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  1. Great. Please send PM with payment information and I’ll send!
  2. I'd like to offer $65 shipped to CT. Will send immediate PayPal. Thanks
  3. Any interest in new, large mag darters? Also have new Cordell pencils (1oz size) loaded with shot to 2.75 oz - great for canal as the can also be jigged. And new north bar wooden mini bottles....
  4. I usually do it but not this year. It would be a complete waste of money for me.....is there a snapper tournament? Lots of snappers in my waters but no parents to be seen.
  5. TTT. $230 PayPal shipped. This is a BEAST of a reel!
  6. I had a Shimano surf bag and it lasted for two seasons....until it started falling apart. I upgraded to a Commando and won't need another bag for a decade (or longer.) Comparing the Shimano surf bag (which is a fine low end bag) with a Commando or Flatlander is just silly.
  7. I have the 8' Avid and it's very fast....broomstick fast. Certainly not an enjoyable pencil rod.
  8. This reminds me of seeing pumpkin beer in my liquor store last night.....too soon!!
  9. F. Two 10"ers on back to back casts about 3 weeks ago and that's it
  10. I just can’t go that low. Thanks again.
  11. Thanks for the offer but lowest I’m willing to go is $230
  12. Thanks for the offer but I actually have a 300 that I’m using now
  13. Bump. This is a sweet reel!
  14. Ccc

    Not even in the same ballpark....BG!
  15. Especially when one is a blue! If blues are around I immediately remove the teaser (haven't seen a bluefish yet in 2018.) But this is a really fun and effective way to fish. You can cover both big and small profiles - my favorite is a CCW Danny along with a redgill. The other is negative is the teaser really reduces your casting distance. I leave the teaser in the bag if distance matters.