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  1. While I do not claim to be smarter than anyone (except Maxine Waters of CA and Patty Murray of WA ), I agree with you. Those are the 2 dumbest members of our congressional bodies today.
  2. Flysully, That is exactly what our friend (who owns in Bonita Springs) said at a dinner in late June in Holmdel, NJ. As an aside, I bet I could have caught 25 snook (between 32 and 40 inches) if I wasn't targeting 4-5 ft Barracuda and 40 inch Reds the last few days. No fish kills (so far) on east coast of Florida. PS: At what point in time do get together to stop the destruction of the Florida environment? Sounds like we are all intelligent (and well off) enough to create some noise.
  3. saltfisherman Dennis, my wife runs a beach club with a group she is a member of and she might have to cancel this months. She’s a water baby and like myself love the sea, both of us are sailers from years ago. Being on the water is so important to us and we love it. The coastline is the biggest driving factor to living where we want to. We couldn’t do inland again. Needs of close proximity to saltwater is a need. Five years ago this place was absolutely gorgeous. Water was clear, beautiful looking, Caribbean colors. Today it might as well be NY harbor. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- flysully Location: Long Island, NY · #19 Posted 1 minute ago · Report post After 18 years renting a condo the month of March in Bonita Springs, we're not going back. Fishing has spiraled downwards for the past ten years. The red tide irritation started in February and is continuing, still. You can't breathe on the beach, fish kills are everywhere, bait is dead on shore, snook go out deep, I guess, because very few are being caught from shore and, so, we've called quits on vacationing SW Florida in winter months. Will miss the usually beautiful weather in Bonita in March but breathing last March was just terrible once we stepped outside our condo and we continued coughing all day/night long. I feel sorry for anyone with a respiratory problem vacationing in SW Florida. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is a damn shame what has happened to the SW coast of Florida. In the mid to late 1970's I used to date a girl from Naples, Florida. So obviously (I guess for fishing nuts) I used to spend a lot of time on the beach and on Naples pier fishing. Loved the place and swore I would retire there when time came. Went back couple of times since (with different girl and current wife). Might as well have been on a distant planet during my last visit there about 7 years ago. Haven't been there since. Wife spent some time in Bonita Springs with friends a few years ago and confirmed my view. Not a place to retire if you enjoy spending time outdoors for any reason (gardening, fishing, swimming, biking, walking, etc.)
  4. I thought the exact same thing but apparently (so I have been told) there have been court cases that have ruled against the FWC on that rule. The key issue is to ensure that they survive the capture and release.
  5. Will only get worse. Again, speaking against my interests for limited congestion, the SW coast of FL is (IMHO) going to be a wasteland if you like spending any time outdoors for ANY purposes. You can thank Big Sugar for most of the problems. As an aside, my wife and I were having dinner last few days in June this year with two other couples from Monmouth county NJ who are escaping from the state. One of the wives, who was in Bonita Springs shortly before then commented that the air quality from the algae was terrible and caused her to limit outdoor exposure on the beach, which she loves. I wonder when there will will be enough public outcry for the problem to be addressed. And that comment is from a limited government Republican/Independent/Libertarian.
  6. When my wife and I fly to NYC (Newark), PBI is so much easier, less hassle and more familiar (for me at least ) than Orlando. I won't fly out of Orlando unless I have no other options. My wife flew Elite from Vero to Newark to visit my my daughter and meet up with some of her friends in April and while somewhat pricey compared to MCO and PBI (maybe 2x cost) was convenient and easy for us. 5 minute drive to airport and I went fishing after dropping her off. That said, Elite has had some negative reviews when flying from Vero to NE although wife's experience on her R/T was perfect and 100% on time. That said, April time-frame with no T/S to screw with smaller jets that Elite flies. Depends on individual circumstances at the time.
  7. the 1st paragraph above is quoting tomkaz. Screwed up the formatting.
  8. Veto is very nice and many of the retired NYC finance people live in one or two of the gated communities up there which supports a good tax base. Downside is that is not easiest for airport access if you fly around often. Not quite bout halfway between Orlando (115mins) and Palm Beach (90 mins) airports. I am also a "retired NYC finance people" and respectfully disagree with the "not easiest for airport access" view. While true in absolute terms, having the choice of 2 international airports has given my wife and I and out kids who live in the the northeast (NJ) and western (MT) areas of the country enormous flexibility. Plus, the slightly longer drive (85 min to PBI 105 to MCO) gives us time to plan our events.
  9. I am formally from Monmouth County (Holmdel) via Brooklyn. Have spent tons of time in southern Florida on both coasts over last 50 years. The SW coast of Florida is now a freaking disaster if you plan on enjoying time outside of your house. While this is speaking against my interests (since I hate crowded places 95% of the time), the east coast of Florida is a much better choice. Any county on the Atlantic from Miami-Dade north to Volusia is a fine choice. I now live in one of those counties.
  10. Glad you are enjoying the book. Couldn't put it down once I started and I actually read it for the 2nd time after I moved to Vero late last year. I've been in contact with the author (former journalist at Washington Post and Boston Globe, currently at Time mag) a couple of times over the last few years hoping to encourage him to update the story.
  11. Hi Tom, Heading out to dinner now. Be glad to give you my thoughts. Just drove back fom NJ. If you can, PM me tomorrow and we can chat. Best, Dennis Dennis
  12. I bought in Vero Beach end of 2017 after seeing the damage done to the SW coast of Florida and extensive research (Miami to Vero and Naples to Bonita) and real-time experiences in all of SE Florida (both coasts). Have friends from NE who own in Bonita Springs and Naples. Not as avid natural sportsmen as me. Just had dinner with one of our friends and they complained of "difficulty breathing" due to Red Tide in Bonita Springs area. Don't need that crap. That's why SE coast of Florida is better if you are are fisherman(women). I fish, have fished or plan to fish EVERYWHERE in Florida. The worst I get here since our relo from the Peoples Republic of NJ (via NY, another high tax state) is some disclosed water from C-54 canal drainage into Indian River and Atlantic Ocean which really doesn't negatively impact my fishing. Generally amazing fishing in Indian River County and Brevard County, so far. However, I do worry about how over-development, the ACOE and politicians can ruin the "Gateway to the Tropics" and what I consider to be "Paradise". :
  13. Amazing photo --- well done.
  14. I assume you are on the south-west coast of Florida where the environmental impact from the abuses of Big Sugar and the ACOE is greater. I really feel bad for you guys. Unfortunately, the Gulf of Mexico can't disperse the Lake O runoff as fast as the Atlantic. I remember how beautiful and pristine the Naples area was is the early 70's..
  15. For those who are interested: A short summary of Big Sugar's continuing impact on the south Florida environment. And Z, I agree with you: The problem is multi-faceted and the possible solutions complex, time-consuming and expensive. And, most importantly, every stakeholder wants to protect their interests and have the other parties pay.