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  1. I have 6 of the Makaira reels but not one of the spinning reels. In my opinion they are best suited for offshore and blue water fishing. After a few years in the field we will know a lot more. Currently I use a Shimano Twinpower and a Penn Slammer III for offshore. My son and his friends, my boat crew, love both of these reels. They also use their Van Staal reels. The Slammer III 6500 has caught plenty of big Amberjack without a hitch. The Slammer III is one year old for us and has no problems. I will probably buy a Makaira next year and check it out.
  2. Handle knob squeaking?
  3. Which red grease are you using? The automotive grease? Thin it with some oil. i use Inox MX8 grease in many conventional reels. Its too thick for spinning reels.
  4. That’s the roller clutch they use? I’s there another one? Those cost me about $3.00. Never mind I see there is one on the pinion also.
  5. The pinion bearing. It will come right out since you have it apart.
  6. Pull the bearing out, open it, and use oil in the bearing after cleaning. You can leave it open, no shields.
  7. I have found that if a reel is stiff it stays stiff. Ive rebuilt easy spinning reels with all new seals and they end up easy spinning. Grease or oil it didnt matter. You would think they are all built to the same exact specs on the machining, VS reels, but there is something making them stiff.
  8. I throw those things in the garbage.
  9. The ones I have used were evidently too short. That’s why I had to use the 4x7x2 bearings. I have them for Penn line rollers.
  10. I have about 30 of his knobs right now. I hope they are OK To fit.
  11. I think my last purchase of them they came as one piece. The collar and click spring. I will look today and see.
  12. I’m glad to see your are using the old white bushings. They are hard. Its best to have the bushing in the bottom and bearings up top. Ive had to get stuck bearing races of the shafts way to many times. The bearings breaks easily leaving the inner race rusted to the shaft.
  13. Look for Aqua Lube Real Grease. Made in Kentucky.
  14. I used and still use plenty of marine rated bearing grease. Yamaha Marine grease and Inox grease are my two main greases. I still use Penn grease in some of their smaller reels. Another grease I use is “Real Grease” I found online. It has a 000 rating and is thin. Perfect for some applications. In the small Shimano spinners I’m using the Real Grease. It doesn’t change color when wet like most all other greases. Less is more in these reels. Today I ordered some Shimano Premium grease to try. Its expensive and will only be used in premium reels. If they sold Real Butter grease in 1lb tube for $20.00 I would buy that too.