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    i treat saltwater fishing like what it is, a second job...been fishing since i was a little kid
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    carpenter, unpaid fisherman

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  1. Did a boat trip today on a friends center console...super slow overall..with fluking being a pick on the beach I was hoping for better...I had two keeps in the first two hours and that was it for measurable fish all day...7 hours on a boat I'm beat
  2. $30
  3. are you sure it says yikes...looks like it may say mike's lol
  4. Dookster in mint still with hook protectors...bought it to fish just never took it out...$32 shipped paypal
  5. That's exactly what my wife said...she's a nurse and just rolls her eyes at me
  6. A character indeed
  7. Bro...every time I sneeze I shed a tear...I broke 4 ribs when I was in my early twenties but that was a bad fall while doing sports and that came with a trip to the er...I didn't think this time was that bad but man getting older sucks
  8. Tripped over the homeowners boxes when I was running an icemaker water line in the storage area and basically took the corner of the furnace to the chest
  9. Besides an xray... how do you know if you broke a rib vs bruised it...2 weeks later and this $h!+ still hurts...I'm not going to get treatment cause they dont do anything for it anyway
  10. Appreciate the offer...I will pass
  11. Gonna close this one
  12. Sold...thanks sol
  13. Sold...thanks sol
  14. $26 bump
  15. $26 bump