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  1. What we need is fact based regulations that support the Striped bass population. We need stricter size regulations, less mortality and NO COMMERCIAL FISHING OR SALE OF STRIPED BASS. Possibly a slot limit. Florida has done well with both Snook and Redfish with slot regulations. We have the numbers and the financial impact to demand something be done. If we stop bitching and band together.
  2. Thanks I think this is what I'm looking for.
  3. You will figure it out in good time. It is one of the mysteries of life. If you live long enough you will be a 70 year old screwing on the beach. Just not so often.
  4. You could get reel with reverseable handles and give it a try. You might even have one sitting around to practice with.
  5. Thanks.
  6. Looking to buy the Conflict ll in size 4000. It is manufactured but is not in the Seaside NJ area. How do I get it. I have the money but no one has it. Every one has the original Conflict. Some have some #2. None have the 4000 in the #2.
  7. What do you wear under your wet suit? Do you wear a chafe guard of some kind?
  8. For parts. Scott's Bait and Tackle. Tackle Direct for other stuff.
  9. Very nice.
  10. He is not drunk who can rise alone from the floor and drink some more. But he is drunk who prostrate lies and cannot drink and cannot rise.
  11. Craftsman makes a bailless kit for all reels. It contains a hacksaw, a fine file and Emory cloth. Cut it off smooth it up, catch fish.
  12. On my current truck the parking lights aren't enough lite to safely drive. The fog lamps are wired to only work with low beams, too much light. Thinking of adding a red light to my ice chest rack, wired separately. Any one have a suggestion red lights to attach and wire separately. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. A hacksaw will fix you right up. Dress up the rough areas with a fine file and emery paper.
  14. White teaser.
  15. For a nine foot plugging rod I use 20# power pro. If you use a swivel tie the power pro to it with a uni knot, and your leader with a clinch knot. If no swivel use a uni knot. A toe nail clippers will cut power pro and lasts most of a season. I wear mine around the neck and have never needed an expensive cutter. When I tie to a clip I use a clinch not. Tied properly and moistened with saliva it will not slip, be sure to snug it down well.