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  1. Is the black ball knob handle still available ? I just need the knob
  2. It's been about 15 years but a cool place to eat was the Anna Maria Island Oyster Pier bar and grill It's a dock that goes out about 1/4 mile into the water. They also sold bait and allowed fisherman to fish off of the pier
  3. By chance do you have the black T Handel with this ?
  4. I'll take em. I can pay now pay pal but will not be around until next Tuesday to pick up, I am away out of state on vacation.
  5. Are they the "large" size ? Will it fit a ground hog ?
  6. It looks good but that electrical tape becomes a sticky mess. I forgot what it's called I think it's EVA X wrap, it's basically a heat shrink tube which slide over the rod, hit with a hair dryer and it tightens up nicely. It's made from fishing rods
  7. I meant to offer $14 but $15 works PM me how you would like payment. Cash if you are near north Jersey, check, pay pal, money order. Thx.
  8. Spool wrap is for a 706 correct ? * Also add 2 704 badges.* Does $12 sound fair ? Thx
  9. I can't make put your prices. I can use a 706 badge and a 706 spool wrap. Price ? Thx.
  10. I purchased a survivor 707 from Dave F in the past what he sells you is what it is. The transactions are smooth. Good luck on your 707 search they're not the easiest reals to find, so if you want one and it's available you should jump on it
  11. The No treble hook rule is just on the Naples Pier. It went into effect before the the storm and repairs. I believe it was because of the pelicans that get hooked so often
  12. If you do you will have the area to your self. By the old crab house pier and exchange place in JC bass are have being had on cut bunker. I like the liberty state park area myself, more room to get around. Just stay off the rocks, patrol there gets testy
  13. When I was there in March it was only open 1/4 of the way and well posted NO FISHING! They also passed a new rule on there, no treble hooks allowed and it is enforced
  14. I believe Hectic had one in the bst a few days ago. Tiuff to reel to find but they are around