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  1. I'll take these. I'll pm you in a bit. Thank you
  2. Thanks, but I'll pass.
  3. Offer stands at $38.
  4. Last bump. Thanks for looking
  5. I'll pass. Glws
  6. Respectfully offer $38 shipped.
  7. Looks kinda like their 2oz needle, but with more lead.
  8. Bump #1. Still looking. Will buy up to 6 in one shot to make it worth the shipping fees.
  9. Im on the hunt for a couple mini wadds and level sink needles. Open to various light, bright, and dark colors. Willing to buy multiple to make it worthwhile. Please post a pic and your asking price. Thanks SOL
  10. Id offer you $40 for the pollock 2oz. PayPal shipped.
  11. I'll take 3, 14, & 15
  12. Any specific colors you're after? I have a bunch. No squids though
  13. I think we'll see this happen in the not so distant future. My dad's Honda Accord already has something like this. Hit the turn signal and a camera view of whatever direction you're signaling for pops up on the console display. Seems like a useful feature, especially for merging onto busy highways and the like.