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  1. I have two Vedavoo slings for FW fishing and I love them. First, I prefer a sling to a vest or backpack, it's more comfortable and easier on my back. I used a small Vedavoo for several seasons and I never had a problem with things falling out of the pack but eventually the main velcro started to lose its stickiness so I sent it back and they replaced the velcro for free and added a buckle. I always wondered why they added that buckle and now I know. As much as I try to carry as little as possible I realized I needed a larger pack so last season I bought one of the larger Vedavoo slings, the Beast, and I like it. Again, I've never had anything fall out of it, but then I'm not fishing in the surf and getting hit by breaking waves. The main compartment on the Beast is big enough so that if you rigged up an insert with some pvc tubes it would be perfect for holding SW plugs and tins. In fact I suggested this to Scott at Vedavoo and he said that one of his customers had already done that.
  2. Uni-knot to tie flies to tippet and a double surgeon's knot to tie tippet to leader. There's also this "cheater" blood knot that is easy to tie:
  3. Yikes! Suddenly fishing seems too dangerous. I may have to take up bird-watching.
  4. The mortality of Lake Erie Steelhead is not from spawning, but from other factors. Those fish that are not able to drop back to the lake and that are not taken by fishermen, die from being trapped in small tribs, and some probably die of exhaustion or starvation, but not as a direct result of spawning. Check out reply #3 on this thread from some years ago:
  5. I lost the weather lottery too. I'm in northeast Ohio fishing the lake Erie tribs for steelhead. Everything is flooded. The rivers are liquid mud with air temps in the 30s. Timing is everything.
  6. Right now is the time to fish the Great Lakes tribs for steelhead. I'm originally from Cleveland and I'm heading back there next week to fish those streams. The spring runs should be in full force right about now through early May. Check a site like Riverboss to follow the water levels. Timing is everything on those streams. They flood very quickly with the rains, and since they have muddy bottoms for the most part, water clarity is a big factor. Some sharpies know how to fish high muddy water, but it can be challenging. On the other hand, if you hit it right, the fishing can be spectacular!
  7. Do you prefer your bourbon single-barrel or four-barrel?
  8. Rio makes a line I use called the Switch Chucker. It's a short head front weighted line with an integrated running line. They have it in weights from 225 gr to 570 gr.
  9. This may not help in Mike's situation but there's a handy tool that I carry in my kit - a rubber arrow puller. It's made to pull archery arrows out of targets and fits fishing rods perfectly. Stuart
  10. There must be - DEC has been ticketing poachers for the past couple of weeks.
  11. I've had trouble with the cheaper Shimanos in the salt. They start binding. I know this is a much-discussed topic online. I do know one captain who likes the Shimano Socorros -- he said they were cheap enough to be disposable after a hard season, but good enough to use daily on his boat. There is a new version of the Socorro out now that is built for the salt and runs around $120 on Amazon.
  12. I like Allen reels. They're not expensive and they have a very smooth drag. However they don't have clickers, so that may be a spoiler for some.
  13. Non-native and invasive are different situations. A non-native species may not threaten the balance, whereas an invasive species can be very damaging. As I posted above, New York State considers the Snakehead "injurious wildlife." As a fisherman interested in conserving our resources, I take that designation seriously.
  14. In New York State, the snakehead is considered "injurious wildlife" and the DEC requires that they be killed and reported to the local DEC office.
  15. Take some emergers and spinners with you to the West Branch. A rusty spinner is a productive fly on that river.