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  1. They upped it 5 bucks
  2. You 100% need a pass to be there after dark...65 dollar ticket...even if you come back an hour after dark to your car and do not see a ticket...your car has already been checked and the ranger is giving you an opportunity to leave before he makes his second round to be nice which is still rare...when he comes back you will get the fine...doesn't matter which lot you are in
  3. Not yet but will keep you in consiseration
  4. Looking to get $85 shipped($75 for the plugs and $10 for pack,ship,paypal fee) Tank, tsunami, gibbs, magnastrike, super strike, bomber, jetty ghost, t hex, daddy mac, savage gear, williamson...most have hooks...PayPal please...need money for personal expenses and these lures have been sitting
  5. Same exact results
  6. Closed sold to dave
  7. Sure dave
  8. I would have no problem walking around for a day if the town spent the money on a 30yd dumpster...full moon low tide on a blowout day you find tires, shoes, bottles, I even found a dumbbell...probably a makeshift anchor...sign me up for cleanup
  9. Final bump $55 before I see if they catch
  10. $60 bump
  11. Will do
  12. II'll take this....out fishing...will PayPal late
  13. I have an aquabound with the quick release...thumbs up...bought it a little shorter for quick bursts....its really hard to find a decent paddle under $100...when I told myself that I would stay under $200...then you have options...
  14. $65 shipped
  15. Recently got these back from a friend...pair of aage bjerring/buzzard plugs wooden mag darters...big ones 3.2 oz...other one has to be about 1.5$75 shipped....just dont have the room to keep em...paypal...will also consider trades for a 2 for 2 metal lip ...I can always put this in wtt