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    Tagging for American Littoral Society and taking samples for NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation.
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    Kayak Fishing. Bow Hunting. Land & Water Metal Detecting.

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  1. They come with mojo now.
  2. Rick, any reports of bass still around in the back of JBAY?   Weather Saturday night looks good.

  3. Miss mine. 42 mpg at 80 mph with Revo on roof. Never slowed down or shifted on any hills, and my stereo put out more decibels then the slash downs on my bike.
  4. Change the bearings, race, seals, and add bearing buddies. Once you see the smoke driving down the road, it's to late.
  5. Compass has no annoying hull slap.
  6. Scary. If they keep shrinking the regs by you guys they'll choke on a 3" Gulp.
  7. 40 times and 3.9 miles averaged last season. I need to find closer launches.
  8. Look at these instructions and see if they'll apply to yours. The last time I asked them if I could do something and if I could then how. They replied yes you can and no help. There manual has always been junk. https://www.berleypro.com/how-to-show-battery-voltage-on-your-lowrance-fish-finder/
  9. Settings Overlays Configure Save.
  10. Ouch! Looks like he let his guard down.
  11. What if you go up a few more pounds then back down? It might not be seating.
  12. I second that and get involved.
  13. Southwest wind blew you into Jersey?
  14. Go to Auto parts store and find a good valve stem cap. Even those five dollar store pressure valve caps. You only holding what three pounds psi? The stock caps won't hold it from weeping.
  15. Rob it all works until you get to the ten volt range and it will just shut off.