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  1. no problem and yes, OIFC is more than Hatteras. never had the opportunity to fish from there, but i aim to remedy that soon they routinely excel at the fall wahoo bite out of there and a monster hoo is on my bucket list
  2. i have been a part of two make-up charters out of OIFC. all you gotta do is give them a call for the day(s) you want to fish and they will match you up with 5 other people. they may also ask if you would be willing to take a trip with only 5. this would increase the cost as it would be the charter rate 2060 for 2018 for a full day off shore trip divided by either 5 or 6 people. they will call you the evening before your trip to confirm and tell you the vessel you will go out on. the rest is the same as any other trip out of the fishing center. tight lines my friend! -Sean
  3. i have had phenomenal success fishing off the Fintastic out of OIFC. Captain Harris and his mate Jack are just great. it costs a pretty penny, but its been worth it every time. trying to plan a trip for this July and another for May of 2019.
  4. good call. ive cut myself pretty good, but only when my hands were wet for long periods of time softening up the skin.
  5. That’s her in the foreground. The reel is a 750ssm spoiled with 40#pp And you know it was a slow day if I was taking pictures of my rods..
  6. i am one of the rare (read not smart) people that truly throw an 8oz weight and a head with a spinning reel. it gives the old finger a work out, but i have been doing it for a few years now and, knock on wood, i have yet to cut myself. just crank the drag to lock and heave. there are times on Hatteras where you need the weight, and once you get the technique down its doable. as JoleJ said, your not "whipping it" its a very slow methodic motion
  7. i use an 11' Ocean Master rated 5-10. its an absolute beast. 8oz and a head is not problem! now, mine is not the new series, but from what i have seen, i have no reason to believe that the new OM's arent as good as mine. i actually fish 2 OM rods, the 11' and a 9' and really like both.
  8. for reels ;-) I have mine on a 10' 3/4 - 3 and have MANY 5-6 hour long sessions on it and havent had an issue. its comparable to other 5000 - 5500 Penn reels. i would surly take it over the V5500 that it replaced. as for the drag, are you sure you arent loosening past the point where the drag knob is actually disengaged? i ask because when i turned my drag knob a dozen timed the spool was locked. now the first few times i went to take the spool off, i was a little fooled by the drag knob seal. it fits tight so it feels like it is still engaged on the threads when in fact it is not.
  9. what really caught my attention was how solid the gosa is for effectively being a generation old. it will be very interesting to see what they do with the next version. they "cant" make it better than the Stella, but they "need" to improve on the current version... not sure how you do that
  10. Well done Scoobs, well done indeed!
  11. i store my reels spooled. i will only take the line off if i intend on re-spooling before my next trip. have yet to see any issues with corrosion...
  12. tight lines my friend!
  13. while blues may not be the official target, they are fun to catch and good on the smoker!
  14. Carnage II "update" honestly i cannot say enough good things about my 10' 3/4 -3. it is everything that i was looking for. as for the Carnage line as a whole, i recently purchased an 11' 2-6 casting rod to go with my Fathom 25n and while i havent "fished" it yet, i have many hours on it at the local practice field and even with a VERY novice caster (me) it can hit 100 yards on a regular basis using 3oz of lead. the reel is pooled with 20# ande premium and all of the breaks are engaged. with 4oz, better line and some breaks "tured off" i cant see why regular 150 yard casts are not attainable. great rod with the same feel, fit and finish that i came to love from my 10'
  15. do you have any more info on this stick or a link to where i can read more?