2.25oz. Carried and thrown once. The condition is like new. $30 shipped PayPal.
  11. Sold to GilV. PM coming
  12. Thanks guys. Pants are left. Im out but will send payment info this evening.
  13. Prices are shipped to cont US, PayPal only. Everything below was opened, washed, and put in a dresser....never warn as they never fit properly. I fluctuate in weight so I'll give my best opinion on the fit for each piece below: Cabelas rainproof pants - draw string, zippered with Velcro leg openings to easil fit over boots. Will pack and fold up into the back pocket. These are XL. Site states waist of 42-44. I'm a 30 inseam and these were long on me. $20 St Croix long sleeve performance shirt - stretch fabric that keeps you cool in the sun. Size XL. Runs slim as the material hugs your body. $20 On The Water drawstring hoodie – XXL. This runs big. I would say it's best for a XXXL size. Probably the softest, most comfortable sweatshirt I own. Wish it fit! $20
  14. I call Mystic Aquarium every time I see a seal in my CT waters. They happily come and scoop up the seal and transport them to RI. The seals do better in the RI surf
  15. I recently switched to stockingfoot. Everything is better - comfort, support, agility, etc. Only downside is that it takes more time to get them on and get in the water, but I'm talking 5 minutes prep time vs 30 seconds.....not that big a deal.