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  1. Not necessarily all fish, just first dibs on all fisheries of interest to sport fishermen. Also protection for their food supplies and nursery areas. When fisheries are managed to maximize availability to sportsmen the most economic benefit will be realised. It will increase the head boat and charter fairs if there are keeper flounder, multiple tataug, more than 1 weakfish, actually was a spring mackerel fishery. But no the commercials get what they want and fishermen and the entire sport fishing gets shafted. I fish year round in at least 3 states and think it is time we leave the crumbs for the commercials instead of vice versa. For instance in NJ right now I can't keep flounder at all but I can buy flounder that are under the 18 inch limit. Bluefish, drum (red and black) weakfish, stripers, flounder, all tunas, Croaker's, kingfish, spot, mackerel, whiting, searobins (feel free to add a half dozen of you favorites) should each be managed to maximize the health of that stock and it's availability to SPORT FISHERMEN. BECAUSE ---that is where the maximum benefit to the economy is. Also it is the greatest benefit to the most people. People who each have a vote. Why do we let other people exploit OUR fish and stand by. It is time for sportsfishermen to stand up. IMHO. Think about it. It makes sense.
  2. The economic benefit of a fish caught by a recreational fisherman is several times the benefit of the same fish caught by an employee in the commercial fishery. All we need to do is band together and use the power our vote gives us to make the government manage the fisheries for our benefit. Commercial concerns decimate 1fishery after another. They change targets when one fishery is ruined. It is long past the time when striper, weakfish, flounder, seabass and tatoug be available to commercial fisheries.
  3. Caught 1 in Wildwood NJ caught 1 Island Beach. Know several people who have. I believe years ago lots were caught as far north as Long Island NY, early 20th Century. They are always welcome on my line. Fight better than Stripers or Blues and taste better than either.
  4. What are difference in the Conflict ll as compared to the Conflict? Specifically are the gears more durable? Is there an option for stronger gears on the original Conflict? Will any improvements be able to retrofit the old Conflicts? Thanks.
  5. Cut in strips. Flour, egg, panko crumbs. Fry in crisco. Made into tacos. Our grandson's favorite. They eat the fish as fast as I can fry it.
  6. Cut the throat from the fish. The part under neath the Gill and the Gill cover. Fillet the throat, you will get two pieces. One from each side. Chill these pieces and slice thin. Marinate the pieces in a mixture of wasabe powder and soy sauce mixed into a paste.This is a great appetizer to make and eat while making your striper dinner. Sliced Ginger is a good accompaniment.
  7. Cut fillet into nice sized pieces. Quarter a small onion. Quarter a tomato. A few carrots. Roughly chop a pepper, preferably red or yellow but green will do, add a good sized Pat of butter, squeeze in some lime and throw in the wedge. Season with sea salt, fresh pepper, paprika, adobo, redfish magic if you have it. If you have scallops or shrimp add them, if not OK. Wrap in a foil pack. Make sure it is sealed and there is room to expand. Grill 10 minutes to a side. Serve over rice. If you are energetic saute broccoli rabe and diced prosciutto and toss with bow tie or penne paste and virgin olive oil instead of rice. Make the foil packs with enough striper to serve two people. If you can't catch stripers buy cod.
  8. Are the gears the same as the first generation conflict? Are there options to upgrade the gears for the Conflict gen 1? Thanks.
  9. The surf outfits I use most often stay on front rack of my truck day and night for most of the 3 month fall season. They get rinsed when they get really dirty or when it rains. At the end of the season they get stripped, cleaned and greased. Seldom do these reels need additional work during the season. Then it's some more oil and greased.
  10. Not 9' but the Tsunami Air Wave 8'6" is really a nice light rod. I've paired it with a Penn Conflict 4000 which is light. I fished this for 2 seasons and love it. They also make a 9' something rod that should be great. Smoke makes a light reel which a friend has had good service from for a few years. There are lots of options for lighter surf outfits. Good luck.
  11. I had a 75 CJ5. I would remove the passenger seat, put plywood across the back and an ice chest where the passenger seat was. I spent a few years sleeping weekends there in spring and fall.
  12. For wet wading I wear l l Bean swimming trunks that are cargo shorts. They dry quickly and are good down to 50 to 55 degrees. Below that I wear Reel Life fishing pants from Bealls department store under breathable waders. Below 40 degrees I wear fleece pants under breathable waders. When it gets really cold I wear polypropylene long johns under the fleece. Hope that helps.
  13. Why were you using treble hooks for shad? I've only ever used flutter spoons, darts or flies. Just curious.
  14. My limited experience says go the hacksaw route. Dress the cut area with a file and emery paper. Leave the attachment hardware on the non roller side. I've done this surgery to Penn reels 704, 710, 716, ss4500, and ss650. They all perform well. If you think the reel is slightly out of balance, don't worry it will be O K when you fasten it to the rod. That's how we use them anyway. There are benefits to going bailless.
  15. My Grandmother said "A fool and his money are soon parted". If my son bought me a $40.00 bucket I would file suit for refund for his college tuition. I thought it was a joke. I googled it. They are real. It is still a joke.