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  1. as long as there is breeze the skeeters in the sound wont be bad. ...and you need the wind for the fishing to be top notch. kind of a win win.
  2. that thing is a monster! it would take a freakin Mack truck to spool ya
  3. PM Sent
  4. have you tried the nighttime drum bite in the sound? if the wind cooperates it can be extremely productive.
  5. sounds good tight lines my friend!!!
  6. I re-greased / re-built my 5500 a few weeks back. I started off "ready for anything" and in all honesty it wasn't much more complicated than my V5500. take your time and all will go well. tight lines.
  7. are they the same thing just different colors or do they handle / cast / lay different I am not new to braid but I am new to this fireline game thanks all!
  8. that's how I do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. finding a reel that will work well on a 7' rod and an 11' will be a challenge. what are you trying to target / how much drag to you really need? a Gosa 6000 or Slammer III 4500 come to mind though they will be "big" on a 7' and "small" on an 11.
  10. ooooo, good point my friend! I have had this exact issue with those hard as slate mullet scales.
  11. hhhmmm, ok this will be used for soaking mullet chunks for drum in both the surf and out back in the sound. prolly 4-5oz n' bait. I think the SSMs only put our 10 -12 pounds of drag at max so I should be covered with 20# especially if 30# FL compares to 65# PP or more. I have large spools of Ande Premium from my past "mono" days and don't want to make that mistake again. that stuff has the suppleness of wire...
  12. alright, looks like ill buy me a spool of 30# fireline. cant say the PP worked, its just what I had on there and used it for two seasons with mixed results. I went "heavier" to aid performance but I don't think it helped. yes, the SSMs are true tanks and have been going strong for years. with minimal maintenance at that too.
  13. first, I know, holy crap another line thread but for reels, I am looking to put my 750ssm back into service this summer as, after last summers drum success, I have some family members that will be fishing with me this august. I have had mixed results with braid on this reel and wonder if its time that I try fireline. Ive never used it, but I'm always up for something new. I also have a spool of 8 strand 40# J-Braid, however I fear that may be too limp. maybe go back to 40# PP which is want I used before? thoughts from other Penn SSM users????
  14. thanks again for the update curious what you were throwing at each of the spots you stopped at? Es lures and sting silvers for Spanish / blues or were you soaking bait?
  15. happy I didn't buy a new reel in 2018, as I see two purchases on the docket for 2019 :-D