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  1. I checked inside my old Tarpon for moisture this week and saw that the bow was getting thin because a light spot had appeared along the keel. I have seen glue on keels that would protect this area from wearing through. Does anyone know who supplies such a thing. The Tarpon is scheduled for replacement, just not guite yet. The wear is from loading it on the roof of my transport vehicle. Thanks in advance for any help in holding off the inevitable
  2. What precautions should be taken with UV lights when curing Loon or Solarez? Should protective glasses be warn.
  3. Try 30# or 20# power pro. It should work well. Although braid is expensive it is cheaper than a new real. I used 30# on 4500ss for many years with very good results.
  4. I have always stayed away from the beach during the summer. Fishing is generally not as good and the crowds and beach closures for swimmers lead to a poorer experience. Check out your gear, replace Rusty hooks. Tie some rigs, learn a new knot, read a book on fishing. If you can't stay away fish at night, or at least during the week. Things will be better in the fall.
  5. Most reels can be converted to manual pick up with a hacksaw and a piece of Emery cloth.
  6. Any thoughts on Tuffleye that cures with a blue light instead UV. Not to derail this conversation, but it seems relevant.
  7. Tomorrow I pick up my second Lifetime Wave kayak from Dicks. My grandkids 6+7 love to paddle and they handle these just fine. We stay close to them but they handle the kayaks independently. They are $100 and come with a paddle. They aren't pool toys they are good teaching kayaks. Your kids may be more advanced, if so others may want to take a look. The also make slightly larger kayaks at a higher price.
  8. Congratulations to you. Condolences to your family.
  9. Elbow pain, Wrist pain, Many hook sticks, mash down the barbs on trebles so they come out easily. Fin sticks, knife cuts, skin scrapes and abrasions. Bitten by blues, flounder and a tiny Snowy Grouper that would not let go, forgot crab bites. If you're lucky enough to fish often stuff happens.Oh and badly bruised a few times falling on jetties when I was agile enough to fish jetties.
  10. Fished 3 different 4500SS Penn's for several years used 30# Power pro. It worked well. I have gone to 20# Power Pro my plugging reels. The 4500's still see action on the grandkids rods.
  11. Save a few bucks for changes in predominate bait. One year most fish are caught on Ava's and needles because sand eels are everywhere. The next year it's all about bunker and shads and metal lip swimmers are the ticket. The basics are important but what is basic changes with the bait.
  12. Thanks all. Have returned the hand roll to Yakima. 4 months trying to make it work wore me out. Talked to the dealer and two factory reps. I couldn't get it to work. I used channel lock pliers to tighten it. It still slipped. Hoping they do the right thing. Thanks again
  13. Bealls clothing in Florida sells Real Legends shirts. You can get them on line. The ones I wear are knit, wick moisture, block UV and are the most comfortable shirts I own. I have them in long and short sleeve. They are a fraction of the cost of Columbia. I wear them probably wear them 300+ days a year. Check them out they are great, and cheap.
  14. Dexter Woody.
  15. When I take multi day fishing trip and sleep in the truck is there a simple way to keep my cell phone charged? The outlets only have power when the ignition is "on". Does someone have a rechargeable battery pack? Thanks in advance.