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  1. would be better for slightly offshore jigging or inshore trolling....if your fishing 100 ft of water or less for fluke or sxj...might as well grab the mc cast version...then you will have a very versatile setup for pitching, flipping, backhand, or tossing
  2. wife got me a pair of blackfin 580g in tortoise...she spent $250...i was foolish and after having them a month washed them in my jacket pocket...left lens shattered....i warrantied them....they had to replace both lenses because they come in pairs...cost me $100 to warranty them...didnt have them for a them back and within a month they developed a microscopic scratch on the lens from using the cleaning cloth when they had salt water on them...i will not warranty them again...$350 dollar sunglasses that i don't wear at all unless its for a special friend had a similar warranty experience when the frames became loose on his face....their warranty is dog $h*t...the clarity on the initial wear is awesome but its just a brand...i buy spy polarized now...still up to $175 a pair but from people who make ski googles and racing googles those glasses can take a friggin beatdown
  3. Lures work all year if u fish them right...based on bait available...match the hatch and try different techniques...I'm sure my lure selection pales in comparison to many on here
  4. Took a bunch of stuff out to see what I got...Took a pic while I was at it
  5. I saw a woman returning a pair of regular boots and gloves to ll bean once while I was returning my leaking waders. The boots and gloves she was returning had to be 10 years old covered in dust with the soles worn flat and holes in the gloves. If you wear em out have some common sense that it's time to throw them out not get free $h*t. What really stood out was her coach bag and mercedes key on the counter, while she was getting credit for $80 worth of goods.
  6. Hahahaha gotta get that surface plug down deep!!!! the chartreuse leader and quadruple rig 3 way $h*t swivel combo....looks like a Javier special
  7. Very creative
  8. Servicing has begun...doing 3 salts and a fresh....I keep small parts organized in an old tackle box tray do you guys do it yourself too or pay a shop?
  9. I agree there are many views depending on months of season etc, however don't underestimate how many members check the reports a few dozen times a month...hypothetically 2,000 members viewing twice a day for a month can tally over 10,000 views...indeed there are a lot of fisherman out there but I don't feel it's as many surf guys as people believe it to many times in 2017 I hammered bass at "popular" spots all alone....there are a lot of guys that fish that don't even belong to forum sites, but I feel participation in general is waaaaay big as the site is along the striper coast, 96,000 views doesn't mean 96,000 fisherman...I myself may check reports here 30+ times a month the key is not to chase the reports because by that time the body of fish has moved on
  10. my district is the sponsor so i imagine they are voting yes...its funny how inland counties are fighting harder for public access than the counties along the water...i hope the bill goes through...even if more points are not opened it helps prevent future closures and difficult access
  11. are these rare now?
  12. depending on absolute price st croix mojo is a great all around rod for about rods makes some decent stuff that is a bit less expensive...if you want to go even lower i used to have a penn prevail i paid 90 bucks for and it was a trooper
  13. some mild citrus degreasers can do wonders
  14. provided the water you will be in, clamming doesn't close...only "regional areas" depending on water cleanliness etc, you just have to find them...i'm pretty sure most of the BB is open to it but again reference the maps because you need to find where it is ok to go...ask around...dress WARM as F*** this time of yr to wade...remember that water is in the 30's and getting soaked is no far as bass goes i'm sure no matter what county you are in you will find residents...from what i understand long island and atlantic county boats have had better luck on the wreck trips for the winter fishery species...but not much going on in buddy knows a few head boat captains personally and as of last week not much going boredom level has reached astronomical levels but not much im going out for and many fisherman who are way better than me will say the same