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  1. I usually keep 2 fish a year. Badly injured fish are kept. The rest are released. This past fall was slow and none of the keepers were obviously injured, I didn't keep any fish. That doesn't nominate me for sainthood. If a fish is injured it is eaten. This is first and foremost a blood sport. Nothing agravates me more than some yuppy asking if I practice catch and release. I'm damn good at it. I'm also damn good at fish fries. Ask my grandson's. They love my fish Tacos but they also love to release fish.
  2. I don't know what that means but I have both the 8+ and the 10+ Airwave Elite. I fish open beach in OC and love the 8+. It handles most of plugging I do except really big plugs in heavy wind. The 9+ should be a very versatile rod. What ever banana spiders they haven't been an issue.
  3. Generally I decide what lures I want to throw, get the best rod I can afford and then match a reel to it. Seems you have the cart before the horse.
  4. Band-Aid tough strips. I carry some in my surf bag. I only use them when my finger gets sensitive from casting. They are fabric not plastic. A big box lasts me years and patches up line cuts and hook holes as they happen. For casting the stay on and don't make a noticeable difference.
  5. Redfish, spawning sunfish(several species) on flies, Snook. Fourth would be Stripers then Blues, sixth is Shad then Sheepshead. Mangrove Snappers are good. Small Mouth Bass are hard to beat. White Marlin and Mahi are outstanding. In season each is my favorite. Oh yeah I do like Rock Bass. Catfish are fine and Carp can be counted on for a good tug. I can't decide. Weakfish Jack Cravelle, Fluke, Croaker's. If I failed to name any I apologise. Which ever I'm fishing for today is tops. Don't make me pick, honest I can't. Each has its own special attributes. For my grandson's benefit Black drum.
  6. I caught a trout in Fla and a snake came out of it's mouth. My grand son caught a Black Drum that was full of tiny clams. Nothing else but it was packed.
  7. My heart and prayers go out to you both. My wife just was through her second bout of breast cancer. Hope she has great support from family and friends. Pray and be supportive.
  8. Car sense in Hatfield Pa. It's on rt 309. They have all manufacturers. Reasonable prices, no pressure.Check it out.
  9. Can the offside bail attachment be removed and the inside of the rotor have the partitions removed and then the rotor be balanced by drilling? Does anyone provide these services? What paint would return everything to look like the original greenie?
  10. Forgive my ignorance. You welded the anti reverse hole. How do you get anti reverse? Is there an anti reverse bearing that can be used? That would be great.
  11. The rig I used for flounder years ago had a Colarado spinner. It caught lots of fish.
  12. Welcome back. Make the most of your time fishing.
  13. Really, Christopher! The only future that recreational fishing has is to stand up be counted and throw our political weight around. What better way to be counted than the NJ registry? Try being part of the solution. Status quo is part of the problem.
  14. I remove the split ring on nearly all my lures. I believe in removing any gingerbread from terminal tackle. Extra hardware leads to failure. .Leadheads and shads I tie direct with a loop knot. You just cut the clip off and tie direct. I use smaller clips that are slightly above the breaking strength of my line.
  15. Late getting to Fla. this year. Does anyone have a water temp for the Melbourne Beach area in the river. Thanks for any help. Getting itchy.