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  1. banded whiting.....
  2. ....and with twins, you'll often be missing from the beach as well
  3. I remember that very well Allen because I remember what I was doing......
  4. nope...not the one
  5. 15# big game
  6. This fishing spider prefers a mag Don't know where it came from, maybe hiding in the sand spike tube?... but it took me by surprise! Luv the old 525's, have a half a dozen
  7. Mid afternoon, Saturday, Memorial Day weekend...... go figure
  8. Yea there's room for 1000 vehicles! It's capped at 145 for environmental reasons. The only places for non-official vehicles to cross over to the bay are at markers 23.5 and 25.3, it's all in the regs you were given. And yes... WOW
  9. I bought a couple RTIC coolers, one 65 qt, the other 110 qt. About half the price of Yeti but comparable in quality. Bought direct online and free delivery. They run 20% - 25% off sales at times, usually in the late fall and winter. Good coolers, I like them a lot! Ozark Trails (Walmart) Good bang for the money but limited on sizes.
  10. Sometimes this works = Get the spiked rod as high as possible so the line is above the weeds (works when weeds are close to shore line and you cast long). I use 5 1/2' sand spikes, two of them have 2" pvc instead of 1 1/2". In those 2 spikes I can insert an aluminum tube to increase the height. Will have it to a height so I can reach the reel to tighten slack on my tippy toes. When a fish bends the rod, just pull the extension out, grab the rod. and throw the tube behind you or put it back in the spike. This keeps me fishing when some gave up but as stated in the beginning of this post = sometimes this works sometimes not
  11. Huh.... it's the weekend and it's not raining???
  12. Had mine on the beach for about 12 days last fall. No problems with traction but was hitting sand a lot. Put a 2" lift on it, and this spring it did a lot better and handled well. Kit was about $230......
  13. Not in this area but a 58lb striper was caught in the Hudson river last weekend, out of a boat, under the Beacon bridge. My thought was, isn't it kind of late in the season for a striper of that size to be that far north in the river? Maybe late spawning, maybe a good food source, maybe some just hang around? Don't know, maybe it's common, never fished the Hudson. Another thought, are all the large stripers (cows = 40#+) out of the Chesapeake by early June, or do some stay in the bay? I live in the Upper Delaware River area, we have sea run stripers up to about 36" make there appearance about May and gobble trout all summer long. Some are believed to be residential. Never heard of a cow this far north though.