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  1. I own a boss Xtreme 500 and 600 both two speed. I use them for tiles, tuna jigging and occasionally chunking. Love them both, never an issue with either.
  2. Put me down for a box as well. Thank you.
  3. In a dome though...I would think outside temp is irrelevant.
  4. 2017 Stats.... Fewest point allowed—PHILI Points/Game—NE Most Take-a-ways—PHILI Red Zone D—NE Red Zone O—PHILI Rushing D—PHILI Rushing O—PHILI Passing Yards/Game— NE Passing D—PHILI 2017 Record—DRAW Going to be a damn good game. Getting to Brady is going to be crucial for an EAGLES ring. I’ve got EAGLES over the PATS 28-21.
  5. Medium heavy, throwing 1oz buck tails at the heaviest.
  6. St. Croix Avid
  7. I have a do-it banana jig mold, 3/4oz-2oz that calls for eagle claw 410s. Does anyone know if the Gami 614 will work. They are both 60 degree jig hooks. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Going to hold. If you change your mind LMK. Thanks! Jeff
  9. I’ll go up to $70 if it makes a difference.
  10. No specs written on the rod, unfortunately.
  11. also, I believe it is a composite blank if that is any help.
  12. Was just given a rod from a friend of mine. He told me it was built in the early to mid 90s. It’s a 7’ spinning lamiglas, the blank is black. Any guess on what it may be?
  13. $65 shipped?
  14. Lol
  15. I absolutely agree^^ guys shouldn’t be chasing breeders in the spring.