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  1. Lol! Thanks
  2. I'll do my best
  3. Holy smokes that gorgeous!
  4. If you wind up in the Lewis County area, hit me up. I can put you on some very good fishing.
  5. Thank You!
  6. I will definitely be down for some visitors and maybe show them some of the "other" steelhead rivers that I know hold fish. Thank you very much
  7. I'll try my best to keep the photos coming. Also, I can't wait for the steelhead and salmon. I don't have to go far for either
  8. Hey guys, while I do love the bay area, it's killing me to live here. SO I am moving back up to Washington State (Lewis County to be precise) at the end of January. You all take care of each other down here.
  9. Happy Holidays to you all too!
  10. I'll be moving up North myself at the end of January, but I will be in Centralia instead of Seattle.
  11. Those are some nice slabs!
  12. Whenever I try to use my mobile devices to look at this page I get spammed by either Walmart or I have to exit out of my browser and restart it again. I do not have this issue with any other pages on my mobile devices. It's extremely annoying and I just wanted to let you know.
  13. I haven't been on the surf in months! I got tired of catching dinks or getting skunked.
  14. LOL! At least something is biting right now.
  15. Wow! It's nice to see some folks on here are having some luck.