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    Tagging for American Littoral Society and taking samples for NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation.
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    Kayak Fishing. Bow Hunting. Land & Water Metal Detecting.

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  2. I agree totally. Versatile it is not. If any of you ever used a native manta ray with a three inch wedge style seat. It was perfect imo. That would work very well with peddles. Watching guys come in during tournaments (Old Hobie Seats) that didn't have stuff crammed between the wheels and back were few and they looked like they were about to fall over the back of the old seat. Still believe its you guys being short is why you haven't any problems with it. Nothing is designed for 6' and taller, kayaks , car seats, cars, clothes. Sucks.
  3. You guys don't hang with people on the water to see how many are almost crippled get off a kayak with the old seats. I was one of them. The new seat I can go all day. Picking your launch spots is what's its all about when you live on an island and don't want to have end-overs coming in. Timing waves, boring. Besides you guys, seems many more then not couldn't sell the old style fast enough when your so called beach chairs came out. If mine falls apart though oh well. I'll buy another. How many have you and Jeff broke currently rolling in the surf?
  4. Old People geez. Accept the change and move on. Hobie's old seat IMO was the crappiest seat out of all the companies.
  5. Until you add this.
  6. I know where your going. Yeah that’s what the guys in down south said a few years back on a trip to VA beach (Doesn’t Work Here). They use tubes now. I do just as well in Raritan as anywhere else with them. You just have to commit and get the feel, and know how to read where the fish should be. Then there’s the tap and nothing else. I’m doing an about face in a few minutes and force feeding (When I see a mark on structure. Make her eat it). Learning how to troll 2 without problems is a good thing for numbers.
  7. I know only one guy in Canada that has that. You’ll be amazed how well your current gps will put you within a couple of feet of a spot. Throw out a buoy and try it.
  8. I have nothing against that compass at all. I like it’s simplicity. It’s up to us to complicate it. Keep making those cooking videos and let Youtube pay for it
  9. It’s the Worm it’s like candy. The tube just attracts.
  10. The man doesn’t own a cart. He drags that kayak across everything (JS).
  11. Your outta control. Your charts will be fine for where you go.
  12. My numbers are still like that Cheech, think you might have lost the touch.
  13. See Buddha now you getting it.
  14. New hulls only.
  15. I think you answered that your self. However the reason for the running change I was told is the fins were falling off due to the thumb screw backing off and had nothing to do with the mast.