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  1. Yes its the odd pitch on the threads. Its their thread pitch only.
  2. I sure don't. I've never checked it. It is metric.
  3. It might not have been the shaft but having the screw in the right side of the shaft. The screw goes in the non handle side of the shaft. Not the handle side.
  4. Is it the first Ambassaduer you have taken apart? If so I think you should send it to someone. They aren't too hard to do but many things have to be put in just right for it to go together smoothly.
  5. When you service or take apart these reels its not necessary to take the oscillation slider off the spool shaft. Only if its bad.
  6. The gear ratio must be too high to just crank the 8lbs straight up. You would have to use the rod to pump the weight up.
  7. First you dont need the ring gear anymore. Leave it out. The inertia brake goes on the non handle side in the upper right hand corner next to the rotor.
  8. The spool bearings are probably all rusted. Just like the Van Staal reel do. Especially after 6 years.
  9. I can send you a new thrust washer. They get flattered out over time. The center of the line roller designates where the line will go no matter how the bail wire itself is bent. It actually needs to go down. Also if the hole in the bail arm is worn out it will never be right. Check that too. Keith
  10. Is the white thrust washer still under the spool? Did the bail arm get bent up?
  11. Heat and penetrating oil like Kroil. It works. You can heat it more than you think without and damage.
  12. Its really not needed on a reel your going to fish with. If you are building one to collect then you could replace it. If you need one just send me a PM. You cant tell the difference between one that has it and one that doesn't. Keith
  13. Oil in places that move. Starting at the handle.
  14. A very small screwdriver or something similar. You can spin the clip around to where its the easiest to remove.
  15. The bail is more than likely bent now. Remove the screw on the line roller side and bend the bail wire until it perfectly lines up to put the screw in. if you need to take it off completely remove the one screw on the line roller side and then remove the clip on the other side. They put a nice flat side on the clip to make it easy to remove and install.