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  1. Wow! while I actually enjoy tying rigs, that one look like a bit of a PIA & tackle intensive. I have no local tackle shops so it’s mail order & paying for shipping & hope I got all of the right stuff. I don’t mind pay a little bit of a premium for a well tied rig, but that’s crazy mark-up. Are those Viper spoons really big fluke attractors, e.g at Nantucket Shoals? Thanks! JD
  2. Cool, thanks! JD
  3. I’m vigilant about keeping my hooks razor sharp. Have any of you noticed how challenging it is to sharpen some hooks? I believe there’s something about chemically sharped hooks that makes them difficult to sharpen. It could be just my perception or poor sharpening technique. It seems like anything more than a couple of light passes of the file or stone in each direction requires extensive reshaping & sharpening. Is it just me? If it’s not just my misconception, why is this? Is there any specific technique for effectively re-sharpening these chemically sharpened hooks? Thanks! JD
  4. That makes sense. JD
  5. Thanks for posting that. Wherever that was, fluke were incredibly thick (i.e abundant), though from what I could tell pretty small. The bait was also thick so it makes sense. That sure would be cool to see in person. To e honest I’m not sure I’d believe that unless I’d seen it. JD
  6. Thanks, how important is it for the stinger to face the opposite direction? Also, do you use that bottom bucktail dressed hook as a fluke teaser? Open the eye & add a swivel & it could double as a cod fly. The rigs I want to be able to add the stingers onto are already tied, Looking for the ability to add or remove it depending on tne bait, drift & bite. Tossed the circle & snelled 4/0 Owner Octopus on a piece of 40lb mono w/ a double surgons loop on top. Can loop it though eye of main hook & easily remove it. Someone posted that they use smaller hooks for stingers. The 4/0 Owner Octopus look to me to be the smallest that would go through a whole squid. Thanks again! JD
  7. Yes makes sense.
  8. Thanks man, just really didn’t know what that meant, if anything. JD
  9. Coooool! JD
  10. Anyone seeing any? The sand eels seem to be cyclical (if not pushed out br replenishment). The king fish seem to either show up in mass (rarely but occasionally) or are all but completely absent. I wonder if they’re cyclical as well? JD
  11. Hey Dan, Thanks but what’s “@jjdbike” mean” I’m no expert on airwave elite for sure. Never even had one in my hands. JD
  12. Yes, in Zeno’s book he talks about trying to keep your plugs in the white water behind the waves. JD
  13. Thanks hookme, These rigs were tied by a reputable & popular charter captain whom I trust. Perhaps the spinning or ball issue is why he doesn't use a stinger hook? I’ll try it both ways. One problem w/ fishing a big party boat is, it’s hard to see how one’s bait rides in the water , especially after it’s dropped 90+’. JD
  14. Don’t wanna hi-jack a good thread, but I’m dying to know. What line of Tsunami rods are you referring to? JD
  15. OK, ill call my local fishmonger thanks again! JD