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  1. IDK what ZB charges. I purchased mine online from McMaster-Carr. I would really have to dig for a part number. I have an O Ring sizing tool. If you look at the schematics on ZB website, they show a part number for them.
  2. You can replace just the O Rings. There are five of them on the standard knob. You can purchase direct from ZB or you can remove yours and match the size at a supplier. Try to find EPDM rubber O Rings. They tend to stand up to the salt water and last longer.
  3. I'll bet he can't even do a Kegel.
  4. cat5e is wiring cable that can support high quality video transmission.
  5. I was watching the evening news here in the Boston area. The topic of home security cameras came up. The police are proposing and hoping to get all home owners with security cameras to register them with their local PD. That way they can start to build a data base of where all the surveillance cameras are. I'm thinking, why the **** would I do that? Why give them an excuse to get a warrant to confiscate my video files. They didn't buy the equipment, I did. I'll release any info on my terms.
  6. Rule #1; Never ever read too deep into the ingredients label of anything you like.
  7. Yeah, but that's true for most of us. Even with nary a lesson.
  8. Was it the love handles that gave it away?
  9. You chew your fingers down to little stumps and you're calling out Red? Aside from being dirty from work, Red's fingers look like he goes to a manicurist weekly compared to you.
  10. I'm playing my health card on this one for now. Sorry honey. I'm just not up to that project right now. Gonna have to wait until I'm feeling better.
  11. Thanks a lot Red! My wife saw that pic, smacked me and said, why can't you make me one like that? It did come out nice.
  12. I still believe the young cop handled it all wrong, but Daniel Shaver had a wife and two kids. What the hell is he doing in a hotel room shooting air rifles out the window for? Did he not think that would end badly? Stupid actions net stupid results.
  13. Are George Zimmerman?
  14. What the hell have you been smoking?
  15. He's a dooosch