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  1. Its a full kit with everything enclosed in a package. All you need is some Cal’s grease for the drag washers. Work the grease in well with your thumb and forefinger then wipe of the excess. You can use them all greasy but the drag will be less. Bryan Young said go ahead and join. Its easy.
  2. Bryan is out of town for 2 more days. If you are a member of Alan Tani's site you can get them from him. From the the main page scroll down until you see where the custom parts are. You will see "Ultimate Upgrades". I found my metal sets but don't have the drag washers right now. Ask Bryan for a Delrin washer for under the gear. Using a drag washer under the gear has been known to shred. On the 113H 4/0 charter boats I do every year I use the Delrin washer. I've seen the Carbontex shred and disappear.
  3. The spool and pinion gear are trying to catch up with each other. Other reels do this too. If it doesn’t do it when Fishing its fine. Keep the spool tension as close as you can without losing freespool.
  4. You can soak them in oil and dig them out. Its like pulling teeth.
  5. The spool needs to be lower or the bail and arm higher to correct this. If there is anything you can remove under the spool it will help.
  6. They are thinner with thinner Carbontex washers. I still haven’t looked. Using thinner drag washers the drag tightens quickly in the higher ranges. The kit fits the Penn Jigmaster, 200, 300, and other Newell Reels. Im having Bryan Young ship you a new kit. I will `PM you the details. Keith
  7. If i still have your address ill have it sent to you. My kit is the metal washers only. I have to make the Carbontex washers. If i have the kit i will mail it to you. Keith
  8. Bryan has them. Do not use a carbon washer under the main gear. Ask Bryan to include a Delrin washer.
  9. I think i still have one. If not go to Alan Tani and scroll down to Ultimate Upgrades by Bryan Young.
  10. They are all the same. If you can find a original Battle and Sargus tutorial they are the same as the Fierce. Reels 5000 and up are all the same. If you have a Fierce II it may be different. If you better describe the part and area you are having trouble we can help
  11. PM sent
  12. All the parts you show will be found in an unmolested reel. When the reel binds I get rid of the spring washer first. The thin metal washer. The other black plastic piece you can or not use. If you have it use it if it doesn't cause any problems. When I was a teenager those reels were all we had. I cut my teeth working on them. I'm 63 now.
  13. Yep you dont need to remove the screw holding the oscillating slider. Just remove the gold end cap. I have forgotten to put the end cap on many times!! i meant to say CorrosionX oil in the bearings.
  14. The 2 set screws are for removing and retaining the bearing. The bearing is open if its still stock. The thin plastic washer goes on top of the bearing. The metal bushing goes in with the cuts facing down. The cutouts straddle the set screws. I would leave the rest out.
  15. Great job! Just add some CorrosionX to the greased bearings. Leave the bearings open. The shields just trap water.