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  1. Ive used green grease on my boat trailers and boat lifts but not in a reel. if it’s a conventional reel it will be fine. Its thick for spinning reels unless its cut with some oil. I would use it.
  2. Penn’s live liner is the worst one of all. Sorry. I have to repair these more than any other reel. The function parts are sticking and they are located on the handle side plate. Yours isn’t too bad because it works sometimes. You have to carefully remove the side plate so you dont disturb those parts. It just needs some lubrication if it isn’t full of corrosion. Use the schematic found at Mystic Parts online. There is a small screw on the right side of the live liner lever that you remove first so you can remove the left part of the lever. Only remove that small screw not the one that holds the right side lever to the reel. Then you can remove the side plate screws. If its removed without disturbing the parts spray it down with WD40 and then grease. You can move those parts by hand but be careful not to have them come apart. Its the dog that is sticking.
  3. Not on this reel. John is referring to the battle, fierce, line of reels. They have a nylon bushing that will be crushed causing too much friction on the spool shaft if over tightened. Just put them tight but not too tight. I use a hollow nut driver to tighten. Not a wrench.
  4. Just make sure there is no water in the screw holes. The reason is if you put a greased screw in the blind hole it can bust a hole out of the other side.
  5. Another note. The rotor sure looks worn on the edges for just a couple months use. You must fish a lot.
  6. Yes they will warranty that reel. It’s a great reel and one of the best reels they make.
  7. The broken piece is just that. The little click pin is the other piece. Inside the reel body is a tiny spring that the click pin sits in. It helps hold the bail in the open position. You can hear it click. Its not necessary.
  8. I use mineral spirits in a parts washer. After that they get washed off with hot water and a blow dry with compressed air. You have to make sure no liquid is left in the screw holes.
  9. IF you are not getting them underwater and you keep them clean once a year is all you need. After each trip remove the spool and use a mist of water to wash off the reel. You can use a light spray of WD40 also. Using 12 times is not much at all. What to do right now is take each screw out one at a time and grease the screw to put back in. Penn uses Loctite on these screws. Remove the spool and turn it over. There are 3 tiny screws that hold down the drag cover. Do the same to these. They get corroded in quickly. Remove the handle and the other cap bearing cover. Fill the openings on the reel with grease before reinstalling the parts. This will keep the water from getting to the outer bearings. Shown is one of 8 3500’s and 4500’s I serviced today. You can see the water intrusion on the outer bearings and in the reel. 7 of these reels had water intrusion. Sometimes this happens when spraying water too hard to wash them off.
  10. First you should always change the main and pinion gears at the same time. You should add shims to the main gear until the reel feels sluggish. Now you can go back and remove one shim. It should be right. Pull in and out on the handle. It should give the tiniest amount. Sometimes none that’s you can feel.
  11. Is it the handle...
  12. CFdrags on eBay sells local. His material is not as good as from Australia. His sheet material has a core and the carbon material on each side comes off too easy. You can call Smooth Drag and buy the sheets. Its expensive. I buy it from Smooth Drag. I have metric and sea double punches that punch the inner and outer hole at the same time.
  13. Pinion gear bushing or worm gear bushing. You do need it...
  14. It doesn’t harden but I wouldn’t use it. Its very thick and tacky. You cant get it out of clothes.
  15. I believe you have the metal washers in the wrong way. The top metal washer should be round. The metal washers go like this. Round, eared, round, eared, round. There are 2 difference Carbontex sets for the 7000 reels. With the kit you have if any of them are thinner they go inside the gear. If one (Carbontex) is thicker it goes on last then the round metal washer.