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  1. Boy,a dunk of “less than a second” is what i would call a splash. Rinse it and go,highly unlikely it needs a tear down. In some cases reels are better off left alone than tampered with. Many cases of “my reel was fine until I tore it apart”. Wait a few weeks,if a bearing acts up,dig in to it. Old sayin”leave well enough alone”.
  2. ‘cause scoob said it was, , I was quoting him. I like them for my application. Wading,kayaking... scoob is always talking about street price and I usually pay $100 or less for these reels. I have dunked,dropped etc and if it is serious I pull the 2 screws at the back bumper and drain. That opens the gear train ,unlike any other reel I know,and good to go. Light,stiff,great drags. There are things I don’t like about them but they work for my application.
  3. Back in the day when I was gunsmithing,re bluing/refinishing guns in Alaska I would use toilet bowl cleaner to strip parts of rust and original bluing. It works,fast! Best to nutrilize with some sort of soda afterwards.
  4. Guess I should have said “typo”. Thanks for asking clownhead..... sorry,meant the “the3fishheads”.
  5. Great first post......
  6. Don’t pay any attention to what Brian says.. Wear a poncho and dispose of it quickly.
  7. You have asked a lot of basic questions in several posts. It would help us answer them if you told us more about yourself. Just quessing here but you are obviously new to this,do you care to share your age and experience? Just trying to help.
  8. Wow,have to put my Costa’s on to look at it.
  9. Tackle Advisors has been strangely silent during the 2018 Icast previews. I check my subscriptions daily and my only favorite Elias V is showing up. And your right scoob,he looks 10 years younger since his big move.
  10. Good job as usual johnd but it is time for a new camera
  11. They don’t email them to me and I am a registered user since 1998. If you go to the Ebay home page they show up in the top of the page. They only last a few days. You have to dig a bit to find the sellers that honor them,but there are some major sellers that do. So,major sellers,that normally have the best prices,can offer an additional 15-20% off. Hard to beat. Ebay vs Amazon,the battle of the Titans.
  12. Ok, I got it. You are still responsible for return shipping to Transivania? Just trying to figure out the return part.