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  1. Offer 55 for the Hahn and FJR.
  2. Were they British scientists?
  3. NP, GLWS.
  4. If you split, offer 55 for the hammerhead.
  5. second pic, bottom blue scaled. Take it for 17 shipped. And good on you, brother!
  6. Dam man, eat a steak! Nice pictures, thanks for these. 84F, we're still in the 30s every night this week.
  7. Too pretty to pass. I'll take em.
  8. Have mercy on me, a sinner.
  9. I'll take a #2 and a #3 if you will let me!
  10. Was just gonna say the only time I saw a glass rod break is when someone fell with (or on) it. I've had one graphite rod break at the tip and had a buddy break one with a big blue, close to the boat.
  11. I know. Just thought it was a neat psych out. Are we all being a little bit sensitive? Guess I don't get any plugs today!
  12. good one. Ouch
  13. He got you good, man.
  14. Water looks fishy, too bad for the skunk but this gives you a good excuse to return!
  15. Nice, thanks for that. Notice that last one had quite a scar, could see it on the other side as well when it swam off, whaddya think did that? A net?