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  1. airwave. No doubt about it
  2. Im leaving at 7am to fish a south cape beach for blues when high tide hits around 11am. Yea I know Ill be dealing with cape traffic, but with a young kid at home, its tough to find long enough time blocks to make it out there. I have not heard too many bluefish reports, other than they are out there, so I will try my luck.
  3. I'm not familiar with those models, but let me research them. I am traveling for a wedding this weekend but will get back to you sometime next week
  4. Looking for pointers up to 1 oz for freshwater bass
  5. I keep seeing reference to 8 and bait. I guess you guys literally throw 8oz sinkers. How hard is it to cast? Ive never fished bait with more than 3oz and a piece of bait
  6. Whats a landline?
  7. Id pay
  8. I first heard the term canal rat from a man I met at the canal once. It was way too early to be fishing, but my friend and I wanted to do some casting. He was also there casting, trying out some new plugs he said. He was in his late 40's, possibly even late 50's. He had red hair from what I remember. Told me him and his wife fish the canal a lot, and he fished up to 20 hours a weekend when he could during the season. Few hours of sleep in his truck in the RR bridge parking lot, and back to it. I forgot his name though. Theres not much to go on there, but anyone know who Im talking about?
  9. Can you tell me a little about this rod? How does it differ from a slingshot?
  10. Taxidermy!
  11. Yea, I really hope that was a typo...
  12. I tried to fish the canal one saturday during the madness last year. I was there 2 nights before fishing and saw a few big fish, but I dont use social media so I had no idea what was happening. I thought, "hey canal seems to be heating up, better get there earlier than usual, maybe an hour and a half before sunrise". Sure enough, I go to bed early, make the hour long trip down to the canal, and that day, I decided to explore a bit and try a new spot, cape side. Im driving along the canal, first spot I see is overparked with cars, cars parked down along the break down lane, where they were not even supposed to be parking. I thought, "Hmmmmm, seems like a popular spot! Let me move on". Next spot, even more cars, all the way along the whole canal it was no different. Every possible spot to park with a way to get to the water was completely over parked, mostly out of state plates. I was starting to realize I was not going to fish that day, but I did get up early and make the trip, so I kept looking. Went over the bridge and headed to the Scusset beach parking lot. The lot was full, but I managed to get a spot. Took out my rod and my backpack, and walked over to the canal. It was wall to wall fishermen, no point in even trying in my book, I dont believe in crowding out others, so I didnt try, but apparently no one was getting crowded out because they were shoulder to shoulder. At this point I gave up, but decided to hit up the RR bridge on my way back, just to watch others fish. RR bridge was absolutely insane. It was closer than shoulder to shoulder! People use that term as an exaggeration, but there were people fishing literally 3 ft apart, as far as the eye could see. Later that week I started hearing reports here on SOL about the madness. I wish I took a picture at the RR bridge but I didnt, figured no one here would really want to see it because it was so disgusting.
  13. You have motivated me to try to fish the Quabbin this weekend for the first time ever
  14. Thats a pretty nice laker! I got skunked myself. The fish seemed to be slurping bugs off the surface and not hitting metals. I tried inline spinners too but couldnt get enough distance to reach where they were surfacing like I could with a metal. My friend got one nice bow on powerbait, but that was it between 3 people and 4 hours of fishing
  15. Well I guess that's one less person to worry about!