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  1. Advice, use boomerang or something similar if you have gmail. I'm sure they have similar options for other email platforms. Haven't had any luck with his sales, but I'm not sitting at my computer waiting to hit send either. Just draft your email and pick a date and time to send it and forget about it. If you're in, great. If not, they'll be up for sale again sometime.
  2. Sure, I'll take it.
  3. Would you take $40 for the BM darter?
  4. That surfcasters mag says needles, 2 3/4 oz. Based on the 2oz needle body.
  5. Cool plug! Love the history behind some of the stuff you see on here.
  6. What'd they do with reds when their stocks were tanking? Ban on keeping fish for sometime, and then slot the limit in most places to protect the young and big girls? Also, essentially make it a non commercial fish in most places? Seems like that plan worked out pretty well for them
  7. Mark, no thanks. Sweet plug, but was hoping to pick them up together. If you have other BMs you might package it in with, I'd take a look at what you have.
  8. Thanks, Mark. Cow tamer can have it. Not quite what I'm looking for.
  9. For plugging, I always tie my first leader at home, connecting it directly to the braid via albright knot. Once that one gets burned up or clipped off, I have a plastic baggy with pre-tied leaders in my plug bag. The pre-tied ones have a swivel on one end and a TA clip on the other. Reason being, I can tie a quick uni knot from the braid to the swivel and I'm back in business. It takes me a bit longer to tie a knot to directly connect braid to mono/fluoro leader.
  10. if that remaining Donny has the red line on the lip, I'll take both that and the pencil.
  11. Justin, I just mailed your plug from auction #66. 

    The tracking # is


    thanks for bidding on it. Good luck catching. Jim

    1. jbaer


      Thanks, Jim.


      I'll keep an eye out for it.  Happy holidays.



  12. Alright, what's 5 bucks. I'll take the white one for your asking.
  13. Would you take $40 for the white?
  14. No longer available