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  1. 40 something years ago I cut the bail on a 710 off with a hacksaw. I filed the knub smooth and the polished it with Emery cloth. For balance I put the screw on the other side back on. It has worked great all this time. I have been blessed with the ability not to overthink things. The other mod I made was to replace the plastic spool with an anodized one.
  2. Cheese steaks suck. For a really good sammitch get a pork sammitch with broccoli rabe.
  3. County stickers are free to residents over 60. 1 per resident.
  4. It's time for the residents to stop sitting on their hands and clean up the waterways of Florida. I have seen the IRL degrade over the last several years. Your nest is fowled, clean it. The tourism and fishing industries depend on it
  5. My grandmother often said "a fool and their money are soon parted"
  6. Are there any public launches on the Sebastian River for kayaks? Looking for one near the mouth but any would be a help. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. Battle 2. I use the 2500 on a 7ft rod with 1# braid you man want to go larger or not.
  8. This is a hard pill for some of us to swallow. This fact of the matter is that fishing is a whole lot more fun for us than the fish. I release nearly all fish I catch. I keep a few now and again to eat. I almost never keep a fish until I'm ready to leave. On the way back to the truck I keep a legal fish. If in the course of fishing a legal fish is badly injured it is kept and counted toward the limit. Short injured fish are released with apologies. Crush you Barb's, remove third hooks from plugs, replace trebles with singles, only a single tail hook during bluefish blitzes. These practices lessen the injury to the fish. The fish is injured but has a better chance of survival. It is unethical to needlessly harm fish.JoeyZac is right we should all think about how to lessen the injury to the fish. When I see jerks stepping on fish to unhook them throwing fish back while 6 feet from the water I mention it to them. Fish should be treated with care and respect.
  9. If you caught the limit, then gave fish away you exceeded the limit. The fish given away are actually fish you kept.
  10. Penn Conflict II. Very light.
  11. I save all my hooks and terminal hardware and put them in a can with a plastic lid. After the season the can goes into the recycling bin.
  12. Great idea. In 45 years on the beach I never heard, saw, thought of that. Never too old to learn. Thanks for sharing.
  13. I got 8 or 9 years out of LL Beans light wading jacket. It was light, goretex and kept me dry year round. Layered with fleece it kept me warm into Dec and Jan. All summer I wore a wicking tee shirt under it in rain.
  14. Tie it on to the end of your line. Cast it out. Vary the retrieve. Hope 63.00 on the box wasn't the price.