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  1. Went out on Friday for fluke, caught a few shorties and they were coughing up small sand eels, 1-1.5 in at best. I think the cold spring has started the season off slow. Couple warm days here now, looking for the action to pick up.
  2. Sliding into the abyss... Years ago before the internet when there were XXX movie theaters, some journalist interviewed hookers and they said they waited outside the theaters because they could always get some action from the guys coming out. My thought is to decriminalize prostitution and let the wankers get satisfaction from the ladies of the night. Regulate it, tax it, do health checks on the dames. This would reduce sex crimes, allow women with no other attributes but their bodies to make a living, and bring in some tax dollars. Allowing child like dolls for some perve to bang will lead to them looking for a live one. Should not allow. Anybody bangs a kid under 18 against their will should face the death penalty. Weed them out of our society.
  3. 4 racks of pig ribs. Baked beans with extra bacon. Broccoli salad (yeah with bacon added). Only beef are the dogs for the grandkids!
  4. Just 3 points on this: 1- Guess he knows his stuff, it looks delicious 2- Iff'n you don't starve to death before its done. 3- It ain't a Philly cheesesteak.
  5. Greeks under Alexander Spain Conquistadors Scandanavian Vikings French under Bonepart NE Patriots
  6. Gotta go to Philly for a real cheesesteak. Nobody, nowhere else does it the same. And they're ain't no friggin peppers on a Philly cheesesteak!
  7. Now, that;s disgusting.
  8. Or is it the hormones they're giving milk cows?
  9. We ordered pizza and thats what came out. Hope its still there.
  10. Not true. The best pizza I ever had was in St Martins. French side. I swear it had heavy cream, sausage, tomato, onion, garlic and God knows what else. Sounds terrible. The tastes blended so well but you could still identify every ingredient. We asked to talk with the owner it was so good. He came out with some shot glasses and some kinda liquor and we shared a shot. Good memory on that one. Second best was actually in a small town in north Italy called Copanago near Milan. Small hole in the wall with a wood oven. The pizza was ultra thin and the red wine out of a carafe, was exceptional. Made me think countries that export food and liquor keep the best for themselves and send 2nd quality to us.
  11. Good fiber!
  12. Out last week mid day and had about 4 short fluke and several short sea bass. My buddy had something nice take his fluke rig and we thought blue as it broke off but when he reeled in was broken up in the braid, swivel and all was gone. Remember to strip a couple feet of braid on occasion and re-tie to avoid this.
  13. Try a pizza in Japan. Comes with seaweed and tentacles.