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  1. Ok by me.
  2. Actually, quite a few spinners use zinc die cast gears, and its suitability depends more on the design of the parts and process than it does on the material itself.
  3. So you only catch fish that are legal size? Nice trick.
  4. Had a lot of travel in July and more to come this month , and have a new pup, so I'm a little behind, but the plug is basically a rethink of one that has been successful. Should get testing done this weekend, and have already rough carved the swap plugs. It's going to be tight, but I should be able to make it. Planning on graduating from rattle can to airbrush, too, so anything could happen.
  5. Yup, that's a cow nose ray, and 3' is about as big as they get.
  6. Interesting...the buoys are the "clam line" (clambers aren't allowed to dredge past it), and more or less marks the edge of the drop off. The water is 8-10' deep out to the clam line, and drops off to 20' maybe 20 yds on the other side. This is about a 200 yd cast from the end of the pier, so there must be some other structure out there if the guy was hooking up. Just for reference, the duck blinds are in about 6' of water, sometimes less.
  7. A very interesting article. It's easy to see how costs could be brought down to the level of custom wood plugs, but maybe not to the level of Redfins or Bombers. He didn't mention that RP doesn't produce a smooth, glossy finish and has to be sanded to make it so...maybe not a real problem, if glossy finishes mostly catch fishermen and the fish don't care.
  8. I had a Conflict 1 and had to rebuild it after every other trip...worst reel I've ever owned. Replaced it with a Daiwa BG and have had no problems. It was also much smoother than the Penn right out of the box, and did I mention that it was less expensive?
  9. Me too.
  10. Here's what I meant. I reviewed the article before I rigged this up and discovered that in fact the hook doesn't go through the line tie (although I can't see why it couldn' would just be sideways), but is tied to the line tie with multiple passes of rigging floss (overhand knot to secure the floss to the line tie, then multiple half hitches through the line tie and around the bend of the hook, in equal numbers toward the bend and the point. I've left the stock hooks on pending testing, after which I'll either remove them or clip the points off, depending on results. The inventor of this method, a tarpon guide named Bouncer Smith, claims a big increase in hookups. I'm looking forward to trying it on stripers.
  11. My iPhone 5c has recently lost the ability to post to SOL, and when I try to sign out, I get error message 2S119/1. Anybody have a fix? Thanks
  12. My wife uses these flexible, foam backed nail files and I've found that they work great on the convex parts of hand carves...sort of the same principle as an auto body file, only small. They come in a wide variety of grits, usually a different grit on each side. I mostly use the 100/150 and 220/400 types. They are cheap and are washable to remove sawdust. I got mine on Amazon in a ten pack.
  13. The attachment in this case is done by threading the hook throuch the line tie,then securing it with waxed thread or floss, so the plug is not lost.
  14. The idea is not to replace the stock hooks with circle hooks, but to attach the circle hook to the line tie...rather like hooking a live minnow through the nose...and clipping the points off the stock hooks or removing them altogether. The line is then tied to the circle hook, which pulls the plug through the water. Obviously, the balance of the plug has to be maintained. I plan to rig a few plugs this way and will post pics.
  15. There's been an ongoing discussion on SOL concerning the pros and cons of replacing trebles with inline hooks. I just read an article in Saltwater Sportsman that advocates attaching a circle hook to the line tie and removing or clipping the trebles. The author claim better hookup ratios and less damage to the fish. I'm going to give it a shot, and wonder if anyone else has tried it for stripers.