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  1. Update - we are moving to the Denver area (somewhere) around June 1. Would love to meet up with any SOL'ers in the area. Looking forward to it...
  2. ha, this is just awesome. well done
  3. I love the blue hues on their tails. cool
  4. I've caught some seatrout - I know they're not the best fighting fish but they can be beautiful, and damn good eating
  5. Nice, Jeff. Is that a pompano?
  6. Shannons is the best. Remember when we fished that winter day Rob?
  7. None of the NJ guys close to Tight Lines? Fine shop
  8. Yea, I was listening to the Orvis podcast and Tom Rosenbauer said something simple that I feel I need to keep remembering, which is that so many people fish the same patterns, and if you're fishing somewhere with any pressure at all, those fish have seen the olive wooly bugger enough to know what happens if they eat it. Tom said something along the lines of, "sometimes you have to fish something weird to draw a strike," and I fully agree.
  9. Ah OK, very nice man
  10. @cms829 - I don't have a great name for it, it was just a Sulphur colored, copper beadhead nymph in size 14 (lead fly...I had a small zebra midge on the trail). Were you the lefty who was nailing `em? I spoke with someone who was really having a nice day...
  11. Sweet! Welcome
  12. Kip Veith is a guide up there and frequent contributor to the Orvis blog. Seems the smallmouth and musky fishing is really sweet.
  13. thanks Title - the Garden State (NJ)
  14. My nicest winter trout and first on a home-tied fly