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  1. For those interested....
  2. For those interested.... IMG_0593.MOV
  3. Out on the yak with a fellow SOLer last night, 8-130AM. Started of throwing small swim shads at short bass, mainly 18-24". Switched over to eels, managed another 8 or so between the two of us. 2 over 28". Last drift I got slammed, pulled in a 13-15lb blue. Not a bad night!
  4. I'll be out tonight doing the same thing.
  5. As far as conditions go, fish them in any condition they WILL catch.
  6. You don't won't a big eel for rigging them with a tin squid, they'll never swim right. If you rig an eel with a tin squid correctly, they will look alive. They should swim in an S pattern.
  7. To each his own. I fish em' alive from boat or kayak, but when I'm out on rocks I prefer 4-5 of them rigged up in a ziplock.
  8. With all the talk in the reports thread about how to fish eels, I figured I'd start a thread dedicated to it. IMO, this is the best way to fish eels from beach/jetty. Fishing them live is a pain in the ass, there are better ways to do it. Some guys use lead heads, which if it works for them great. Using a tin squid is the way to do it, especially when your aiming for it to swim perfectly. I'll post a short video this weekend on how to rig them up.
  9. One giant money grab!! I'm trying to find the article about ACOE's proposal to rebuild the wooden jetty on LBI... Making up the science as they go along..
  10. Pma, glad to hear the bite started once I left....I'll be back there tomorrow night....
  11. Just got word that Seaside was delayed 2 months. They won't start pumping till late November-mid December. Edit- And SSP is delayed until January-February...
  12. I thought Seaside was supposed to start this month. I'll take a look tomorrow.
  13. Stay away from waders. Depending on water temp and what you want to spend, buy yourself a wetsuit. 50-60 degrees- 4/3 50 degrees and under- 5/4 or 5/4/3
  14. I think most people are confusing rogue waves with abnormally large set waves. Rogue's aren't a common occurrence at all. Having a wave or two every few sets that is much larger then others is not uncommon.