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  1. It's not good for tying either, glue don't hold well on PE line. Been there, done that.
  2. ROFL. That's not a stereotype either. When they go to a restaurant. first thing plopped down on the table is their bling out iphone. Spinning rims of the asian community. lol
  3. Iphone is like crack. Easy to get new user to hooked on, once hooked, most user don't know how to get out and are afraid to get out. Came from early apple, itune this, itune that, itune can kiss my A$$. Then there is the fad chaser, status symbol crowd who keep supporting the apple market. What you are asking is very simple, don't even need the latest and greatest. Even a $200-$300 phone will be more than enough. Being a generation older, came out maybe a year ago. Just look for one with a good camera, especially on moderate to low ambient light. Water resistant is a big plus.
  4. lil man is getting big. Technique seems to be improving. Great job.
  5. IRT reel is not exactly a popular item. If you have a picture of the combo, post it up. Hopefully someone will recognized it.
  6. Old socks. the ones with holes are even better so you can see what's inside.
  7. 1. Always paypal to nip the money trail. 2. Always ship to your work place. 3. Sneak in new stuff while bring the old stuff home. 4. Ask for tackle shop gift card instead of actual item. Even one is enough to buy you a lot of stuff while only you know is not true. 5. Tackle shop always has sale when she asked. 6. Keep your work area messy and "dangerous looking" so she won't try to clean and organizing your stuff.
  8. Something in the page is leaking memory. possibly a bug in the new ads. This occurred right around the time the slow down happens. If I leave the page on for a while it will crash with the error message "not enough memory to open this page" or "oops something went wrong". This is on the sol only, does not affect any other site that's opened at the same time. I am on windows 10 with chrome.
  9. The gripping part of polyolefin wraps can be improve vastly by a simple sanding procedure. I am not sure if other rod builders had done it before. After you have the shrink wrap in place. Ran a rough sand paper through the whole wrap a couple of times. horizontally, and diagonally. The goal is take off that sheen on the top layer, mean while create micro texture finish. Go Flock Youself trademark pending lol? Try the gripping power when you are done, wet or dry. You can feel the cork tape deform and tear underneath if you grip and twist hard enough, way more than normal fishing situation called for.
  10. peanut butter. Then wash the area before the dogs get hold of the scent.
  11. There are plenty of polyolefin heat shrinks in the US. You just have to look in the right place and buy in bulk. Mine is 1-1/2 inch 3:1 ratio. I got a 50 meter spool for $150 ( 164 ft ). It's tough as nail, comparable to the original quick grip material. I would put it up against any Japanese or UK grips in term of toughness. You'll sacrifice some comfort with polyolefin grip in comparison to a more flexible higher end gripping material. I wouldn't use directly on glass blank. That's a pretty much a given on heat shrink grips. I wouldn't touch that x-wrap crap, a simple small cut and you could peel the whole section off without much effort.
  12. You know it's always the ankle bitter that wins the fight. My beagle has to bout out every time to my yorkie about 1/4 her size. The yorkie gets the first pick in meal time, toys, and even petting. Sort of a scary aura around that little rat. Not mine, but enjoy.
  13. I remember talked to Kil at the ****** show about that guide setup on the cape cod heavy. He mentioned it was setup to for dual purpose. You can either go spinning or conventional with that setup. I would agree, you'll not get top mark on either setup, but it still very good performance either way. I too would not build another surf rod with single foot guides no matter what they. Only exception is the ldb runner guides, they are pretty much indestructible.
  14. SS Heavy bullet, metal with plain hook, roberts ranger, when pure distance is require, no teaser, a teaser will cost you some yardage. If all else failed, stare, wait and wishing you bought a kayak.
  15. wtf are these people doing? knife and fork? Two hands? backward? Learn the fold mang.