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  1. Whenever I try to use my mobile devices to look at this page I get spammed by either Walmart or I have to exit out of my browser and restart it again. I do not have this issue with any other pages on my mobile devices. It's extremely annoying and I just wanted to let you know.
  2. I haven't been on the surf in months! I got tired of catching dinks or getting skunked.
  3. LOL! At least something is biting right now.
  4. Wow! It's nice to see some folks on here are having some luck.
  5. Hey folks, if possible could everyone check in so we know that you are safe from the fires. Also, let us know if you need supplies to help you or loved ones that were in the damaged areas.
  6. Are any of you having any luck at t he beaches around SF Bay Area lately? Out seems like no one is catching in the surf.
  7. Up in Washington State catching smallmouth with dad and brother. I lost count, but I'll tell you those smallmouth put up a great fight!
  8. I employ this method often. It seems to work
  9. That explains why I'm not catching anything at the beach right now
  10. I agree completely. I'm a 99% c&r of almost all the species I catch. Pretty much the only fish I would keep is a decent catfish of around 18 inches or less. They really need to to slow down on the salmon and steelhead too imho.
  11. Happy to have you back CC. Been to long.
  12. That's be fun!
  13. No wonder I'm not catching anything at the beach. They're all up the river!
  14. I'm always afraid this is going to happen to me if I ever catch a striper again.
  15. I'm off Monday and Wednesday now. PM if you want to go fishing together.