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  1. Looking for someone feedback on Frogg Togg Waders. Are they any good?
  2. Here's my story. After 2 seasons using 4 pair of leaking waders held together with anything from duck tape, shoe goo and even rubber roofing tape, I finally broke down and bought a new pair of waders. I have used them at least a dozen times already this season. I can't begin to say how great it has been taking off my waders and being dry after hours in the water. But as things always go with me and waders I took a hook in the the thigh tonight and sprung a leak. Can anyone recommend the best way to repair a leak in breathable waders? It is not a big hole at all. Just enough to get you wet and uncomfortable. I could just cry!!!
  3. Okay I'm convinced. Thanks all for your input.
  4. I am looking for some feedback on the Daiwa J-BRAID X8. I need to replace the line on a bunch of reels, so before I invest in a 1500 meter spool I was hoping to get some feedback on the stuff. Thanks in advance.
  5. I was using Devon 30 minute epoxy. It is extremely thick and the work time seems to be very limited.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Going to give it a try again this weekend.
  7. So would you say it is thinner then regular epoxy?
  8. Is Flex Coat lure epoxy gel coat, thinner then 30 minute epoxy and what kind of working time does it have?
  9. Payment sent, thanks
  10. I can do that. PayPal?
  11. TTT
  12. If you are on the island, I have shipping tubes with caps if you need one.
  13. I used the fast track program last year. I sent back 2 old Surf King rods. They were the original model. Since the original was discontinued they sent me 2 of the new version. Well worth the $50. As for the turn around time. It was about a week if I remember correctly. They really stand behind there rods.
  14. I recently acquired a block of lead, it is an 8 inch square block. It is way too big for my little smelter. I have tried every saw I have to cut it into smaller pieces but have had no success. The blades load right up. I even tried melting it with a propane torch, but it is so dense it just absorbs the heat from the torch. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to cut it????