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  1. gotta say it, this "hit and miss" QC could kill Penn spinners sooner rather than latter. You dont hear of this with the other big players in this space. i mean, im all for rolling the dice, but thats on a craps table and not with my fishing gear. just dont need the hassle. odds are good that my next spinner wont be a Penn. ...and this is coming from a true "Penn guy"
  2. ABSOLUTELY KILLIN THE GAME SCOOBS! well done again. ...and i am happy to hear that Daiwa will be selling their mag seal fluid.
  3. boy i like that thing! only gripe; wish it could hold about 40% more 20# braid... why couldnt they use the same spool as the saltist 3000???
  4. a new player in the "smoothest" game. too bad it has a tiny spool...
  5. this is a first. may i ask what about the SSV you found to be a challenge? true its not a Z, but no where near as many pieces as a shimano reel
  6. IMHO the Stradic and Slammer III are intended for very different applications and not fit to compare against each other. if you are looking for a light, extra smooth reel that will be kept "dry" then go for the stradic if you want something that is more sealed and able to take some waves, had a ton of very solid drag and IMHO the very best handle knob on a spinning reel then get the slammer II. if you want a combination of both then the "gosa" is a very good choice, though to be honest, i have never fished the gosa. i will say this, and those who have read my posts know that i am "Penn Super Fan #1;" unless you are looking at the Slammer III for a "brute of a spinner" or a "deal" of a capable reel (the SSV;) Daiwa and Shimano have some really capable reels and good prices...
  7. no doubt my friend. my point was more that the "major hangups" identified could have easily been identified prior to purchase. cosmetics, sealing etc. the result here looks to be more of a poor purchase decision than a bad reel. kinda like buying a two wheel drive truck and then complaining that its two wheel drive when others are four wheel drive...
  8. My youngest approves as well
  9. The rod is here. Shouldn’t have any issues “thumbing” the spool
  10. interesting that some of your "main hangups" should have been known before you purchased the reel. further Penn never marketed this as being sealed so complaining that its not sealed isnt a legitimate complaint. it is crazy light (as advertised) and also has a decent drive train especially considering the price you payed. curious what your list of demands is for $108?
  11. NICE WORK!
  12. i love my III 5500. really cant say enough good things about it
  13. big blues made it to the OBX last May, first time in a long time. the large drum are an early spring deal, but 18-24" puppy drum are more or less always around. ...and will out fight a comparable sized stripper every single time.
  14. i have fished a V5500 for quite some time now and i cannot say enough good things about it. it has handled a 3 foot hammer head and large rays with ease. it has been splashed, dropped in the sand and used hard for weeks with little more than a splash of fresh water. for the $$$ you CANNOT GO WRONG with the SSV
  15. Rodger that Backlash oh, and she’s here! Just waiting on the rod now. one question, what is the actual purpose of the spool tension adjustment? I know it is not meant to “brake” the spool during casting