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  1. An alternate way to do this is loop the braid around a stick near the reel, and pull using the stick, that avoids any stress on the gears
  2. Im actually really surprised that Trump spit in the face of US intelligence by taking Putins word, but Im even more surprised there are people defending it
  3. I hear Trump can pee accurately
  4. In the short term stores like BPS will make more money and thats all they care about, next quarter. CEO is not looking to make more money in the future when he can make a ton now and invest it so its even more than hed make in the future by opposing the bill. Its pure human greed
  5. IF you break the line by pointing your rod tip straight out, locking the drag, and walking backwards, it should break at the knot and you wont really lose any
  6. I was thinking the same thing! :-)
  7. There would be a crew from Jersey that is one of the groups followed around
  8. What do you guys think of the idea?
  9. I still havent caught a fish at the canal...
  10. Its ok to fish for stripers, its not ok to violate the laws around fishing for stripers. I think thats what most people are complaining about. The crowds suck, but if everyone obeyed the rules and there were still crowds, I think people would be happier. As for me, I am not fishing the canal anymore until its comfortable to do so again. There is a spot right near the RR bridge parking lot, nothing special about it except that its very easy to get to the waters edge and you dont have to clamber down steep rocks to do so. Anyone who has walked along the path at low tide will know exactly what spot Im talking about. Anyways, reason I bring it up, its so easily accessible, its one of the first spots to be taken. Older folks have an easy time getting there, you can bring your kids without fear of them taking a tumble, and just two or three years ago, I would almost always be able to fish this spot at night, on a weekend, without a soul around. Now you cant get a spot even if you walk a mile or two. I just dont enjoy going there like I used to.
  11. I could but I have 60 yards of leadcore, so the swivel would be deep in the spool, meaning it would have to go through the guides. Did you have any issues with this?
  12. Yea I found that knot, and I actually tied it, seems weak though. Does it really work?
  13. I just picked up 100 yards of leadcore to fish the quabbin tomorrow, and Im wondering the best way to attach it to mono? I googled some examples but I dont have faith in the knots I saw. Any good recommendations?
  14. I was there last night as well with my brother, thinking the morning would be packed but the night might be ok. Nope. It wasnt exactly shoulder to shoulder, but not comfortable either. We walked a bit and got some decent distance between the people next to us and fished for about two hours, then a guy shows up and posts about 20 yards to our right, in the direction the current was flowing. I thought that was fine, because I could control my drift and deal with it, and if anything, I would hinder him. I guess he thought the same thing because he packed up, and posted to our left, reversing the situation. We just went home for the night. What I should have done is moved literally 5 ft to his left and started fishing, and if he said anything, say to him, "If you dont like fishing close to others, why are you fishing so close to me?"
  15. To reduce canal crowds