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  1. J+H has them listed on their web site. Says they're due in in November.
  2. This is what I learned to do as well. But after a while I said the heck with that and went back to the bail. It was too much to do on every cast, especially at night in the dark.
  3. Although I have no problems with my bailless VS, that is why I went back to a bail on my SSV. I have yet to lose a lure due to the bail closing but lost a few with the bailless.
  4. Thanks but I'm going to pass.
  5. OK, let me know.
  6. OK, thanks. What about $425?......
  7. Would you let it go for $400?
  8. Thanks Tony
  9. I'd like to know this also.
  10. Either one will be fine. They're not quite an ounce different in weight. The deciding factor would be the line you're going to use. 30# or less, go with the 5500. #40 or more, go with the 6500.
  11. I'm not sure the 9 will work for me. Once I get them l can back to you, if you're interested.
  12. Thanks Marty. I'll take them both.