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  1. ROFL. Yes that would be the case. Even more so if you go back two hundred.
  2. Yep. No short term. It's not worth the trouble or money to do it each year for a few month. Everything has a fee attach to it, New plate fee, registration, etc. Did I mention going to the DMV? lol. If you have more than 1 car, try to bundle together to save a bit. Other than that, no Bueno. Don't be suprise to see the insurance of your new car is less than you old one, something about new car has better safety features.
  3. The Mis-adventures of Huckleberry SIM. I am enjoying every minute of this. This should be in a book somewhere.
  4. You didn't wear one of their many local tackle shop t-shirt. It's like game of throne factions. You have the Lanister, you have the Targaryen... If you don't have one...
  5. Fine Fine sand particles get under the rotor, accumulate between the flier and the main seal. Forming a sand slurry in this area. More and more sand accumulate as time goes on, gradually deform the seal enough to let water and sand in. It tool me 3 months from freshly serviced to sign of water intrusion from the main seal area. Good thing I opened the reel for early service. Found saltwater inside, trace the rust spot to the problem area, the pinion assembly, one or more sealed have failed. Had to replaced the seals on the pinion assembly and the bearing. When people said you don't have to service the pinion assembly when doing self service, I call it bull.
  6. I take it you don't fish around fine sand much. Most of the damages come from the surf line, in knee to waist deep water. Fine sugar to powdery sands suspended in the wave action. Very destructive. Even more so than those reel under water, skishing, etc. On occasions, a wave rush up from you leg will jam the reel right up. It doesn't matter it's a van staal or zeebaas.
  7. Father's Day Flash Sale 25% off site-wide *SUP boards not included. Online orders only. Does not include items that are already discounted. Sale ends Sunday at 11:59pm EST. DISCOUNT CODE: FATHERSDAYSIX
  8. Dip you thumb in some good whisky should take care of the potential infection. When you are done, bottoms up, sit back and grin.
  9. Where are you fishing? What kind of situation are you fishing for? When you go up to 2 oz bucktail, either you are fishing deep area with heavy current or strong wind in your face, again with big wave and heavy current. With bucktail, there is a diminish return limit regarding to cast distance, no matter how good your setup is.
  10. Mayo is fluffy oil, add body and moisture. Tones of cake recipe out there that use mayo. Don't try too hard on gluten free imitations. Your son will learn to appreciate other tasty stuff that's naturally gluten free. Out of sight, out of mind. Does you son have problem with dairy products? If not, all those ice cream variations should cure the sweet tooth.
  11. Gag grabber. Boofish love it.
  12. Seeing the S**** going on in the Tavern and the PG forums, it would take some "special" kind of people to piss Tim off to the point of permanent ban. WOOT
  13. Now you mentioned it, the seam tape on both of my newer gen bean waders have lifted somewhat around there the wader meets the bootie / boots. Must be the new manufacturing process or the new manufacture for their waders. The older pairs of helix two seems to be fine. So much for the new sonic welding process.
  14. RIP Jettyguy. I'll miss your passionate and witty remarks. My condolence.