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  1. From what I read, it's not that unique for a barrier island. Hatteras, although never there, probably has the same thing going on at places.
  2. The ponds are spring fed. Most other springs are under water. Sometimes, in the right places, on a steep beach during low tide you can see water oozing out creating micro streams down to the surf, if paying attention. Do an AI. aquifer search, just scratching the surface here!
  3. Lack of springs (underground aquifers) off Delaware beaches! AI. has lots of springs surrounding it, bayside, surfside (some go out several miles), and on the island itself, the reason wild mammals can survive. When you have a spring come up under water, it loosens the sand. The current will move that loose sand downstream, possibly creating a point, if close to surfs edge, or a hump if further out. With a direction change in current, it will build up another point or hump on the other side of the hole. The hole (deep spot) is where the spring is. AI. has areas that are spring active most of the time (where most fishermen stack up) and other areas where the springs come and go. There is a lot of info on this subject witch points to springs were responsible for the formation of barrier islands. ....just my $.02
  4. Double post.........
  5. Cambridge is where a lot of people coming to A.I. buy fresh 50# flats of bunker. The curse is for one reason or another, no fresh, usually because of weather, and you drive away with 50#'s of frozen and your confidence level has dropped because of it.
  6. That time of year it's all about wind direction and flys (day) mosquitoes (night)
  7. No bitchin about me being in your spot will be a relief .......though I hope to see you out there
  8. First gen. Ridgelines can be locked in 4wd when trans is in reverse,1st or 2nd and only up to 20mph then it kicks out, it can't be locked in when in drive. For everyday driving AWD kicks in automatically when needed. I don't lock it in for the beach but let it do it's own thing. They are a little low for the beach but doable, just installed a 2" lift kit on mine, hope to check it out next week. No comparison to my Ram 2500 but I love it. I consider it a SUV with an open back.
  9. Wish I could be there today...... God Bless you Earl Reposting one of Allen's pics
  10. Nice going Dave! That's the way to get things started
  11. Was planning on being there but the wife is recovering from foot surgery and has a follow up appointment for stitch removal early next week. Earl is often in my thoughts and missed. I'll probably spill a little gin on the beach in his memory the next time I'm there.
  12. A constant, stationary light isn't bad. Flashing, moving lights or walking in front of a lantern, casting shadows isn't good.
  13. $25 per car, $10 per person??? Does the $25 cover everyone in the car? Is the per person for walk-ins and bicycle riders? If not, a car with 6 people would cost $85 Hope they're not going to mess with the senior citizens pa$$
  14. One more thing.......DON'T DRIVE THE BEACH WITH HI considerate of others fishing in the darkness
  15. Get your eyes use to the darkness, fish in darkness, glow sticks are good for spiked rods, use a red/white headlamp, red for most the time when needed, white for landing and releasing your catch. Don't walk around with your headlamp on. Just to name a few off the top of my head.