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  1. Ha I like the bobber comment
  2. There are so many. Where are you located, and what are you trying to catch?
  3. I will be fishing the Keystone, CO area on Saturday morning with my brother (an excited noobie) and wife (not a noobie, but a beginner). If anyone would like to meet up to fish the Blue, the Snake, or anything else in the area, I would love for you to join us. PM me if interested, we are just going to walk and wade.
  4. That's a fair point!
  5. Thanks for all the responses. This Cumberland one looks pretty good. I am going to grab one, I think, and let you guys know how it goes.
  6. I feel like I don't see much discussion or many photos of people here fishing from inflatable belly boats. They look pretty cool, I've never used one before but does anyone have a recommendation on brand / model? They don't look too expensive. I want to use one for fishing bass lakes where there is too much cover to effectively cast a fly rod from shore. What else do you guys use them for? thanks!
  7. Got my first trout as a CO resident this weekend. Small wild browns hitting size 16 emergers, lot of fun with the fiberglass 3-wt
  8. This was a cool story, thanks for sharing
  9. And on a popper...sweet!
  10. Awesome fish, man that must be wild
  11. Bass from a kayak in summer, doesn't get much better in my opinion
  12. Awesome fish thaistick and well done Kerry! nice color on that one
  13. We are officially going to be moving into our place in CO on June 1. Will hopefully also be hitting the local water that day. If anyone lives in CO or visits the area, I'd love to meet up and find some fishing buddies - send me a PM. Have a great MDW everybody Brian
  14. Nice, yea I've had my eye on one of those for a while now...
  15. Nice Titleguy. Which line were you using that made the snap-t work? Good idea