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  1. Im not asking for a spot burn, but can anyone suggest some nice rivers that have enough access to fish in Massachusetts? I know there is google maps, but its hard to determine the quality of river fishing spots from there. Im looking for rivers with decent amount of shore access, moving water, and a good amount of width. I have been to the Swift and I think its awesome, but some parts are a little narrow and most of it is C&R, and its also pretty far from where I live. I really love the Quinapoxet, but have only fished it near where it empties into the upper portion of the reservoir. That part of it though, below the damn, is an ideal width. Im looking for rivers that have trout and bass by the way, and I live in Boston, so eastern or central Mass is ideal. Also, I understand if this might be technically considered a spot burn, even though I am asking for a whole river and not a particular spot, just because I can imagine most rivers have limited shore access and no one wants to give up their fishing rivers, so please let me know if thats the case, and keep in mind I mean no harm.
  2. I get those pop ups when I access the site from mobile, I thought they were intended to be there
  3. So I sent the guy a message, and he said he would send me back my reel as per the rules. I honestly didnt know that was a rule, but I must say, hes a class act. I shouldve never doubted the members of SOL. Thank you everyone for the advice.
  4. So I read it, and ifI understand correctly I need to file it with my Mass return but dont have to with my federal. I guess this means I cant use any tax software and need to file a paper return? Unless someone knows a tax software that lets you do this?
  5. Yea unfortunately it was a trade, so there was no paypal involved. I did reach out to TimS and waiting for his response. Also I checked online and found this site: According to them, Express Mail, Certified Mail and Registered Mail - 2 years. so I would think it was registered mail and is still being kept. The reason I waited so long was the guy told me he checked the tracking number and it was delivered, so I thought it got stolen or something, but the more I thought about it, the less likely that seemed, and then I checked the tracking number myself and got this error message, saying no information available. Im not going to jump the gun until I get more information, but the seller also has not been responding to me. Its been about two days, so I will give him time.
  6. Yes right from paypal. Guess that means Im SOL(not stripers online, but that other meaning)?
  7. The form itself says 1099-K. I didnt know there was an M-1099-K
  8. So the interesting thing is that the federal law doesnt care about anything less than 20k and 200 deposits. I got hit with one myself for a fairly large amount, but it was under 20k. The laws changed retroactively which is BS. How can you file the 1099-K for the state but not the federal?
  9. He seems to be established enough, though I dont want to name names without more evidence
  10. The thing is, regardless of political beliefs and other beliefs, I always felt we all respect each other as part of the community and are good to our words, so I really hope I am wrong about my suspicion.
  11. Im going to talk with the post office before doing anything drastic. I received a tracking number and the guy claims he checked it and it said it was delivered. There are a few possibilities: 1. Lost in the mail(super unlikely, but I acknowledge its possible) 2. Tracking number was deleted from the system because i should have received it around October-November(this is what I need to confirm, how long they store tracking numbers) 3. It was never sent As for option 2, I am least inclined to believed this because when I search the tracking number, I get a message saying there are no updates, not a message saying the tracking number doesnt exist, but its best to try to get as much information as possible ahead of time. I dont like to wrongly accuse others of things.
  12. Has anyone ever gotten scammed on the BST forums? I have a strong feeling I recently did. I never received my package and the tracking number returns no results, as if it never even left the post office. Any advice on what to do?
  13. Im interested in this rod. Whats its realistic top end range? Can it actually throw 2 oz well?
  14. Yea that's why I'm going to cancel myself. SOL is way better and it's free. Sorry about the sarcasm remark, I have trouble interpreting things on this forum at times due to the sarcasm. I do it myself so sometimes I don't even know what I'm talking about!