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  1. Svelte even.
  2. Yep.
  3. If I were able to drive right now, I would just send you mine. We haven't used it in almost 2 years.
  4. Not exactly, but yes.
  5. So says are resident pizza expert. 'Cept I wouldn't put it past him to put clams on it or something disgusting.
  6. Corkscrew cheese.
  7. I'll be the weekend wasn't bad either.
  8. Well duh! I know that. I had the most respected brain around tell me that.
  9. Almost as good as Little Caesars.
  10. Speaking of the Jack Russell next door (her name is Candy), yesterday I was teasing Woody a little bit. I would tell him Candy is outside. He immediately goes into fearless attack mode around the house. The fur is all raised down his back, he's got the real deep growl going, running to every window looking for Candy. The best part is when he's outside with me and Candy comes out, he might give a short growl and never take his eye's off her, but he won't go anywhere near her or the property line. Puss.
  11. Well there is that too, but he pretty much sticks by my side all the time anyways.
  12. Still too noisy for my liking.
  13. Good for you man. I hope it works out for you. I still don't get the 5' tall and I'm fuq'd reference.
  14. What did I do now?