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  1. Just saw on Fox news the guy was arrested and charged with simple assault for pushing the woman down.
  2. The icing on the cake is I'm pretty sure the dude was also driving a Prius. I saw another video and it looks like one based on the tail lights. Plus the one that was behind her. Nashua must be infected with crunch nuts.
  3. Black don't crack. They age better.
  4. That Jeep looks pretty wasted in the second pic.
  5. Excuse me?
  6. I'm sure chum.
  7. ^^^
  8. Don't blame it all on Tim. There was a vote. The people have spoken.
  9. hoakge numbers tried to go at it with me via PM's. I politely told him to go **** himself and that I would continue any and all conversation with him on the open forum. Not private messages. He told me then, several weeks ago that he was going to LPE due to our stupidity. Told him watch out for the door hitting him in the ass.
  10. This would be my issue. I take care of my trucks. I don't baby them though. I would just have constant thoughts in my head of what I'm doing to the leather and other nice amenities. No thanks. Is rather feel more at ease about using it as I want. Not afraid to put scratches in the bed or sand and mud inside the floor liners.
  11. I've had Brazilian BBQ in Sao Paulo, Brazil and it was very good. There are a few in my area here on the MA South Shore. I tried three different places and each one sucked! Just the smell walking in the front door, I knew I was taking a risk.
  12. Mokes, check out some of the trails and explore the old logging trains out in the middle of nowhere. You can also check out the crash site of the downed B 52 Bomber. Lots of interesting trails to explore in northern Maine.