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  1. Scoob,you and Alan Hawk are my go to reel gurus. Alan breaks down a reel and compares it to similar models. You do too,except you tend to do multiple reel comparisons in a single review. Alan takes several months to post a review,always worth waiting for. So, I kinda understand the effort you put into it. He is more of a Pelagic guy,8-12K reels. I like that you do the smaller inshore/ freshwater reels. Anyway,thankyou for your efforts. Leaving tomorrow for a month long fishing trip up north for Brookies,Lake Trout and Salmon. Can you say Lake Nipigon,Lake Superior
  2. Scoob,I know your a big fan of DR. AvE.... Somehow,he puts a huge amount of info in to a condensed vijeo. Keep your dick in a vise.......
  3. Thanks,I guess I missed that one or maybe saw it back in February when I wasn’t paying attention,so much,to this reel. I love scoobs reviews but,jeez,some are an hour long..... Still,worth grinding through.... Hell of a smallie by the way scoob! Tropical storm headed this way,here we go again.
  4. Thanks. So the Saltist spinner is a BG with seals and some magseal Same gears as the BG. My BG gears are excellent ,by the way,especially for the price. The Backbay has the sealing with aluminum gears. I assume the Backbay has the oversized gears of the BG? Even though it has a smaller body? Any other differences? The specs on the Backbay rods are right in my wheelhouse,can’t wait to see them.
  5. Thanks for the pm shipwreck. Diawa is hitting my sweet spot right now. I own 3 BG’s and 1 Tatula. 1 coastal surf 9’,and 1 older 7’ mh I like very much. I guess I am a Daiwa fanboy right now. Keep up the good work. Still would like to know the difference between the Backbay and standard Saltist spinners.
  6. OK shipwreck and scoob. Are the Daiwa Backbay rods out yet? Prices? Any weight specs available? How does the Saltist 3K differ from the Saltist Backbay? I would have asked this in the Icast thread but am tired of darsizzle talk.
  7. Check out the Okuma Cedros CSX series. I have the 11’ MH 2-5 and the tip is way more sensitive than my Mojo 3/4-4. I spike it for Pompano and Reds,whiting etc. I can tell when a crab or small fish are messing with my bait. The tip starts tapping. 50-50 split, likes 3 oz. best the way I cast. Plenty of power for 20 lb + fish but it is fun with a 2 lb. fish. Wont break the bank either. Lots of good rods out there for less than $200
  8. I agree the Star Z was a huge disappointment. Huge!! They really missed the boat... But,their inshore rods are very nice. The little 6’6,med. Seagis is very unique. I am not a fanboy for St Croix,I have some Premier rods I really like but not so much the Mojo series. I personaly like a crisper rod,G Loomis,TFO,and dare I say,Hurricane Calico Jack. Have fun,it’s all about the tug......
  9. I bought a jdm Spheros when they first came out. Mine was a hs ,aluminum gear,same as the gossa. Liked it so much I bought a power gear,US model. Love the US power gear!
  10. No,great reel. I hate the parrelel reel foot but imho the wobble only shows up on shorter rods where the line slaps the rod. For me,no wobble on 9’ rod,wobble on a 7’..... wobble = line slap.
  11. Great review scoob. I think you kinda glossed over the Penn AR backlash that drives me nuts. If you are not holding the handle to dampen that backlash it is a very annoying clunk-clunk every time you jig the reel. This has been a major issue for me.
  12. Whoa, your comments kinda put the kibosh on this thread. As a tackle advisor, I am a fan. But,judging a line of rods bases on a bad experience with a poorly designed reel leaves me wondering. Have you any experience with these rods? If so, I would like to hear about them.... My experience has been positive...
  13. Got my Baitrunner D6000 back from Shimano today. They got right on it,unlike the first return that took 5 weeks. First time they replaced the reel,this time they repaired it. Invoice states “spring fell out of place causing reel to freeze.Replaced gears.” They replaced the pinion,drive and oscillating gear according to the invoice. Thanks to steve in mass for coraberating my study of the difference in the Baitrunner system in the OC and D. The same..... Hopefully,this is the end of the snakebite on this reel
  14. Trust me,Keith is the man!! I don’t want to deluge him with work he may not want but he can get it done. Thanks handi,for helping me on several occasions.
  15. My 8000 OC works great. I don’t know if the baitrunner system on the OC is the same as the D series (same design,parts etc). But I really like it and have caught some huge Black Drum with it. I am still using a Penn 6500 LL that is far from smooth but after 4 years it still works fine. I’m pretty sure Shimano will replace this reel for the second time. But, I might just sell it and get another OC. I need to look at the schematics and figure out if there are any differences between the two.