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  1. The No treble hook rule is just on the Naples Pier. It went into effect before the the storm and repairs. I believe it was because of the pelicans that get hooked so often
  2. If you do you will have the area to your self. By the old crab house pier and exchange place in JC bass are have being had on cut bunker. I like the liberty state park area myself, more room to get around. Just stay off the rocks, patrol there gets testy
  3. When I was there in March it was only open 1/4 of the way and well posted NO FISHING! They also passed a new rule on there, no treble hooks allowed and it is enforced
  4. I believe Hectic had one in the bst a few days ago. Tiuff to reel to find but they are around
  5. Problem with the add blocker the site runs real slow for me. No pop ups but crazy slow
  6. These pop-up ads are getting real old it's been non-stop since Saturday
  7. Whatever looks dead in the spring I cut off. I am no rose expert but the 4 rose bushes I have always bloom well and get tall. The one in the front I almost chop down to the ground every late fall as I hate looking at it all winter. This one always seems to come back the strongest.
  8. 2 nds
  9. I'll take that
  10. I'll offer a crisp $50 for them. I really only have an interest in one and for you to split with zero interest would be a waste of your time. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. It also looks to be bailess. I'd guess a converts Mitchell or a crack
  12. No problem. That plug has been a great spring producer this season in NJ. Swims great and casts a mile Good luck with the sale.
  13. Disregard, your post made it sound like it was 40 for the trio.
  14. How much for just the top white one ?