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  1. The size I bought is 1 1/8" x 1/16" they are for 1st gen ZB round knob. Don't know if that's the right size for newer ones??
  2. The ones at Ace Hardware are Buna N and last about a season... did Sudsy's quote get under my name???
  3. Got mine at Ace Hardware...bring one for a sample.
  4. 20" will meet most needs. Most loggers and landowners around here use Husqvarna.
  5. Been waiting for a 1418 to pop up, and at a good price....dang Way overspent this month. My 1418 is favorite, luckiest rod I have both on drum and stripers! If no one takes it tonight, will you take a money order or check?
  6. Lost a drum in the surf from a break off do to a nicked line. Shortly after, a friend down the beach caught it by the sinker. Since then I tie my shock leader directly to my ff rig, no beads, and I make sure the swivel my sinker is attached to, slides over the shock knot. I'm trying to come up with something that addresses that problem on a dropper loop rig ???
  7. Ozark trail tumblers and jugs are right up there also.
  8. Don't know, never had a Yeti. What I've seen in tests online is that they are comparable.
  9. I think it was from Yeti. RTIC making they're cooler too much like Yeti's??? They look the same but... RTIC 65 holds 65 qts. Yeti 65 holds about 58 qts. RTIC 110 weighs about 49 lbs., Yeti 110 weighs about 37 lbs. for another example.
  10. Sale ends Friday night. They now have 110qt and 145qt. Just ordered a 110 for $239. Have a 65, luv it!
  11. He seems to be blessed.... One night Chris and Morty set up just north of Eric and I. Chris put an old refrozen and thawed peeler leg on his hook and plopped it in, just pass the wash. Within minutes he pulled in a 50" rock...
  12. That striper kinda looks like a hybrid!
  13. You'll probably need to cast 1/4 mile in the gulf.......
  14. The sharks can be in close also.....seems like everybody catches them.
  15. ....and the boots