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  1. You might want to try the reel maintenance and repair forum. There are some really knowledgeable people there.
  2. Thanks for detailed advice. My plugs are ready and the Sys 3 arrives today.
  3. Having redfish classified as a sport fish (i.e., no commercial harvest) and slot limits has done wonders for red drum. It would work the same way for striped bass. I have no sympathy for the commercial guys...they have virtually destroyed the ecosystem in the Chesapeake Bay.
  4. earing the I had problems pouring direct , too, but I didn't try to callibrate anything. I think some shapes are better suited to this than others. If your lead pot doesn't shut off, try clearing the nozzle. Mine came with instructions for how to do this, but so far it hasn't been necessary.
  5. Same principle. He was an amazing athlete and a fine human being.
  6. That's always the main factor, isn't it. I read that Neil McKellow (RIP) once did a demo, casting with a curtain rod. I don't aspire to that level of ability, but I do ok for an old skinny guy.
  7. I'm looking at St Croix Tidemasters that I'll use exclusively for back bay plug casting, and am considering the 7'6" MH, which covers most of the plug weights I use. My question is, which will cast farther, the moderate action, or fast? Also, can the plug weight be stretched a little on each end of the rated weight, or should I expect it to perform well only within the specs? thanks for any guidance.
  8. Thanks for the reply. Anything in particular to avoid while using it? I notice that all their cure data are all quoted at 77 F, so I assume that's optimal. Do you apply multiple coats?
  9. Really? Nobody uses this stuff?
  10. Etex is cheap and available, but it doesn't get very hard and is bubble prone. I've heard good reports on the qualities of System 3 (including the fact that it's a little touchy to use) and would like to try it out, but don't know which one to use. Should I get Mirrorcoat, or Clearcoat? Thanks for the advice.
  11. Mines shaped weighted and float tested. Still needs final sanding and finish.
  12. Use zipper wax liberally, and don't store them with the zipper all the way open. Leave an inch or two zipped (recommended by Kokatat).
  13. Last week, there were menhaden and rickfish all over the dropoff at the mouth (red channel markers) of the miles river. I was over there this morning...don't waste your time.
  14. I'll take it. Please PM your info.
  15. If you wanted to create regs that would systematically eliminate large fish from the population you could hardly do better than a coastwise minimum of 28" combined with a Chesapeake Bay trophy season. Red drum have a similar size range and breeding history to Stripers. They were practically terminated by commercial fishing after some hotshot chef came up with " blackened redfish". Somehow, our southern brothers managed to get red drum designated a "sport fish", ending the commercial harvest, and instituted s slot limit. How did they manage it? Can we do the same?