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  1. Soak fresh picked corn in the husks in a bucket of clean water. Bury them in the coals of a fire for about 15 minutes. Remove, clean remaining husk/silk, butter, eat. Heaven.
  2. Nice! Enjoy every day, and welcome back from the brink.
  3. You mean Kansas?
  4. Off Misquamicut and Fishers Island yesterday afternoon, caught about 40 sea robins, with a few doubles on the fluke rig and teaser. They are thick, have to learn how to clean them and given a try. Also 4-5 short fluke, a dogfish, and a 3 legal porgies. Threw it all back, not worth cleaning. Not a single sea bass. So far worst season for me that I recall. Did notice a lot of small bait fish about 1 inch, also saw some boiling water in an area the size a large dining room table. No birds, no bites throwing some tins, no idea what these were. Up and down in a matter of seconds. Blues? Albies?
  5. Newport is in RI and there are some neat mansions there for touring (at a price of course but you can get package deals). Plus you'll be close to the water so should be able to hook up with a charter or party boat. And plenty of restaurants. Also, +3 on Cape Cod, plus you can do whale trips and maybe even see a great white devouring a seal.
  6. Simplest way to control crabgrass is to cut your grass high. Problem is, most desirable grasses go dormant in the heat of summer, then the crabgrass can germinate. I used to give a s..., now I'm just glad its green. If you want to top dress your lawn in the fall, I'd recommend spent mushroom soil. Twenty years ago, I reseeded over the crap a contractor put in on a lawn in Delaware, then spread mushroom soil on top of it. Had the best lawn in the neighborhood for a while. Also flies for a while, so what? They leave eventually. All the neighborhood kids used our backyard for their football games.
  7. Looks clean, but NADA lists multiple options to change the value. My quick run thru lead to an avg price of 12,750. But adding electronics and other options might change that value. And if you need to sell it quick, go lower. Already less than a month to Labor Day when half the boaters pull their boats. Good luck!
  8. I'll take it bud.
  9. It matters when the water is in the 50s and lower! Used to have a boat with a low transom and low inner transom with holes in it for the water to drain. Only metal cups though, not one way flappers. Everytime some yahoo raced by or when the wind was blowing some 2-3 ' waves I'd be swimming in the back of the boat. If I get another one it will either have a motor bracket or the design will include a high inner transom, with floor scuppers.
  10. F down my way. Nada.
  11. Kastmaster with bucktail and 4-5 in swim shad.
  12. Trawlers 3/4 mile offshore. No wonder the fishing this year sucks.
  13. You might try some clear nail polish to seal the chips, when the plug is completely dry. Other wise water can get under the surrounding paint and cause further loss of paint. I've used Tough as Nails and it seems to work. Or, you can throw them at blues (if you can find any). They'll hit anything that moves!
  14. Interested in 4 of the CCW; the weakfish, 1 - J2 jetty swimmer, the blue/white and the darter. Offer $75 shipped immediate paypal.
  15. Well, glad your uncle knows where to find the strippers. Clue the rest of us in! If its stripers you're looking for, no one will tell you their spot, you just gotta get out there and find them for yourself. Or ask your uncle for some pointers. Find the bait and you'll find the stripers.