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  1. Dammmnnnn!!! Great job
  2. Fortunately we have come a long way as a society. Be it good or bad. I too don't cater but I do try and keep a somewhat low profile outside the inner core of friends that I know. Like was said before. If people only knew what the slaughter houses look like and how the animals are treated. They never will all they see is the packaged meat in the grocery stores and think it came that way from the beginning. But to some people these are poor little deer just minding their own business and would never hurt anyone. It is what it is and it's only going to get worse as time goes on
  3. I applaud BBB on the management hunting out on the island. It is a major problem out there,there is no way that the island can sustain that many deer per square mile successfully. I would rather see a deer taken than starve to death!!! Here is the problem that lies within. I think that the negativity of this post comes from the picture that was posted. The stacking up of the deer in the back of the trailer with a person standing over them. Now I thought I saw a pic of a lot of deer hanging, the type of picture that we have been seeing for years and years. Our mind has become accustomed to this type of pic and it is deemed non-offensive. Now i have been a hunter for 30 plus years and have taken my share of the so called " hero pic " but even to me this seems a little over the top. The picture seems to portray a person who has no respect for the life of these animals. A person who is standing over his victim a person who is saying. Look at me and what I have done. Now I know that is not the case because of the pictures that were posted of the meat that was taken from these animals. If there was no respect they would have been tossed away without a care BBB I am on your side on this one the deer herd needs to be thinned out there, or they wouldn't allow hunting at all. The gladiator pic of the trailer full of carcass was in my opinion not the greatest decision to post online. That one should have been saved for the personal man cave. That is where the Really??? Post came from. But that is your decision and yours only. Just sucks having to listen to all the negative criticism from one picture a picture that doesn't fully describe what good is being done here.
  4. Really ????
  5. That's it. If I can remember right it was on a 1/4 oz kastmaster on either 4 or 6 pound test. There were a couple other people there who I think helped net the fish. I didn't see the landing. It watched the tug of war for a few minutes but had to go to work. Maybe it was him maybe it wasn't, I just remember watching this guy with a trout rod bent over double and then talking to bobby later in the day about it. That's when he told me the info on the guy and trout. With all the pieces in the puzzle and the timing. I believe that was the record laker. The area fits, I have seen some big fish in that basin over the years I spent there and I was always told to fish the yellow perch prespawn areas if I wanted to catch big lakers
  6. Yeah I saw part of it. I was up current a little ways. If I remember correctly it took him and hour and a half plus I think, it was a long time ago. From what I remember he deserves that fish. He was a staple down at the res and a great fisherman. The previous owner of B&A tackle ( bobby ) was a good friend of mine I would be in there everyday. I only lived about a 1/4 mile up the road. I remember him telling me about the guy that I saw catch that fish and how he was a good fisherman and put a lot of time in fishing the res. I am pretty sure he was fishing for the trout that were in there. He got lucky and caught this beast. The fish was in there after yellow perch and happened upon an easy meal, but it had hooks attached. Lol
  7. I am pretty sure I heard the story of fish migrating through the duct also. I remember years ago before they put the no fishing zone at the aqueduct you could look over the fence and see some huge lakers and rainbows sitting in the bottom waiting for churned up bits of fish to come through. Later on after the signs went up I would fish at the corner of the fence and cast up current to the falls and slowly bounce a little Cleo or crocodile down current and hook up multiple times with bows. Largest bow I ever caught was floating a whole night crawler hooked through the head under a slipfloat bobber. 5 lbs 12 oz and in full color. Many, many salmon fell victim to a crawler bounced in the right drift in the mornings before work. Took the right amount of shot and the right cast to get the drift right, but when I did I could see the flash before I felt the take Fishing the ice edge for lakers at the basin that were coming in to feast on yellow perch before the opening day of the main res. Walking a certain shoreline in the dead of summer dropping crayfish to the holes for monster smallies. I have seen some weird stuff in the water out there some things I couldn't explain could have sworn Nessie was there but I chalked that up to a really big laker on baitfish. A lot bigger than the state record I am talking 40 lb big just a huge wake out in the middle of nowhere with birds over the top picking up the scraps of whatever was getting eaten. Spend enough time out on the shoreline and you realize what a remarkable place it really is. My ex father in law knew a couple of the divers who would do test runs out there for training. I remember him telling me of how they would go down and there would be caverns hollowed out in the side of dropoffs and there would be huge fish in these holes. Would scare the hell out of them!!! I was there that morning at the basin when the state record laker got caught and also at the bait store when the state record bow was brought in, crawler under a bobber at the church. Go figure.... lol. Wonderful place. I miss fishing there a bunch!!!! Too far to drive when I have the ditch only a few miles away
  8. Ok so the video didn't load I will try to post a link later. But trust me they look like a big kink
  9. If it looks like a pig with long shaggy hair it's not a fisher. We have all seen the minks at the canal and a fisher is just like them but bigger, walks and runs like them too with the hunched back at times and it slinks around. Have seen plenty of them hunting and they are no bigger than a 7-8 pounds on the large side. No more than a foot off the ground to the high point of the back IMG_0193.MOV
  10. GED. By the looks of it so did you. Lol
  11. Nice deer!! Congrats
  12. Thank god all made it safe. Gear and boats can be replaced !! Glad you are all safe
  13. Hahaha I know!!! But I can wish can't I ??? Next year I will just have to adjust the hours a little more
  14. I say fill it with cement!!! Lol. After the year that I saw down there. I don't know if I am going back. Let's hope the fishing returns to what is considered normal for down there and this will all be a distant memory
  15. Got this guy in the backyard again this season. Cameras have been slow with all the heat but should pick up this week