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  1. Congratulations Nick and wife............your life will never be the same, hopefully it will be better Good thing there's a limit of 2
  2. Welcome Probably 2 more perch in that pickerel's belly
  3. Another channel says national parks open......oh yea, IRS open also
  4. Saw on the national news that national parks that charge admission will shut down. ????
  5. If and when the government has shutdowns, I'll take mid Jan, over Oct.1 anytime!
  6. Any pics?
  7. I guess it depends where you live. We had -10 last week with a +5 average the first week of Jan., that would freeze a full barrel solid and split just about anything.
  8. I turn mine upside down and don't use them during winter. note... After rinsing with a hose. I put my "stinky" waders in a rain barrel for a couple days. The near mineral free acidic rainwater draws a lot of salt and funk out and "sweetens" them.
  9. Hey Allen.... that should have been on a new 2018 thread!
  10. Last year it was polar vortex!
  11. Hope that stays a little east, would like to slide by this one. Not Delmarva but...... 1089 lb. blue marlin caught off Australia
  12. Happy Birthday Eric........ keep warm
  13. Hey Brian..... what you ran into there is the very very rare, North American Forest Flounder. Dec. and Jan. are the only time they are seen. You might have been the first to get a photo! WOW
  14. Merry Christmas to you Mike and everyone here who celebrates it. Hope the New Year is good to all. May we have tight lines and big smiles come spring.