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  1. Is that a Dolly?
  2. South Bend Washington
  3. 4 pounds 4 ounces for the big trout. About 2 pounds for the little trout
  4. Heading back to Long Beach tonight for the weekend. Hopefully I'll have some more photos for this page.
  5. Long Beach Washington
  6. Good. Thanks!
  7. Isn't there a 2018 version of this? I can't find it.
  8. I also have gout. Ginger, Celery Seed, and Advil help. I have to avoid the red meats, pork, shellfish, trout, spinach, asparagus, cauliflower, and peas. I've noticed that shellfish are really bad for gout. Back to the topic. Fishing in my hometown is still slow. The water is just to muddy from the rains we just had.
  9. Not a giant, but it's a fish.
  10. Wtf? I changed my post and it got changed back. I wish I could just delete the damn thing.
  11. Do the fish have to be Striped Bass?
  12. Went fishing with my brother today at a local river and a local lake. I caught 1 squaw fish at the river and 2 very small large mouth bass at the lake. Tomorrow we plan on hitting up another local lake for some large mouth bass.
  13. Thanks! I'm doing fairly well. Wish someone would hire me though.
  14. It's been slow, but I didn't get skunked. First fish is 3.2 pnds. Didn't weigh the second one, but I'd guess 2 pnds.
  15. My dad and I went to one of the local lakes this morning. I got skunked, but he pulled in a nice 3.11 pound large mouth.