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    Retired, living in Florida I'm a die hard Florida pier fisherman.
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    Pier fishing, learning new knots, helping others, reading the bible.
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    Fish and read the bible.

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  1. Closing thread...going to list elsewhere...thanks SOL. i am locking this thread...
  2. No trades on this one...just looking to sell and buy some car gear...thanks
  3. Thanks for the offer...i will pass...I am going to wait to see on 720.00... it ships priority mail... if
  4. I think 720 is where I want to be I know I can definitely get 720 from someone...these reels don't come often in this condition with box etc...thanks c
  5. 720.00 shipped
  6. Not interested in trades...thank you
  7. Greetings all Price: 760.00 Selling my like new, used about a dozen times, VS 250 Gold. Comes with box paperwork bag. Serial number in pics , 19,000 something I have upgraded with the gold power knob and sold the original knob that came with it. The only imperfection that it has is a minor hair line scratch in which I taken pics's really not a big deal but just laying the cards on the table... its very very hard to find in this condition and the reel mechanically is a 10...never been dunked, no fish have been caught with it... reason for selling...just bought a used car and would like to buy some of those weather techs car mats and car stuff... cheers c
  8. Sharing pic of King Mackerel caught on a Stradic 5000 at pier...king ran about 200 yards, came back and ran out again 100 yards...Stradic performed beyond expectations...20lb braid was used so I had about 300 yards...although the reel is super light weight it has good power...this was really fun to catch...big fish small reel...
  9. Here are the pics...I looked over it and only thing I could find is a small hairline scratch...see pics for yourself...otherwise mint...hard to find in this condition...and barely used...
  10. I have a Bailess VS 250 Gold...serial new used dozen paperwork etc...has not caught a fish...upgraded power ball knob 760.00 shipped to your door.. if interested I will send pics
  11. Maine Guide...sold to you for 515.00...braid and reel box paperwork...will pm you my pp info...will ship out soon as I can today will try but tomorrow for sure...thanks charlie
  12. Guy thank you for the offer I'm going to keep the braid on it it was professionally spoiled by a bluefin tuna tackle shop i'm going to hold off at $515 right now for the super sweet deal
  13. No problem I understand for what it's worth I paid about $250 for the 6000 spool and they're really hard to find...I will have to pass on the 450 but thank you
  14. about a 100.00 worth of high end braid on it...
  15. Bump... 525.00 shipped to your door