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  1. Anystripe, you may have better luck selling this kayak in the kayak B/S/T. Otherwise a good deal on a nice yak.
  2. Yes, I believe it is the small one. It’s listed as the 40lb model. Not 100% my idea, Saw a link on a quick G search of a guy building one very similar. He had a submersible bilge pump that he’d throw over the side of the kayak, but I didn’t like he idea of extra drag. He also ran 1” hoses for the drains, which I also didn’t like.
  3. Not a bad idea. Only tough part would be if the pump lost prime, how could I turn it off and on with a timer?
  4. I had it running for maybe an hour and a half, battery was reading 11.8v when I got home. The piranha pump was honestly a little much, you could get away with a smaller pump. I think a pump that will do around 400-500 GPH would be perfect. The piranha with a 1ft suction line can do over 1000GPH. I would turn it on and let it run for about 5 minutes then shut it off for 10-15 and repeat. Snappers and peanut bunker stayed alive and well until I stopped using the pump.
  5. I used a pentair piranha, but that’s only because I’m certified with pentair pumps. Any livewell pump will work, just make sure it is rated or reviewed to continuously run. I didn’t run it through the scupper for fear of having a 3/4 pipe going through each scupper and flooding the back of my semi-overloaded kayak lol. As far as batteries, purchase a sealed rechargeable battery that doesn’t overload the amp/voltage rating of the pump. Don’t forget to put an inline fuse on the hot leg.
  6. Sounds like someone is salty...haven’t done it recently, but back when I still had a boat (4 years ago) over 100 fish in a few hours was nothing, especially fishing in under 20’ of water.
  7. Looks like a sardine to me, but I’m not 100%.
  8. No problem. Worked pretty well this morning. I’m going to try and set it up so that it only fills to a certain level. Otherwise, money well spent.
  9. Ipswich(soft shell clams) for steamin, little necks for clams on the half, and cherry stones for stuffin or chowda.
  10. Yes it has an airtight threaded top, left it out of pictures. Search amazon for Vittles Vault. It’s a pet food container.
  11. Put together a relatively cheap knock off Hobie Livewell. All and all it cost me about $80. Trying to figure out how to put a second drain on it so that I can empty it while out on the water. I have two 1” overflow drains at around the 6 gallon mark, so that hopefully water will constantly be replaced with fresh water. Otherwise tomorrow will be it’s trial run.
  12. I ended up unstrading 4’ of #6 copper wire. Didn’t have bailing wire, but it still worked.
  13. I spliced mine and ordered a back up. I’m still using the spliced rudder line, at least 15 trips in with it. Feeding the line through the conduit to the rudder is a real P.I.A...have fun lol.
  14. I’ll regret it, but I have to pass it up for now. Thank you tho man.
  15. Sounds good